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Social Inequality In Educational Opportunities Between The Lower- And Upper-Class Students

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The research of numerous civilizations throughout periods has learned to find out the importance of schooling because of how it applies to society which includes its financial boom. While America prominently places value in education in today’s society which includes the ones perspectives held through its citizens and governments precise monetary values attributed to the various stages of the educational system shown to be controversial. While many people believe that such subsidization is important for America to continue declaring itself as a leader in the international sense Education extraordinarily essential. When we put money into schooling, we spend money on our upcoming generations who will end up filling of older generations. The world’s next leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who will take on the role of changing the world. So, exactly how important is education within the present day in the subculture of America? Without continuing to open one’s thoughts and permitting oneself the freedom to study will impact individuals and lead them into maintaining in one place as if frozen in time without growth.

Structional Inequality

It’s important to know what exactly inequality structional is and how it impacts our society so to bring into question. What is structional inequality? Well it is an entitlement structure found in an economy within establishments. Such systems consist of the administration, law, and industry, but not limited to the following which are schooling, the public network, and healthcare. These are considered a powerful socialization agent that allow to know what we can gain within the general public. Social Inequality inters the economic growth in society and limits it. Structural inequality comes in various forms of inequality. Whereas the use of character behavior reflects based on sexism and racism. Many individuals tend to think that inequality refers to just one’s own businesses that can easily be solved singly. Most humans have this set of belief that inequality can be resolved fixed if you were just standing up for yourself or if you were just standing up for yourself or if others stopped acting in this unjust authority.

Problem Statement

Let’s identify one of the many essential forms of structural inequality. Education, Minors in communities who receive low-set wages or are underprivileged are offered less support than students in well off areas. In addition, school funding, available resources, and tracking withdraw minority students to a lesser degree toward quality books, learning resources, labs, computers. Fewer qualified teachers; and less access to high-notch professors to instruct. Depending on standardized test results, student tracking, or separating students into contradictory groupings. These are classifying adolescents into units that will eventually determine their future. Thus, the students are given different treatment and looked upon based on their individual impressions.

Literature Review/ Discussion

Beginning with students in low-set wage neighborhoods tend to receive an inferior education than students in upper class areas. Nowadays a few Americans have realized that the U.S. educational system is showing to be one of the furthermost unequal’s in the manufactured planet, and that according to their social status, students obtain eminently distinct learning opportunities. Institutions with high levels of low-income and ‘minority’ students gain fewer educational resources in these districts than others in the same area. Yet tracking systems only worsen these gaps by segregating most students with low incomes yet minorities. (Kozol, 1991; Taylor & Piche, 1991).

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Others argue that tracking is needed to give skillfully and talented students the first rate in order to excel to their greatest potential preparation to excel. The idea of tracking as stated by a few scholars is to construct create contrast by providing students with an equal education. Although while the institutions have gradually transitioned. Many thinks most of it is organized to only prepare their students into memorizing work instead of actual learning the material. Which then allows those who have a higher knowledge the privilege to take on honors courses, but these courses aren’t very much available to the minority students. Because of the inequalities it limits the door to resources and a higher teaching.

Even so, I would like to make a counter argument by stating that in my opinion I believe you should group kids by intelligence and potential, not age. It can also depend on the student as each individually are different in learning strategies and how they each go by situations and problems as not everyone’s the same. But it can hurt them one way or another, either not wanting the student’s self-esteem to lower or the immaturity while some of them are ready to move on others are not and to thrust them into new material while still struggling with what they learned previously can cause difficulty. Although one’s self esteem can be damaged by being held back and not able to advance with their fellow same age group friends it can likely be to not understanding information the other students in the same age groups know which can hurt them mentally though keep in mind. Another point I would like to make is it would be difficult catching up from the previous grade and at the same time learning new material from the current grade, as there still trying to understand what they learned the previous year; each individually learn at a different pace, age should not define when they are ready or not to advance the next level. They are not going to be prepared for what you give them “A series of logistic regressions reveals that self-rated health and emotional distress are both associated with greater likelihood of failing one or more classes in the next year and that absenteeism, trouble with homework, and student-teacher bonding account for much of these associations. Academic problems among students can create disorder and undermine the general mission of schools”. (Needham, B. L., Crosnoe, R., & Muller, C. 2004). When it comes to educating students, who go through years of development a few will come into conflict mentality because he or she will come to conclusion that they are not prepared for what awaits for them outside of the community environment they grew up in school. Student academic failure “On the population level, widespread academic failure influences rates of fertility, mortality, marriage, and unemployment through its relation to educational attainment and the development of human capital”. (Needham, B. L., Crosnoe, R., & Muller, C. 2004). Can be prevented if acted upon it in earlier age in school life if taught at the young age that you pass, or you don’t pass until you’re successfully ready to advance next level. It can help the individuals gain the maturity they need to grow along the years to the moment they are on the stage of getting there diploma during graduation and out into reality or else their going to be struggling quite a lot since they could not keep up.


Conflict theory originates from fomentation and clashes that emerge when authority is unevenly dispersed between people in the public arena in assets, status, and power. To which it fills in as an instrument for social change. Founded by Karl Marx, he concentrated on the reasons, explanations, and outcomes of class struggle between the industrialist and the average workers and poor people. Concentrating on the monetary, social, and political ramifications. Marx speculated that this framework, introduced within the presence of an amazing lower minority people and a confined well-off people, which then surfaced in light of the fact that the deliberation between the pair inconsistent, and assets were unfairly conveyed admist them. “Conflict theorists do not believe that public schools reduce social inequality. Rather, they believe that the educational system reinforces and perpetuates social inequalities that arise from differences in class, gender, race, and ethnicity. Where functionalists see education as serving a beneficial role, conflict philosophers view it more negatively. To them, educational systems preserve the status quo and push people of lower status into obedience.” (Learning, L. (n.d.). Sociology) Conflict theory can be found in education tracking as previously mentioned as an example which on one side leads to students having to live up or down to society expectations. Many theorists argue that school is playing a role in having the lower members of the general public be constricted in place rather than have them rise. Showcasing this by the differences in resources available to the lower and upper social classes.


Although the high demands for knowledge and skills are increasing, the disparity for inequality in educational opportunities between the lower- and upper-class students in gradually becoming bigger. School funding programs affect the minorities and gives a disadvantage to those who are privileged because of the unavailable resources. Along with tracking systems tend to worsen the gap of segregating most students from those of less privileged whether its elementary, middle school, high school, and college. It should be known that education plays an important part in one of the socialization agents that help build society and construct balance.

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