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Social Perspective on Social Class: Conflict Theory

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The film Purge is about gang members and violent activities that occur for one night last until 12 hours where all criminal activity is legal to commit. Therefore police, medical or any other emergency services are unavailable to provide support. During this time people often tried to take out their frustration, anger, and problems they have with each other by killing. This time individuals often take revenge, if anyone has done something wrong to them or even people who don’t have any contribution to society. This film is focused on the wealthy family of James Sandin where they try to overcome all the obstacles and survive that night were attacked by intruders. James Sandin’s family got a conflict when the youngest son allows a man inside their house during the purge and gang members with masks started attacking their house and to look for their prey.

The movie Purge is particularly related to the social class conflict theory because conflict theory is a system of social problems and inequality and in the purge, it’s a basis of social class. Social Conflict related to this movie because the bourgeoise person is much safer during the purge because they can make their property more secure and harder to break into than the proletariat who has less power and a small contribution to society. Along with that, the wealthier brings power and dominant to society. The purge creates an environment where society can “deal” with its problems, and people control the laws that are wealthier, and the government have no power over them. Individuals who created purge, are much safer during the night. It shows us that the motive and belief of individuals in purge in the first place, poor are likely to be vulnerable in committing crime and given limited constrained and opportunities.

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The purge unexpectedly boasts a perversion of Karl Max’s theory of class conflict that analyzes the “masses are the ones who should wage an armed struggle against of the ruling class or the bourgeoisie. We can also see how in the movie how government were able to get rid of crimes except for the one-night purge. In the movie economy ceases to function in places where people have low income, are higher chances to commit crime during purge, while the affluent tend to be secure that night. During the purge people in society seem to change, they became more violent and attempt to kill individuals they don’t like or have issues with them. In the movie the person who made barriers and security for the purge was James Sandin and which fail and was not secured.

All the neighbors who had been sold the barriers, had frustration they decided to attack his family. When barriers come down from Sandin house as the right time to attack them. His neighbors were frustrated and were mad that he had made so much money of them, which he was able to add on to his house. This show how society work and behave when they cannot get what they want, or see other individuals with more than they have, they search for revenge.

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