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Essays on Sociological Theories

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Kimberle Crenshaw Intersectionality Essay

Lisa Kemmerer once said, ‘The reproductive abilities of women and their other female animals are controlled and exploited by those in power (usually men) and both are devalued as they age and wear out when they no longer reproduce. Cows, hens, and women are routinely...
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Social Cognitive Theory, Social Learning and Socio-economic Change in Mass Communication: A Case Study Approach from Pakistan’s Perspective

Abstract: This essay gives you important guidelines on the detailed explanation of the Social Cognitive Theory i.e. historical background on the development of Social Cognitive Theory, evolution to the current status and contribution of Albert Bandura as the main theorist as well as other social...
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Panopticism as Privacy Prohibition

And while London is in urban decay, the whole of Oceania is a totalitarian society that can also be described as a Panoptic society. The Panopticon is a prison model created by Jeremy Bentham where the inmates are under constant surveillance by guards, who are...
1 Page 442 Words

A Study of The Panopticism Concept

The Panopticon is Bentham’s architectural model of a potential prison. This model includes a large watchtower in the middle of a cylinder shaped tower of cells. Each cell is back lit by windows on the outside of the prison as well as clearly visible from...
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The Analysis of The Article 'Panopticism' by Foucault Michael

In the article “Panopticism in discipline and punish,” by Foucault Michael. The author objective was to help really emphasize on this idea of that you were constantly being observed. He utilized the term Panopticism which gleaned from this prison idea the panoptikum. Where detainees were...
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Sense of Social Learning Theory

Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) multi-store model illustrates the three components involved in memory; where sensory information enters memory (sensory register), where information is processed (short-term memory), and where rehearsed information is held indefinitely (long-term store). As there is an immense amount of sensory information at...
6 Pages 2664 Words

Catfishing: Background and Main Causes

The way that people interconnect using the Internet has truly transformed since 1990. Social media has introduced new means for people to communicate with each other and stay connected. People chat with one another and share memes via Facebook, post pictures on Instagram and Snapchat,...
2 Pages 784 Words

Analytical Essay: The Essence of Labeling Theory

In an attempt to understudy the causative effects of deviant behaviors, the context of labeling came about. (Goode, E. 1975). Before this period, juvenile delinquent behavior was considered a product of the society, environment or an attribute of the youths, linking this with socioeconomic deprivation...
5 Pages 2068 Words

Discursive Essay on Labeling Theory and Criminal Behavior

This assignment is a review of the five articles given. In this assignment, topic on “Labeling Theory” will discussed first. The topic on “The Normal and Pathological”, “The Social Construction of Crime”, “The Reach of the Law: Sin, Crime and Poor Taste and Culture”, “Crime...
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