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The Correlation Between Smiling And Stress Recovery

With the fast manner in which the modern world works, stress has become more of an unhealthy personality trait than just an occasional ailment. ‘The last two decades have witnessed a growing societal concern with stress and its psychological toll’ (Holahan, 1994). Peggy A. Thoits talked about how ‘stressors can negatively affect physical health ;or mental health (or both simultaneously)’ and how stress significantly relates to the occurrence of multiple conditions such as flus, depression, angina, and alcohol and drug...
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A Critical Review Of Smiling Mind – A Social Service Program

Smiling Mind is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of programmes & resources to show the positive benefits of mindfulness and skills to cope with mental health issues. Mindfulness is the practise of concentrating attention on the present moment’s experience, with an attitude of tolerance, non-judgemental acceptance & curiosity. The Smiling Mind vision and goal is that—they want to change the way we all look after our mental health. In 2015, Lawrence and a group of researchers reported that...
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The Factors Of Facebook Smiling

In their article, Seder and Oishi (2012) ask a novel question based on previous research conducted by Harker and Keltner (2001) which had demonstrated that there was a relationship, namely a positive correlation, between the smile intensities (as a measure of expressed positive emotionality) of women in their yearbook photographs and their self-reported well-being decades later. Seder and Oishi (2012) had 2 main questions. For their first question, they examined whether positive emotional expression in informally posed photographs, such as...
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How And Why We Smile

Smiling ensues around 40-50 times a day remarkably increasing happiness, the production of endorphins in the cerebrum (brain), and critically reducing the stress hormone- cortisol in one’s body (Widrich 2016). Consequently, smiling refers to a facial expression in which both eyes illuminate and the corners of the mouth curve upwards creating a crescent shape. Smiling is a social sign which takes place when the individual is in a joyous state, successfully emitted by flexing/contracting the muscles at both sides of...
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The Logic Of Women Smiling In The Essay Why Women Smile By Amy Cunningham

In the essay “why women smile” the author Amy Cunningham analyzes the logic behind why women smile. According to her article women have been influenced by society in the way they show or do not show their emotions. So my essay will go over how women are still not wholly equal and how society still has control over the way women act. In opening the article, the author seems to convey the idea that the leading cause of a woman’s...
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