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Snow White Through Feminist Lens

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In the fairy tale Snow White by Jacob Grimm, a girl named Snow white is taken in by a group of dwarves after getting lost and to be honest they were pretty messy. I chose a feminist lens because women should be seen as people not objects and this story is a perfect example of how they do end up being portrayed as objects.

in order for Snow white to obtain protection and shelter, the Dwarfs forced her to perform the traditional roles of a woman inside their house, such as cooking and cleaning. why is every little girl’s dream to be a housewife like Snow White? Snow White is portrayed as someone who has no ambition, whilst reaffirming the feminist theory of acculturation. this fairy tale is one that many believe teaches children to put beauty before personality and before who the person is, also it teaches that all your problems can be solved as long as they find the right man. Snow White makes domestic chores seem like they are a way of living and that she as a woman is doing what she does best. This story teaches that a man is the only goal in a woman’s life Snow white is “saved” by a bunch of men. When Snow White was brought back to life after the apple stuck in her throat was removed, the prince demanded that she was the love of his life and demanded that they get married. He did not ask her to marry him he simply said, “You shall become my wife” and Snow White agreed and went along with him to be married.

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There was no background to their relationship, they were not familiar with each other, but he insisted they get married. the evil step-mother sets an example for young girls teaching them that manipulating men, by utilising her beauty and devious sexuality is the way to get what you want. She is the perfect princess,she is beautiful obedient and innocent. Snow White has no motivating factors she has no aim or ambition, Unlike the step-mother. She is entirely selfless as well as a blank slate with no sense of self. she can be easily manipulated by the male characters and storyteller. She merely operates in the tale as an image, a perfect body which men can take to their own desires. the dwarves to give up Snow whites body to the ownership of the prince claiming that she will be his most prized possession, asking the dwarves to ‘let me have it as a gift’. She is no longer a person, She has become an object, that can be transferred from man to man without objection or question.

The fantasy that is most often presented is the ending happily ever after”, which follows with the fantasy of finding the one Prince Charming. By believing these fantasies children in society lose the true sense of what to expect in life. Also Both the Queen and Snow White use their looks in order to gain power for example Snow White used her beauty to manipulate the Huntsman and in the queen’s example The King married the Queen because of her beauty snow white was a portrayal of how women are for only one use and only accepted if they are considered beautiful by men and have to do what men tell them to.

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