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The Issue Of Few Women In Science, Technology And Engineering

Abstract This study will examine reasons why few girl and women take Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in Universities. STEM is hypothesized to have fewer female representations than male. Participants will be 200 female first year students from Australian National University. They will...
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How Does The Media Affect Society’s Perceptions Of Women’s Sports In The Modern Era?

The media affects society’s perceptions of women’s sports through either conforming to or challenging conventional gender norms and generating interest. Sport has traditionally been considered a male-dominated area and many people hold the belief that women’s sports simply aren’t as interesting. However, is this a...
3 Pages 1294 Words

Women Of Troy: The Cruelty Of Greek Warriors

It has been common to describe the warriors as noble and loyal people who would consume their blood to protect their fatherland, although it sometimes contrasts with the reality. In The Women of Troy, Euripides depicts the slave women’s suffering after war caused by the...
2 Pages 1038 Words

Women Roles Change In WWI

At the outbreak of WWI, women were expected to take the role of managing the home and raising their children. This meant it was uncommon for many women to have jobs, aside from domestic serving roles. The number of women working outside the home slightly...
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Self Reflection On Social Justice Perspective

Social justice perspective has the aim to promote equity and equality while also impeding the nominalisation of marginalisation based on diversity. I identified that social justice issues at the individual level and in their primary form are usually accustomed through the “bandwagon”effect common in young...
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