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Intercultural Sensitivity In Cross-Cultural Settings: The Case Of University Students In Italy And Greece

Introduction Cosmopolitanization of modern life (Beck 2009), meaning the mixing of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, has set new sensible and more sophisticated standards for effective intercultural communication, reflexive dialogue and collaborative learning. Modern people are required to undertake a reflexive project (Giddens 1991), namely...
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The Phenomenon Of Ethics In The Entertainment And Media

Abstract This paper focuses on the topic of ethics in media and entertainment. The aim of this paper is to examine the phenomenon of ethics in the entertainment media. Media ethics includes specific ethical principles and standards of media, including broadcast media, film, theatre, arts,...
5 Pages 2360 Words

The Features Of Utopian Society

Utopia is an imaginary world of ideal perfection (‘Utopia Definition’). This definition portrays the societies created by the two authors Ursula Le Guin and N.K Jemisin in ‘The ones Who Walk Away from Omelas’ and ‘The Ones Who Stay and Fight’ respectively. Le Guin portrays...
4 Pages 1825 Words

Deception: Types, Detection, Components And Use

The deception can include several different things, such as mask, camouflage, diversion, hand sleight, lies, and hiding. The agent will monitor the mind of the subject because the subject has faith in them. The subject believes what the agent says and could base their plans...
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Rapid Economic Development And Population Growth

Cities are regions in which concentrated human activities occur, and because cities represent an important point of contact between natural and socio-economic systems, unsustainable urban development is creating serious ecological and environmental problems. Given that cities exchange materials and energy with their surrounding environment, whether...
2 Pages 1004 Words

Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

People use social media for a variety of reasons. But does anyone ever stop to think about the negative impact that social media has on a person, persons or generation? Why social media is bad? Two essays, The Onion’s “New Facebook notifications alert users when...
2 Pages 822 Words
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