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Social Psychology: Critical Analysis of Article

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Article 1: “Habit in Personality and Social Psychology” by Wendy Woods

Habit is one of the different features that human beings possess. Woods (2017) did thorough research on this topic and came up with crucial findings. The researcher mentioned that even though it would be expected for psychologists to do much more research on people’s habits, few social psychologists have researched deep into this topic. He, therefore, conducted research to fill the gap in the field of social psychology. His main intention of performing this research was, therefore, to inform the readers of social psychology more about habit, and the emerging issues as far as human habits are concerned. This article is retrieved from a peer-reviewed journal called Personality and Social Psychology Review.

According to Woods (2017), that habit refers to people’s routine of doing things and that it changes over time. In this study, the researcher hypothesizes that human habits vary depending on the rewards to be achieved. He mentions that there is a big difference between social goals and personal practice. To him, one would routinely do some actions to find a particular result /goal. So, it does not matter what the goal is, but every human’s habit directs him/her in a specific direction. His research findings showed that indeed, human habits change with the social context, and with the reared to be achieved. The research result supported his hypothesis. This research implies that people should understand the differences in people’s habits as this will make them not to expect the same practices they possess from anyone. The author has not disclosed the names of the participants in this study, hence a good illustration of ethical research. I would have felt great if I were a participant because no personal details of the people who answered the researcher’s responses are present.

Article 2: “Sex positivity and counseling psychology: An introduction to the major contribution” by Burnes, Singh, and Witherspoon

In this article, the researchers study the influence of sex-positivity approaches on the manner through which health practitioners handle their clients in the counseling rooms. It is an informative peer-reviewed article published in a peer-reviewed psychology journal called The Counseling Psychologist. The scholarly source informs the readers more about sex positivity, why it is crucial in the clinical settings, and how it can improve the patient’s lives. The scholars mention that for so long, several medical practitioners have had negative attitudes towards clients, and this has negatively impacted the clients searching for sex counseling.

The primary prediction made by the researchers is that the quality of sex counseling given by therapists depends on the psychologist’s attitudes towards sex as subject According to the scholars, it is high time for psychologists to view sex as a healthy practice which improves not only people’s physical wellbeing but also their mental and emotional states. According to Burnes, Singh, and Witherspoon (2017), several myths and misconceptions have been crafted to define sex as a topic. In most cases, such tales end up misleading even the professionals who are expected to provide proper guidance to their clients. The study encourages counseling psychologists to lead the debate of sex positivity because through them; clients would understand more about sex and how they can live a fulfilling life.

The research findings indicated that sex positivity influences how therapists tackle the sex challenges faced by their clients. The primary implication of this study is that all medical practitioners need to adopt a positive mindset towards sex. The research was done in a dignified manner, and there were no ethical concerns that would be pin-pointed from the study. I would have felt right if I contributed to any of the asked research questions.

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Article 3: “Some evidence for a gender gap in personality and social psychology” by Brown and Goh

In this study, the researchers studied the gender gap as portrayed in the personality and social psychology field. The research article was published in the journal, Social Psychological and Personality Science, and entails interesting research findings worth discussion. Brown and Goh (2016) explained that the gender gap, one of the most discussed topics in psychology, affects not only people in professional or societal settings but also the field of literature. Their primary goal in this study was to determine the percentage of women and men cited in the personality and social psychology scholarly sources.

The researchers hypothesized that the proportions of men and women cited in the personality and social psychology literature were equal. Brown and Goh (2016) performed a literary search for psychology articles in one of the two significant journals dating back to 10 years up to present. In the research, they noted the names and number of scholars with their gender, who were cited in such sources. The research finding proved that the percentage of men mentioned in such literature was more compared to that of women. In this study, the research nullified the indicated hypothesis. From the study, it is evident that the gender gap is a broad topic that affects people in diverse fields. The research is essential as it provides a necessary foundation upon which more investigations on the gender gap in literature can be performed.

The primary implication of this research study is that more women are needed to research personality and social psychology. Despite the varying gender percentages, women have continued to contribute to quality research articles that touch on various topics. Even though the researchers have not pointed out the participants in the research, there are no ethical concerns so far. I would have appreciated the opportunity to become one of the participants.

Article 4: “Trauma-focused therapy for refugees: Meta-analytic findings” by Lambert and Alhassoon

Lambert and Alhassoon (2015) performed one of the crucial studies targeting the psychological disorders common among refugees. The scholarly source was published in a journal called the Journal of counseling psychology. The target population of this research was refugees. Mental disorders are among the most common topics that psychologists interact with in their daily lives. The study considered several past researchers coupled with primary research to obtain the indicated findings. The researchers, therefore, researched to find out how trauma-focused therapy would help the therapists in solving the various challenges faced by refugees.

The scholars hypothesized that many refugees were mainly suffering from trauma. Therefore, according to Lambert and Alhassoon (2015), medical practitioners should first determine whether the clients are traumatized or not. They caution on the overreliance of therapeutic approaches towards treating some of the challenges that refugees undergo. To them, the lonely lives that most refugees undergo away from their maternal homes are the primary cause of the problems they face in life. According to the research findings, refugees who underwent trauma-based counseling showed tremendous improvements as opposed to others whose trauma level was not measured. The scholars indicate that trauma is one of the challenges many people face.

The primary implication of this study is that therapists should be cautious when they deal with refugees as their primary clients. It is an informative research article with applicable recommendations that can enhance the overall field of psychology. The research followed ethical guidelines, and the participants in this research were accorded the respect they deserved. I would have no problem with the research findings if I were a participant in the study.

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