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Power Of Words: Issues of British Society Expressed In Gulliver’s Travels By Jonathan Swift

Rev J. Martin once said: ‘Words are free. It’s how you use them that may cost you’. Often our society communicates so freely that before thought is even put into the context of our words it has already been spoken. Language has developed from a sophisticated way to communicate to now being whatever is on our minds. A prime example is “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift, Gulliver by the end of his four journeys surely has evolved to see the...
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Frankenstein By Mary Shelley: Similarity Between Our Society

A significant theme within Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the effects of appearances as a result of societal expectations. Our current society does not differ from the environment depicted within Frankenstein as individuals form certain prejudices of one another exclusively based on appearances. Social partiality is regularly established on looks: skin color, expressed gender preference, style of clothes or even particular mannerisms. People make momentary decisions dependent on these social constructs of what normal is, and as a result, this superficial...
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Harmful Effects Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

Many people in today’s society are consumed by the constant technological advancements; however, these advancements do not always have positive effects. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury highlights a dystopian society in which technological advancements have caused their society to go downhill. Bradbury’s concern on technology is coming true universally with many being addicted, constantly distracted, and achieving less in school because of technology’s influence. Countless amounts of people are becoming addicted to technology, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and...
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Fahrenheit 451 In The Literary Canon

To some, the literary canon is considered a collection of the finest works throughout literature’s history, whilst to others it can be considered an assortment of boring books that provide no meaningful impact. I’m here today to acknowledge the importance of the literary canon and the relevance these classic novels still have in today’s society. The literary canon refers to a collection of works worthy of being passed to the next generation. Books presented in the canon contain quintessential plots...
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The Image Of Falling Society In Fahrenheit 451

Guy Montag, a fireman in a technologically forward society, goes against the government to find true happiness. Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, takes place in a dystopian society in a futuristic America where firemen do not put out fires, but rather use fire to get rid of books. A futuristic society with faults and morals that we can correlate to our own. Instantly, we are introduced to novum and absorbed into Bradbury’s world of technological advancements and corruptness. This society lavishes...
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The Burning Truth As The Main Theme In Fahrenheit 451

Envision a reality where people feared knowledge and would rather read books instead. A future is full of non-intellectuals that have no knowledge of their history, where all literature is banned by a totalitarian government. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury portrays a society that is forbidden from reading books that have been banned by the government to intentionally control their citizens from living differently. The citizens live their life focused only on entertainment, which is their form of communication and...
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The Images Of Futuristic Societies In Fahrenheit 451 And The Age Of Miracles

According to NASA, since 1967, scientists have intensively studied the Earth’s future state of habitability. From extensive analysis of the Sun comparted to other similar astrological bodies, the Earth has only three-hundred million years or fewer before becoming inhospitable for life to continue. Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and Walker’s The Age of Miracles both present futuristic circumstances where society is on the brink of disappearing. In Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag lives in a society where books are heavily restricted, and people...
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Fahrenheit 451: The Fear Of Inadequacy

There is an epidemic spreading across human society. It is the consumption of easy to perceive ideas. Award winning American author Ray Bradbury warns us of it’s grim effects in his Fahrenheit 451. Average, upstanding middle-aged Guy Montag finds himself dissatisfied with his life, realizing that there is more to experience than society allows. He is a fireman in dystopian civilization, and it is his job to burn any books that are found to exist. Having not thought anything unusual...
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Victorian Society Values And The Concept Of New Woman In Dracula

Dracula (1897) written by Bram Stoker, is a Gothic novel composed in England in its late Victorian age. Its engaging use of invasion literature exposed the oppressiveness in this society and to a transitional period, specifically involving the evolution of the New Woman and fear of the ‘other’, its unfolding narrative reflected the fears and anxieties of the era. Dracula holds a mirror up to the late-Victorian society, towards the epoch of where social norms and beliefs were being challenged...
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Antigone and the Individual-Society Relationship

Antigone, penned by Sophocles, is the final play in the trilogy of tragedies, beginning with King Oedipus. The battle between the two sons of the extinct King Oedipus ends with both dying in battle. With the deaths of two brothers, Uncle Creon, the only remaining man, sits on the throne. Kreon orders that Eteokles, who died to defend his homeland, be buried in a beautiful ceremony, while his other brother Polyneikes is convicted of treason and his body is left...
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An Oppressive Society in George Orwell’s 1984 And Animal Farm

