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Smoking In The USA: Ethical, Cultural And Economical Aspects

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The purpose of this paper is to provide the importance of understanding the values, and ethics of other cultures in an international environment. Over recent years, more and more businesses are seeking international business is on a rapid rise due to expansion, growth, and profits. In this module, the assignment for this week involves selling tobacco products in the United States, but more so across the country in places like Brazil, China, Russia, and Singapore, which has such an impact on society. The debatable topic of cigarette smoking has raised the question is it morally right or morally wrong to smoke cigarettes is a challenging issue.

To understand international business leaders need to learn the acculturation of different cultures and have a cultural policy in place to support other cultures. However, there is a challenge for conducting business internationally due to cultural differences between countries and how ethics and values are a whole different standard than our culture. International business is about exchanging goods and services between two or more countries. According an article, business leaders need to set an example, enforce, and live by four key values are honesty, fairness, concern for others, and achievement in global business (‘Engaging Values in International Business Practice,’ n.d.). “Businesspeople who work across cultures in effect have entered the theater in the middle of the movie, and often they must perform the translation work of business to put their understanding and approach into local cultural idioms” (Byars & Stanberry, n.d., p. 5.1). In other words, business owners or investors that have an international business have to modify maybe marketing to products of the other culture other than own culture products.

Cultural policy is a policy that is used to help cultures promote, fund, support, protect the rights, and make a cultural impact in our cultural communities. The need for cultural policy is to address problems to solve, make decisions, use strategies, and come up with resolutions for policy and cultural issues that are made by policymakers. Policymakers are problem solvers and decision-makers who are responsible for our policy and cultural issues. The policymakers who make these decisions are made by the government, White House officials, School Boards, Congress, and many other officials. But mainly, the government plays a major role in our cultural policy. By the government having such control in their hands their emphasis is on the rich and powerful interests.

The advertising of tobacco products use has been around throughout history for quite some time. In particular, cigarette smoking for many years was considered being as cool and accepted by society. The advertising and promoting tobacco products around the world was and still is rising not just in the United States more so in other parts of the world especially among young teens is unethical. Although, Surgeon General has shown evidence of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking on health tobacco companies continue to do business.

The tobacco industry is a billion-dollar industry and they are good at what they do is targeting young teens with their big advertising ads to grab their attention. Tobacco industries spend a billion dollars alone just in advertising and marketing their products to influence young teens to smoke cigarettes. Although it’s not against the law to promote and advertise tobacco or for young teens that are legal age to smoke is still a challenge of unethical issues due to harmful effects on health and addiction. However, for some individuals smoking cigarettes is ethical due to their rights to smoke. Although smoking cigarettes is a choice of the individual and has rights it still doesn’t make it morally right.

Applying my personal experience has hit so close to home about cigarette smoking. This might sound off because of the assignment we are writing is about smoking because I am a smoker. I have been a smoker since I was of legal age to smoke. I know the effects it does to your health yet, I still smoke. My Aunt Rebecca died of lung cancer from being a smoker at 57 years of age and I saw how it affected her health when I was just a kid. Yet I pick up the filthy habit of smoking cigarettes. I do want to quit smoking because I do want to live. I don’t know, I just need to take the steps of quitting and take my health more seriously and stop being in denial. Every time a television commercial came on about smoking that showed the scariest effects of smoking that can do to your health I would change the channel. I did not want to face how horrible the effects it did to people and the suffering it caused. Now it’s time for me to quit and take the necessary steps I need to get help.

Just in recent years, this generation has turned around to encourage individuals to never to start smoking and “You can quit” campaign. The campaigns and advertisements they have out now are to target and encourage young teens to not smoke. Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising to smoke out society has now stepped up to fight against tobacco companies. There are commercials about products to help you stop smoking such as Chantix. This generation has broken the cycle they are no longer accepting cigarette smoking. Today’s society is accepting prevention, as a result, this generation has declined cigarette smoking drastically due to prevention commercials and campaigns.

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Key Takeaways

• International business is about exchanging of goods and services the two or more countries.

• Acculturation means adjusting and adapting to another culture that is not original own culture but still keeping their own culture.

• Enculturation means adapting and learning about the surrounding culture they are living including moral values and behavior.

• Our policy in the U.S. is not only to address issues for culture, but many other policies are used for other issues such as economic growth, global issues, education, technology, and community development.

• The key elements of cultural policy are to give diverse cultures many opportunities, promote, and embrace diversity but also, strive for economic growth to help our society to create more jobs and benefits culture.

• The important part of a government role in a cultural policy that is protecting the rights of diverse cultures.


In today’s society, we all know that smoking causes many health problems that lead to death. Smoking cigarettes is no safe level about it just harms your body. Some may argue smoking is ethical, others may say it’s unethical to smoke. The only way I can see tobacco products as morally wrong because of the harmful effects of health, addiction, and the innocents of second- hand smoke. Ultimately, tobacco companies don’t tell the truth they continue to deny that cigarette smoking can do harmful effects on your health. Just more recently, tobacco companies created new products to continue to make even more profit and influence on young teens even more which are called e-cigarettes and vaping. Tobacco companies are becoming more and more developing new products that are a danger for individuals, especially for young teens. The sad part about young teens has a tendency to easily influence and following the next new trend that is on the rise.

Additionally, the government focuses on economic growth more solely than the values and principles of cultures. The main point of cultural policy is to give diverse cultures many opportunities, promote, and embrace diversity but to strive for economic growth to help our society to create more jobs and benefit cultural all at the same time. Most importantly, this generation needs to continue to fight for prevention and find a solution to end smoking no matter what culture or background you come from and produce products that are going to benefit health more so than deadly products in the United States as well as all other countries.

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