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Psychiatry Should Do Away with Diagnostic Categories and Labels

Recent research into the prevalence of mental health disorders in the UK has found that 1 in 4 people suffer from a current mental health disorder (Parkin & Powell, 2018), with 1 in 6 people experiencing a common disorder, such as anxiety or depression, in the past week alone (Baker, 2018). This extremely high prevalence of mental health disorders requires a reliable process for diagnosing, treating and preventing these disorders. Psychiatry therefore uses consistent diagnostic categories and labels for people...
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Analysis of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid's Tale Based on Panopticism, Theory of Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema and Interpellation

A best-selling novel widely regarded a modern classic, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, has fascinated readers since its 1985 release. The novel depicts a dystopian society set in the land of Gilead, once known as New England, USA. This society acts as the manifestation of contemporary misogyny, resulting in a patriarchal civilisation in which the rights of humanity¬¬¬ and particularly women, are oppressed. Through the lens of the narrator ¬– Offred, a handmaid whose sole purpose is to act as...
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Application of Panopticism Theory and Taylor’s Scientific Management Principle in Roads and Maritime Services

Introduction to Management Synopsis: The newspaper specified a stuck heavy truck on the bridge about 12.15 pm on Tuesday which caused traffic chaos and minor damage to a girder under the bridge. The driver had been slapped with a $2319 fine and stripped 6 demerit points, also $661 for operating the wrong area and $661 for not keeping a working dairy required. Many Paniagua, the Wollongong crane supervisor, reported about how the stuck truck with complicated both height (about 4.6...
4 Pages 1746 Words

Michel Foucault’s Theory of Panopticism: General Overview

Wars occur every day around the world. A battle that is practically unknown to many, is the drone war. This may sound interesting if you’re a science fiction buff, but unfortunately, this war is no tale of fiction. In an article called “Merry Christmas America! Let’s Remember the Children who Live in Fear of Our Killer Drones” by The Intercept from 2019, the authors discuss the drone wars and how the political powers at the time of the strikes did...
3 Pages 1533 Words

Overview of Foucault's Critical Analysis of the Theory of Panopticon

In addition, Foucault (1977) dedicates an emphasis on analysing the theory of panopticism. Designed in the late eighteenth century, Jeremy Bentham exemplified the architecture of the prison called Panopticon. Essentially, this is a proposed idea of a prison that introduces a new mode of power using power of mind over mind in the process of ensuring that the prisoners would improve in discipline and behaviour (UCL, 2016). The structure of this prison does not abide by the conventional principles of...
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Kimberle Crenshaw Intersectionality Essay

Lisa Kemmerer once said, ‘The reproductive abilities of women and their other female animals are controlled and exploited by those in power (usually men) and both are devalued as they age and wear out when they no longer reproduce. Cows, hens, and women are routinely treated as if they objected to being manipulated in order to satisfy the desires of powerful men, without regard to female’s wishes or feelings.’ Intersectionality is a term that was brought up by the theorist...
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Social Cognitive Theory, Social Learning and Socio-economic Change in Mass Communication: A Case Study Approach from Pakistan’s Perspective

Abstract: This essay gives you important guidelines on the detailed explanation of the Social Cognitive Theory i.e. historical background on the development of Social Cognitive Theory, evolution to the current status and contribution of Albert Bandura as the main theorist as well as other social scientists. This essay goes into the detail explanation of social learning and social change with the application of media interaction and learning, the introduction of International Communication Technology (ICT), a rapid increase in media contents...
5 Pages 2098 Words

Panopticism as Privacy Prohibition

And while London is in urban decay, the whole of Oceania is a totalitarian society that can also be described as a Panoptic society. The Panopticon is a prison model created by Jeremy Bentham where the inmates are under constant surveillance by guards, who are not seen by the inmates. The inmate does not know whether he is being looked at in any moment but must assume that they are always being watched. Now, we know that the Party’s main...
1 Page 442 Words

A Study of The Panopticism Concept

The Panopticon is Bentham’s architectural model of a potential prison. This model includes a large watchtower in the middle of a cylinder shaped tower of cells. Each cell is back lit by windows on the outside of the prison as well as clearly visible from the watchtower through windows inside the prison. So when in the watch tower the guards could potentially have an eye on any cell at anytime. Due to the layout though, the members of the cells...
1 Page 446 Words

The Analysis of The Article 'Panopticism' by Foucault Michael

In the article “Panopticism in discipline and punish,” by Foucault Michael. The author objective was to help really emphasize on this idea of that you were constantly being observed. He utilized the term Panopticism which gleaned from this prison idea the panoptikum. Where detainees were continually being watched through a reflective glass. The author perceived that present day society was establishing itself based off of this idea of panopticism. In order to perpetuate order and discipline in present day society....
1 Page 421 Words

