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Social Media Influencer: Case Study

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1.1. Biodata

  • Name: Mohd Najib Bin Asaddok
  • Originated: Benut Pontian, Johor
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Profession: Ceo and Founder of Momentum Internet Sdn Bhd

Since 2009, he has started this internet company starting with the sale of physical products in local & international markets by testing and sharing experiences and the effectiveness of the product to sell it to his friends and relatives.

At first, it was really tough for him to sell the product since he have no experience. If he only thinks about any negative things such as being shy of selling products, it would bring nothing to him. So he kept going off what he is doing to change his life since he doesn’t have a wealthy family background and it actually develop his sales skill of himself.

He learned about online marketing strategies through the first online marketing seminar he attended. From no basic business knowledge, he was able to adapt the learning and apply it the fact that online business actually does give benefits, so he used the guide he learned from the seminar to start a business online. Until then, he’s been practicing internet marketing strategies and managed to expand his business not only by selling physical products but also by selling digital products that he produced.

After 6 years in business online, he is finally an online entrepreneur and an expert for thousands of entrepreneurs and supports many entrepreneurs, both beginners and unknown business people who wanted to develop an online business platform through internet marketing.

1.2 Social Media platform used

Most people will agree that social media has taken over our lives and grow the communication between individuals is fast increasing worldwide. People are investing more time online preferring posts on Facebook, sharing tweets, posting photos on Instagram, and so on. Without social media we can no longer envision a world or how it was before that time. There are currently 2.6 trillion active social media users and 1.9 trillion active mobile social users on this planet. The social media usage population is 10 percent up compared to 2015 and the mobile social users have grown 17 percent compared to 2015. Hence, social media platform has becoming one of the ways of expanding business worldwide.

In this case study, there are a few social media accounts that have been utilized for the purpose of business including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In fact, he also created a website for his rocket business seminar for people to reach him for a Rocket business seminar which is made to share knowledge of his achievement in online business to a majority of new entrepreneurs in a low price. Basically, people who are interested to participate in the seminar can make a deal with him among these platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the Official website.

The most active social media accounts he has been using is Facebook and Instagram. In fact, his first online business platform was Facebook right before Instagram become the first preference of the social media user. At that time, the average person who spends at least one hour and 40 minutes a day on social media.

For brands and corporations, what does all this mean? It could be one of the ways of making the brands is known to the public and therefore cut the cost of advertising products which is quite pricy for the people like him who just started to do a business. It seems impossible and a bit difficult to make a profit by further on advertising his products in television with the minimum budget so he began starting a business online in Facebook to get the trust from the customer.

Advertising on social media or television is actually having the same role of making people notice about what they are selling. In consideration of the cost, it only incurs the cost of data usage rather than advertising products on television that require an expensive payment. People would notice whatever things are posted on social media as it spreads quickly.

Many marketers would take the grant by utilizing the use of media to promote their products. As well as Najib Assadok use Facebook to make his products available in marketing. He created an official Facebook account for the purpose of business and make a video of him demonstrating his products with confidence and a fine explanation as that is enough to attract people of purchasing the product. In essence, he also provides the best customer care to the customer if they are having loads of questions to ask and problems to solve such as giving immediate response to the customer with a good attitude. Once customers are happy with the service, they would become regular customers. Hence, the more people convince with his products, the more customers become loyal.

1.3 Social Media Highlights/Analyse

Facebook is still considered as the dominant area of social media as it is the place where connected people worldwide. Facebook has evolved more than a gathering place for friends into a platform for businesses to interact through customer engagement and self-promotion.

The main social media that have been actively used by Najib Assadok is Facebook. He personally owns about 170 thousand followers on Facebook rather than on other social media accounts as he is well-known in Facebook. The majority of the number of his followers consists of entrepreneurs since he assists many entrepreneurs all over the country to succeed in business.

The sharing of the input of marketing strategies makes him become an expert of online business which is it actually works on others. A lot of people say that the seminar helps them to obtain limitless information as the seminar runs within four hours with informative and effective data. Najib Assadok offers a very clear clarification that is easy for them to understand with the simple keyword in addition prepared a printed source for them to refer to as he uses slides in teaching during the seminar.

One of a good example is Tuan Muhammad bin Bilal who used to be a regular guy that just graduated from Yemen and were jobless finally decided to participate in the seminar and ended up earns a profit of around RM1.19 million in the first year of selling trade jewelry ring after applied the technique advise by Najib Assadok on his business. It shows that the business strategy that Najib Assadok teaches is efficient as a lot of people succeed in business by using his technique.

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As he getting his name famous among entrepreneurs, he successfully created his name on the billboard with the success he has been working for about 6 years. Since then, he received a lot of positive feedback and admire from others in assist them in the making of business growth due to his intelligence and skills of delivering a message that he has. It should be noted that being an influencer does not have to be a celebrity as long as that person have knowledge, skill, passion, proper plan, intensity and confidence to attract other it would be fine to aim the target.

