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Social Psychology: Understanding Social Problems and Improving Social Situation

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For part one of this assignment, we were asked to explore how social psychology contributes to our understanding of social problems. By that we will have to summarize an article from the Journal of Social Issues and reflect on the implications of the article.

The journal of social issues article has been published since 1945, while each issue has been committed to a single theme. It has a long history of experience while also immersing a plethora of important social issues surrounding a wide range of theme such as education, health, group relations, politics, poverty, religion, technology, and the workplace (SPSSI, n.d). Each article covers pertinent theoretical, empirical, and policy considerations. An article that I am reviewing is The Invisible Hand is an Ideology: Toward a Social Psychology of Neoliberalism. The article editors are Karim Bettache, and Chi‐Yue Chiu. Karim Bettache is affiliated with Monash University, and Chi-Yue Chiu is affiliated with The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Karim Bettache is a lecturer of Psychology at Monash University. His research interests strongly focus on social and political psychological constructs that may drive the marginalization of human groups such as discrimination, conservatism, or right-wing extremism. He is not shy of his scientific activism.and Chi‐Yue Chiu is the Dean of Social Science and Choh-Ming Li Professor of Psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interests are in the social psychology of culture, globalization, communication, and human competencies (Bettache & Chiu, 2019). The research was conducted in 2019 The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, recorded online February 14, 2019. The purpose of the research is to show how neoliberalism has progressed into an ideological ideology and has expanded its dominant influence to all areas of life, also adding to the production of psychological knowledge in the environment and the implementation of psychology in multiple domains (Bettache & Chiu, 2019). while also stating how neoliberalism gets criticized for being accused of being the centre of the problem of modern-day societies. The article also talks about how the lack of satisfaction of neoliberalism has been an inspiration of creativity of a neoliberal society can be. The articles main key is to shine light on issues related to neoliberalism, on which it has changed and will continue to change our society, to finally shed a light and hopefully guide people the right way and answer questions and thoughts on what is so social about social Psychology.

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For part two of this assignment, the purpose is to monitor the journal article with other theories or real-world situations. By explaining what we can learn from the findings, and how we can apply the findings to improve the social situation.

This article investigates issues of neoliberalism, use and self‐identity more seriously. There are usually two contributions in relation to these analyses. It highlights some current issues associated with neoliberalism as an idea that brings us in doubt regarding the analytical usefulness of this term (Phelps & White, 2018). A real-world example of neoliberalism that can critic this article could be just like when the Eu neoliberal policies for Greece were in effect during the Greek debt crisis of 2007-2008, when the Eu official demanded Greece take in different improvements to gain a bailout. These improvements focused on making stronger including spending and tax improvements(Pettinger, 2018). These could be labeled as neoliberal which is a place to shine on the topic. Through these findings, I have learned that neoliberalism is a policy model that incorporates social studies, and economics—that seeks to transfer control of economic factors to the private sector. Also learning that neoliberalism is an economic theory that favours free markets and minimal government intervention in the economy. Going back to the article I do agree with what was discussed and found through the knowledge of Chi‐Yue Chiu and Karim Bettache. They articulate how the prospect of having a post-neoliberal social psychology emphasizes the value and both have their ideological roots in the classical liberalism of the 19th century, which championed economic freedom

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