Oppression could be defined as “prolonged cruel or unjust treatment of authority”, thus is present in both George Orwell’s dystopian books “Animal Farm” and “1984” as such aspects of tyranny are integrated into the texts in order to create a perfect dystopian novel, introducing the reader into a world of repression and chaos. Orwell enhances the dystopias by presenting a tyrannical government who exploits and mistreats their people, highlighting the victimisation which occurs throughout the novel and novella. However, in...
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Role of Lawyers in Society: Analytical Essay

Introduction: A lawyer is a guide to social and bears great importance. The common masses may not understand the exact language of the law and the procedure of its proper implementation. It is the role of the lawyer who makes society aware of the rule of law and its bindings. The lawyers create a bridge between the legal system and the people. Moreover, the lawyer’s role has been defined on the basis of codes of conduct in order to establish...
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Analysis of the Lawyer Obligations in Society

Introduction: The role and the task of lawyers play a vital role in society. There are some perspectives on what should be the fundamental task of lawyers. One of the perspectives claims that a lawyer should serve the utmost expectations of the clients. Another perspective says that the lawyer should act for the well-being of society. How and which one is more important to the larger interest of humanity are discussed in the four prescribed duties of lawyers. 1. Duty...
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Vaccines Are Not Required For The Overall Health Of Society

Rationale World Health Organisation (2008) published an article that allegedly suggests that “Vaccination greatly reduces disease, disability, death and inequity worldwide.” This article gives a detailed insight into the effects, eradication and control vaccine has on diseases, hence shining a positive light on vaccination to showcase the benefits of it on health, society and life expectancy. With thorough research, a broad research question was formed from the initial claim: “Does the use of vaccine reduce the amount of disease in...
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Organ Donation and Its Harmful Effects in the Society: Discursive Essay

The process in which the person gives own body organs to another individual voluntarily is called organ addition, consent was taken from the donor and recipient legally and the procedure was done under medical supervision. Revolution occurs in medical science and has considerable significance in the field. (Essay) Transplantation of the organs is a useful intervention for the failure of the organs. Literature showed that well-educated individuals have enough awareness and optimism about organ donation. The result showed that...
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Obesity In The World: Sauses And Effects

Obesity is one of the frequent and serious disorders in the world. There have to be cases of obesity no count number in city or rural area, as it is a tremendous and escalating concern. It does now not simply show up in adults as adolescents also can also have the possibility because they are less subject about their fitness nowadays. Obesity is certainly a condition whereby bizarre or immoderate fats accumulation that may impair health and additionally the genetic...
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The Correlation of Obesity and Economy

Arguably there are a number of social issues affecting contemporary society. Some of these issues, though personal, likely affect the entire population in the long run. Obesity is one of these issues. Obesity is becoming more prevalent with each passing day and this qualifies it to a health issue (Premmel, et al., 2017). Obesity is explained as a physical condition, which involves excess fat accumulation in the body. Nonetheless, the current state of the world in terms of feeding habits...
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Is Society the One that Promotes Obesity?

Without a doubt, obesity has been a problem in the United States for a long time and not much has changed. Who is to blame for this problem only getting worse? Well, Druv Khullar, a medical student disputed that society was the one who brought about this lifestyle of obesity. For the most part, junk food is cheaper and easier to find than healthy food options, making it harder for people to reach for the healthy choices. In Druv Khullar’s...
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Why Obesity is a Growing Cause in the U.S.

Obesity is currently a major issue in the United States due to social media, technology, and everyday life, which needs to be controlled because it can eventually lead from minor to major health issues. Obesity is the condition if being overweight; a condition characterized by excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body. “Obesity has become a serious health problem in the United States (US): nearly 35% of Americans have obesity. Obesity is not just a problem of “girth...
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Conquering the Most Ruinous Epidemic: Obesity

It is not the noticeable dangers that should be feared, but the ones that are not spoken of. One of these dangers happens to be the rising obesity epidemic, which can be a result of consuming large quantities of processed or fast foods. Fast food has been a revolutionary force in American life, yet the consequences of consuming these foods are not stressed enough. The government fails to notify the public about the real issues concerning processed foods; therefore, the...
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Impact of Infectious Diseases on Society: Opinion Essay