1.4 Positive Influence

First and foremost, social media assist in promoting business all over the world. The advancement of technology has caused changes of marketing strategies which is a lot of easier to be managed. Social media influencers are suitably used to advertise product details and latest promotions to online followers through a variety of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as the influencers of social media typically engage their supporters through regular updates with the latest news. When consumers are interested in what they sell, they will still keep track of up-to-date information and encourage others indirectly to purchase the product.

Next is it helps to improve consumer perception of better product understanding. Marketing influencers prioritize the use of influencers to carry the message of a company to attain the target market. As the main core of Najib Assadok is business, one of the ways to make sure people would notice his recent posting about his product and seminar are by using a channel platform that everyone actively used such as Facebook. The customer does not have to be bothered asking the seller as the message is delivered as it also attached with an infographic or short video that is created for better understanding. As a result, the seller would gain many customers. There’s no doubt that the organization could gain profits from only maintaining a social media account, which can create a large audience for the business through daily usage.

Third is faster and easier communication. Customers can contact a customer service delegate quicker and simpler now at anywhere. Companies can receive, evaluate and reply to consumer feedback more efficiently and easily than ever before. Challenges may even now remain, depending on the sector and the issue, but the communications line that was once difficult to build is no longer as difficult to do. It’s quicker now than ever before to get in contact with the right people, and sometimes without even requiring to pick up a phone, and it’s only becoming easier because more people and companies use social media platforms to keep in touch with people who matter most to their company. Customers can now share real feedback in real-time like never before, something that businesses have been trying to do for a long time.

1.5 Negative Influence

In a part of marketing strategies, companies are progressively utilizing social channels to focus on their customers and persuade them to make purchases or even to make them loyal. Brands and organizations, through social media, are being created in order to encourage strong brand connection, increase their adherents and clearly increase commitment.

The brands used distinctive social networks to influence their crowd. Nevertheless, the media influencers were used unnecessarily. Sadly, few brands are doing it correctly, because there are no requirements for influencing. In fact, anybody can be an influencer as long as they have a large number of followers.

The negative influence that I found in this study is Najib Assadok once caught of being unprofessional in addressing political issues in his seminars. He disrespects the Prime Minister and his wife by saying negative things as other people watched during the seminar. This action may influence others to create negative perceptions as he kept mentioning about the political issue in such mean words and not in the line of positive things he was trying to implement to others.

Having unpleasant issues regarding with politics is not a key that allows him to do whatever he wants even it is his program. As a public figure, there is always pros and cons have be to take note such as professional behavior that should not be ignored even he has been experienced of organizing a seminar for many years. With one mistake he did, he might lost the people who respect, supports, admire, and inspiring him which contributes to the failure of his business.

Next, the fees for joining the program are likely to change depending on the number of participants. Fees are available for approximately RM 100 or above for 4 hours per session whereby some people would feel overwhelmed by the price offered. How is it possible for participants to be able to use marketing strategies practically as the tutor teaches when the tutor wastes too much time talking about irrelevant content, such as politics? The seminar participants will be frustrated, disturbed, and unable to concentrate because the issues discussed are way far from the objective of the program. It is time-consuming and wasting time if they can’t get the input after paying RM 100 fees. As a business expert, he should have emphasized on keeping people away from the political element. This is viewed as wrong because they may face the consequences of being arrested or sued by the government and, worst of all, it may affect of the collapse of the business.

1.6 Lesson learnt/Summary/Conclusion

To sum up, influencers have been an incredible device for advertisers affecting purchasing practices and demonstrating the extraordinary effect. Social media influencers can be a person who promotes a lifestyle brand are most successful in interacting with consumers when they are authentic, confident, and interactive in their content. Most of social media influencers become known in public due to their popularity among social media users either the talent that they own or their fluency in speaking to convince people.

This study focused on Najib Assadok, an influencer in social media, has used technological advances for the nationwide growth of his company. In lifestyle public relations initiatives, the use of social media influence marketing has broken the wall of customers, brands, and followers through social media content. Advertising to brand customers was unilateral until social media impact developed. Until social media is the focus of consumers, a consumer could see a product only through print advertising, banners, radio ads, and Tv commercials. The same is likely to happen to other products marketed by public relations firms and advertisers, from automobiles to electronics to household products.

As people have moved away from conventional media and invested more time on social media, trendsetters have formed into increasingly relatable influencers. It is no longer just celebrities who affect the preferences of society, but influencers in social media play an even more important role. The social media icons with loyal audiences built up through strong, daily contact with their followers are considered as modern influencers.

A customer can now engage with a product through social media. The utilization of a trustworthy source such as the official website for example, allows the user to feel they made the best decision when they are making a purchase. Through research, it is apparent that social media influencer promoting has, indeed, changed the manner in which brands connect with purchasers in a positive manner. The achievement that brands may expect is because of this two-way intelligent advertising strategy and assists with clarifying why social media influencer marketing is considered as the biggest trend of 2017.

There is a few things should we be inspired and take note of his success such as passion of what are we targeting, confidence, putting the customers as a priority, and authenticity and attractiveness. As mentioned earlier, he started his journey of business by promoting other’s company products to gain experience as a step of building his own business. At this point, it should be noted that intensity is the key of success. A passion without any effort is nothing if we just rely on someone in the hope it would change our life.


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