Sense of Social Learning Theory

Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) multi-store model illustrates the three components involved in memory; where sensory information enters memory (sensory register), where information is processed (short-term memory), and where rehearsed information is held indefinitely (long-term store). As there is an immense amount of sensory information at a given time, only attended to information goes to the short-term memory. The rest is rapidly forgotten. However, with Jonathan disrupting the class, he is taking majority of the attention away from the teacher. This...
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Juvenile Diversion Programs in South Africa

Children who commit minor unlawful behaviors were exposed to harsh punishment, therefore this is the inappropriate treatment for children in conflict with the law, as it disobeys act 108 of 1996 in section 28 of the constitution. In the 1990s South Africa introduced diversion to focus on the best interest of the child, providing appropriate treatment and punishment for children in conflict with the law (Steyn (2010). Z. K. Hamilton et al. (2006) define diversion as channel out, children in...
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Social Differences in Criminal Behavior: Theories and Models

Social class and crime behavior relationship is a long-standing basis of discussion in criminology. The society has this perception that crimes are to be committed mostly by a lower class group of people in the society, forgetting the fact that even the upper and middle-class people commit serious crimes too. These social classes are a result of emerging divisions in the society which are supported by the social and economic background of the people. As opposed to the social norm...
3 Pages 1457 Words

Review of the Main Theories Explaining the Crime of Graffiti

“The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” (O’Leary & Spring, 2008). An expression of the untrained masses, Graffiti is also known, as street art is an expressive art form that is a reflection of people’s sociological issues of the past, present and near future. A hand of self-expression, such an art is usually in scripted on public surfaces, subways, staircases and areas. The Grove’s Dictionary of Art states that “Graffiti” is derived from a...
6 Pages 2568 Words

Intersectionality and Title IX in the Context of University Sexual Abuse

An inaccurate report of university sexual assault on the bases of racial bias has been created to ignore women of color given by critics of the Office of Civil Rights’ enforcement of Title IX. Keeping women out of the picture, their explanation is focused on the frequent and false accusations of men of color who are punished intensively. Women of color stand between the intersection of gender and race, which means they are prone to both, racism as well as...
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Career Features in Medical Sociology

Sociology is a field that I find very interesting because it forces me to look at things from all sorts of perspectives, not just my own. I’m used to viewing the world through my particular biases and leanings that it is exciting to see the world in different ways as well as understand why those views (including my own) are held. Because I eventually intend to become a doctor, the field of sociology that most interests me is Medical Sociology....
1 Page 604 Words

Negative Effects of Labeling on Women

An individual identity may sometimes be defined or influenced by terms that are used to define the individual. The world we live in is ever changing and is characterized by gender labels. This is referred to as labeling and it is premised on the labeling theory. Labeling entails that the identity assigned to an individual is in some respect altered to his discredit. Certain qualities connected with the behavior are attributed to him. The behavior which becomes the object of...
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Catfishing: Background and Main Causes

The way that people interconnect using the Internet has truly transformed since 1990. Social media has introduced new means for people to communicate with each other and stay connected. People chat with one another and share memes via Facebook, post pictures on Instagram and Snapchat, etc. Technology has significantly altered the way that people search for love. In this modern era, it is not unusual for people to online date. Popular dating apps include: Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc. Many might...
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Utilitarianism, Cultural Relativism, Social Contract Theory, and Kantianism: Comparative Analysis

Throughout history philosophers have developed ethical theories that attempt to distinguish what is morally right and wrong. Although these theories differ from one another, they all can be applied to multiple aspects of our society. Some examples of these theories include Utilitarianism, Cultural Relativism, Social Contract Theory, and Kantianism. The differences between each of these theories are as follows. Utilitarianism focuses on the outcome of an action as the primary motivation and whether or not that conduct is ethical (Hill,...
4 Pages 1937 Words

Pros and Cons of Rousseau’s Social Contract Theory and Its Applicability to Modern Day Society

Introduction Over the centuries there have been many philosophers who have sought to explain how political systems are formed, how they work and which one is the best form of rule. This has brought about many different theories from philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. While some of these theories have been accepted, other theories have been heavily debated and opposed by academics around the world. One such theory is the social contract theory. Philosophers such as John Locke and...
2 Pages 968 Words