Infectious diseases are diseases caused by organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, or parasites. The continuous growth of the Human population is causing an increase in the spread of infectious diseases. Due to the growth of the spread of infectious diseases the human population is decreasing. I feel like the bigger the population gets, the more infectious diseases spread more rapidly because of the indirect and direct effects population growth has on humans. ¨The spectrum of human pathogens and the...
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How Coronavirus (Covid-19) Affects the Society

COVID-19 causes fear and anxiety to people around the world, its affecting people’s lives, for example, their work, school, and their social interactions. Panic will only cause more damage and it can make people make rash decisions that could be harmful at such a time, people should be aware and alert but they also should avoid panic. The effects of the new virus Students from mostly every affected country are using online learning to ensure their safety and well being,...
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Child Abuse And Its Effects On Society

Introduction Being a survivor of child abuse I know it’s a problem, it’s affected my in so many ways, I am still suffering from it today. However, I am curious to know how child abuse effect society. One of the reasons I am so interested in this topic is because I am going into Criminal Psychology, and a huge part of that job if examining and determining why a criminal does what they do. Ted Bundy is one of America’s...
4 Pages 1752 Words

Essay on Museums Heritage and Society

Museums Heritage and Society In 1980s museums were majorly small-scale ventures which were devoted to numerous topics but the commentators focused on large organizations. The independent organizations were concerned with the previous industrial past of the museums. The independent sector, as a result, was associated with heritage as opposed to established public museums. Britain is experiencing cultural booming with new heritage and museums opening at a fast rate as people pick up their heritage trails. The museums are now considered...
4 Pages 2036 Words

To what Extent is Police Brutality Related to Crime?

Introduction To start with, police brutality and crime are widely known as political issues that have a huge impact on the societies. Police brutality is when police members act and use an unnecessary excessive force towards either a group or an individual (1). This eventually leads to the violation of their civil rights. In addition to that, the misuse of police legitimacy in the society will lead to a deficiency or a defected society where people will not turn to...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Layered Security

Network Security Introduction Nowadays, security is assuming a significant job in the field of IT businesses. A lot of upgrades have been made in current innovation most of the correspondences should be possible by utilizing the systems. Indeed, even we can likewise characterize as security the focal point of our lives in current days. All the significant exchanges should be possible using system security. Because of this, the associations need to give a lot of consideration to giving security to...
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Rape Culture And A Cultural Definition Of Rape In Palestinian Society

Rape is when a person intentionally penetrates another person’s vagina, anus, or mouth with a penis, without the consent of the other person. Assault by penetration is the same definition as rape but also involves penetration with an object with any part of the body without the person’s consent. The overall definition of sexual assault involves violence, which causes physical injury or leave visible marks (Metropoltian Police, 2020). Rape culture is a term or concept used to define a culture...
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Competition as an Effect on Society

Competition is becoming the daily routine of every person. At every situation people has to suffer through competition because of the fast pace life style people has been adopted these days. People have to compete at work, in family, in schools and in society. Winning and losing are parts of competition. Competition has changed the perspective of viewing a task. People do so hard to be the best among all. Competition has great influence on society in different sectors like...
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Does Facebook Have an Effective Role in our Society?

“422 friends, yet I am lonely “. Social media has become an important part of daily life. So everyone who uses Facebook should know its advantages and disadvantages. Facebook has been invented in 2004 by “Mark Zuckerberg” and spread a lot. Facebook has become the most used social network in the world. Nowadays there are about 500 million persons use Facebook; It is used most by the youth aged between 18 to 25 years old, (Zuckerberg (2010)). Users of youth...
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Do High Prices of Healthy Food Contribute to the Rate of Obesity in Our Society: Argumentative Essay

Introduction: Obesity is a global issue that many countries are having difficulty addressing. There is no simple solution and no country has yet been successful in significantly reducing obesity. The World Health Organization, also referred to as WHO, states that obesity is a chronic disease defined as a condition of abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health.’ [footnoteRef:1] [1:] In 2014 and 15, over one in four Australian adults were obese. This represents five million...
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