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Socio-Economic Consequences Of Human Trafficking

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With respect to the individual, it has been argued that migration causes many social, psychological and socio-cultural problems on individual migrants. Different studies have showed that migrant returnees report that they seek psychiatric treatments for their mental illness as a result of social isolation and abuses of any kind (Girum 2013). Migrants also return with other health and physiological problems such as kidney infection, HIV/AIDS, physical disability, etc. Furthermore, migration affects individuals socially for example, difficulties of readjustment with family and the community (Gashaw, 2014 and Yemisrach, 2015).

Hagos (2014) stated about the factors that make individual migrants to choose illegal ways of migration was, lack of awareness about the difficulties of trafficking takes the significant share and migrants choose illegal routes to enter to another country than legal ones merely depending on the wrong and appealing information they have received from the brokers. As studies indicated majority of human trafficking victims in Ethiopia are from country sides or remote rural villages where access to modern technologies that disseminate information about trafficking are rare and limited. Nevertheless, when the researcher requested the key participant informant about their awareness about the socio-economic impact of human trafficking on account of illegal migration, almost of them replied that as having awareness about the socio-economic impacts of human trafficking in the study areas societies. On the other hand, even though most of the trafficked people have known how about the impact of human trafficking but their way of understanding is very weak. They have seen it on one side that is; even they lost their assets for a time being and temporarily, but their assumption is recovering within a short period of time by getting better job in the destination countries. Thus, such types of cost benefit analysis perspective concerning for the illegal activities exposed them for different problem through the process of their journey till their reach the destination countries.

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Regarding socio-economic consequence types of human trafficking in the study areas, majority of participant informants of the study area confirmed that loss of human resources and assets was the first problem of the study area, this loss of human resources from source communities may result reduction in economic development due to fewer productive workers to care for children and the elderly. Wheaton, et al. (2010) states that, at this time the global economy is negatively affected by human trafficking due to the loss of the labour force from countries of origin, and the cost of undocumented migration that falls on transit and destination countries. Besides, the other few participant informants confirmed that unemployment was the second problem of the study area, this related with victims until to get the chance to work aboard they did not engaged the presence of job opportunity in the study area in addition to this when thy back to home absences of marketable skill and knowledge they did not active competent.

Besides, the researcher inquired participant informants about the major difficulties of trafficked people imposed social problem during their journey and in the destination countries. Accordingly, the participant trafficked victims exposed for lack of social service, beat, and rape and threatens, stay without any job, absence of daily consumption and overwork. Due to this difficulties the informants has become disability, they develop filling of loneliness and inhumanity, physically and psychological affected they became hopeless, when back to their homeland they fall down to drug addiction. Bezabih (2008) revealed that all the victims of trafficking face extensive exploitation and abuse during different stages of trafficking. The most prevalent forms of exploitation and abuse experienced by Ethiopian women, men and children are emotional, physical and sexual in nature.

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