Racial-Ethnic Differences in Offending: Labeling Theory Explanation

There are some major differences in criminal offending, particularly in the ethnic-racial differences among offenders. Studies over the years have shown a correlation between race and crime (Gabbidon, 2015:4) But, why is that? There are three theory’s that adequately explain and justify the ethnic-racial differences in criminal offending. The first theory that adequately explains these differences in the social disorganization theory. This theory was created in the Chicago School during the 1930’s (Gabbidon,2015:50). The second theory that explains the differences...
4 Pages 1885 Words

Reflective Essay on the Theory of Sociological Imagination Introduced by Charles Mills Wrights

There are many different variables that come into play when theorists are conducting research. Our text steps in to inform us as to how the use of different imaginations are key factors to understanding different types of theories ranging from crime to victimology. Furthermore, the sociological imagination is one that was introduced by Charles Mills Wrights in 1959 in his book based on the very subject. The sociological imagination is based on the ability to perceive situations and circumstances in...
1 Page 610 Words

Application of Social Contract Theory: An Insight into the Divine Formation of Nations

A Constitution is a document which comes into existence primarily when a Nation is formed. Tracing back to the history of governing authority of the State, the inception can be marked from the time when the Divine Power (Almighty) governed the humanitarian society. When, gradually the society started growing, the Divine/ Supreme power was vested the authority in certain chosen humans which came to be known as Kings. When power corrupted these Kings, we witness a chaotic society coming into...
9 Pages 4138 Words

Essay on Applying Social Contract Theory to Analyze 'Super Size Me'

Introduction I have chosen to compose my paper about the motion picture ‘Super Size Me’ which is coordinated by Morgan Spurlock in 2004 in the United States. The narrative film taking around ninety minutes of a multi day time span where Spurlock ate fast food chains from McDonald’s. The primary accentuation is on the physical and mental impacts of way of life numerous individuals accept by relying upon the quick fast food chains. Inexpensive food organizations in the state support...
1 Page 534 Words

Critical Analysis of the Relevance of Thomas Hobbes’s Social Contract Theory

In the midst of the enlightenment period, many philosophers contributed many commentaries on the political viewpoints of their society. Some writings had also influenced the start of the American and French revolutions. Philosophers dissected on the notion that existing social and political order would not withstand critical observation and examination which were put into a world with mysteries, myths, and various phenomenons. This puts very reputable critiques through theoretical standpoints. A well-known philosopher of this time period was Thomas Hobbes....
2 Pages 1019 Words

Relevance of Hobbes' Social Contract Theory to Modern Society: Analytical Essay

Introduction During the enlightenment period many philosophers presented commentaries on the political realm of their society. Such writings have encouraged revolutions such as: the English, American and French revolution. One observes that Enlightenment philosophers operated on the notion that the existing social and political orders could not withstand critical scrutiny and were rooted in religious myth and mystery and founded on vague cultures. This negative analysis and critique of existing institutions had positive overtones in the area of theory construction...
2 Pages 1017 Words

Essay on Labeling Theory: Analysis of American Me

In the film American me directed by Edward James Olmos, the film follows a chicano youth by the name of Montoya Santana whom at the age of sixteen first enters the California penal system. He is introduced to the criminal justice system which in turn causes him to be caught in the path of lifelong crime until his premature death. The film being based on the Mexican mafia, portrays how Santa our main character is introduced to a racially segregated...
2 Pages 862 Words

Analytical Essay: The Essence of Labeling Theory

In an attempt to understudy the causative effects of deviant behaviors, the context of labeling came about. (Goode, E. 1975). Before this period, juvenile delinquent behavior was considered a product of the society, environment or an attribute of the youths, linking this with socioeconomic deprivation with a need to punish or treat these juveniles. This led to a shift in the focus of labeling theorists to the juvenile justice system, seeking a better understanding of how social control agencies react...
5 Pages 2068 Words

Discursive Essay on Labeling Theory and Criminal Behavior

This assignment is a review of the five articles given. In this assignment, topic on “Labeling Theory” will discussed first. The topic on “The Normal and Pathological”, “The Social Construction of Crime”, “The Reach of the Law: Sin, Crime and Poor Taste and Culture”, “Crime and Cultural Criminology” will also be discussed respectively. For the Labeling Theory discussed by Howard S. Becker, it stated that deviance is the violation of some agreed-upon rule. The Labeling Theory focuses on society reaction...
5 Pages 2274 Words

Strengths and Weaknesses of Classicism in Comparison with Social Contract Theory

Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of classicism with one other theoretical perspective that you have encountered in Block 1, and critically evaluate which perspective is most useful in considering issues of crime and justice. The ideas of modern ‘justice’ have at their core two concepts, around which have shaped the way Western liberal democracies have constructed the legal relationship between the ‘people’ and ‘state’. Those two concepts are Classicism and Positivism. This essay will compare and contrast the...
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