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What Does Community Mean to You: Opinion Essay

The lights flash on and swivel at me. I nervously take the stage and try to center myself. ‘Breath in…breathe out.’, I tell myself, but I can still feel my cheeks glowing hotly and my mouth turning to sandpaper, rough and dry. I try to remember the lyrics of the first song I am supposed to sing, but my mind cannot focus. As I stand there frozen with stage fright, I look around me and realize that I am not...
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What Does Being Hispanic Mean to You: Opinion Essay

Ethnography tells about culture and the members that comprise this culture. A definition in the scientific description of the customs and individual people of a culture. The progress of doing this assignment allowed me to explore another aspect of a culture group different from my own. For this assignment, I chose to interview my mother in laws friend named Rosio. I was aware of her Hispanic culture when I first met her just based on her first name and the...
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What Do You Value Most in Life: Opinion Essay

Over the years growing up, I knew the importance of maintaining good relationships; between parents, friends, colleagues, and supervisors. The connections we make with others define our lives. I always strive to build stronger relationships. The relationship I value most in life is with my parents; it roots in my childhood and continues to impact my adulthood life. My parents are my emotional support because I could always count on them to have my back. Me, I don’t have regular...
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What America Means to Me: Opinion Essay

What does being American Mean? Well if I’m being honest there is not a straightforward answer to what being American means. So I’m going to first start by telling you what America has meant in the past, well in the past there was always something going on in America. There was always some type of war or battle going on. America was always fighting to keep our country from enemies that keep trying to win it over, there were so...
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Warriors Don't Cry: Essay

According to Martin Luther King, “The ultimate measure of a person is not where one stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where one stands in times of challenge and controversy.” This concept constantly applies to real-world situations and conveys that only when one undergoes severe conflict can one get the best measurement of one’s character. Melba Patillo Beals was an ordinary teenager who chose to be a part of the Little Rock Nine. Together, the African American high...
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Essay about Vision of America

At the beginning of every single school day, I, as well as thousands of my peers, stand up and pledge my loyalty to a red, white, and blue piece of cloth. Every time I watch a sports event on television, I see tens of thousands of Americans stand up with their hands on their hearts and face this ubiquitous piece of cloth as a familiar tune is played: The Star Spangled Banner. Every year, I, as well as millions of...
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Views on America: Essay

What makes America particular from every single other nation is the rights that an American native has in America. American residents most likely have a larger number of rights than the natives from some other nations on the planet. The most significant right an American resident has is an opportunity, an opportunity that a native from no other nation on the globe has. The second and likely most significant idea that goes to my head when I consider America is...
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Essay about Vaping among Teenagers

Vaping Among Teens What do you think about vaping? Now, how about vaping among teens? First, let’s talk about what vaping is. In short, vaping is the action or practice of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. However, the process is much more complicated than just inhaling and exhaling. Vapes or electronic cigarettes, such as e-cigarettes, e-hookah, pens, vapes, or e-cigars, work by heating a nicotine or non-nicotine solution with an electric coil...
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Treatment of African-Americans in The Help: Movie Analysis

Have you ever sent a loved son on vacation and had him returned to you in a pine box, so horribly battered and water-logged that someone needs to tell you this sickening sight is your son – lynched? – Mamie Bradley, Emmet Till’s mother. Racial injustice has been a prevalent issue for centuries, and in twentieth-century Mississippi, segregation, inequality, and discrimination ran rampant, as represented in Tate Taylor’s The Help. Treatment of African-Americans as disposable objects was a common sentiment...
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The Teenage Brain Essay

Recent scientific research of teenage brain MRI scans has shown that the brain goes through a transformation consisting of a series of developments within every part of the brain, starting from the rear to the front, with the majority of this change affecting the prefrontal cortex. Looking at a diagram of the brain, you will notice that the prefrontal cortex is located in the very front of the brain and since brain development in teens goes from the back to...
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The Lesson’ by Toni Cade Bambara: Critical Analysis Essay

In The Lesson, the narrator overcomes the silence caused by the pigmentation of their skin and finds the moral courage to voice their opinions amidst double standards. In The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara, protagonist Miss Moore educates local children about the unfair distribution of wealth and advises them to strive for a better life. Bambara instills the idea that intelligence and awareness exist everywhere and need to be awakened instead of silenced. Syliva, the African-American narrator from Harlem, believes...
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Thank You Essay

I firmly believe that there is a moment in our lives when we find our soulmate. And I’m not talking about any man, let’s be clear. I am talking about that person you met and did not like at all, but that ended up entering your life and becoming inseparable. A person who has been with you at any time when you most need it. That person you can call at any time and you know will be there. The...
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Texting and Driving: Argument Essay

Distracted use is an exercise where the driver takes his eyes off the avenue and diverts his or her attention. Distracted riding consists of texting, using a cell phone, ingesting or drinking, reading, speaking to passengers, searching the GPS, etc. When people are using they need to focal point on the road, their lifestyles are in their palms when driving. It`s a public tutorial almost everybody has carried out while driving. I have gone to faculty with someone who received...
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Technology Has Changed the Way We Communicate: Essay

How often do you rely on technology to communicate with other people? Technology has quickly advanced and is a major technique of common communication in this era. This sudden advancement and adoption has arose the question, Has technology positively or negatively impacted our ability to communicate with one another? Cell phones, television, radios, and several other versions of the technology have opened the world to hundreds of ways to communicate, but the most common is social media. A 2020 statistic...
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Essay on Technology and Society

Society nowadays is completely dependent on technology due to the fact that it has taken over the world and is leading us to many possible futures. Technology and society cannot be separated, it has impacted the needs and demands of many people. As an individual, it has allowed us to communicate more often, learn effectively and think. Technology has been used to perform different tasks in an individual’s life whatever the cause is, traveling, communication, learning, business, and comfortability. But...
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Essay about Symbolic Interactionism

Society is defined as people who interact in a defined geographic territory and share elements of a common culture (Macionis and Gerber, 2014). There are numerous components to society: class, gender, family, and much more. However, ethnicity has become of greater influence in academia over the last 50 years (Adlparvar and Tadros, 2016). Ethnicity is a shared cultural heritage. People identify or are defined as members of an ethnic group based on commonalities like language, religion, beliefs, practices, and ancestry....
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Superpower Essay

How do superpowers influence the global economy? “The sun never sets on the British empire”, (Brian Doone, 2019) is a famous historian quote that rings true to Britain’s situation before World War I. The rise of global superpowers has influenced the global economy in many ways and this trend started all the way back when the first world war occurred. Imperialism in WW1 was a huge deal, the most powerful countries in the world were invading the smaller countries to...
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Should Parents Give Their Child Allowance: Essay

The query of whether or not allowances are proper or wrong is one that has been argued for lots generations. Now it’s your turn, as a determine, to determine whether or not or now no longer an allowance is an excellent manner to train your toddler approximately monetary responsibility. There are many motives given on why an everyday fee of cash to a toddler has to or shouldn’t be achieved in the end I accept as true that there’s no...
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Should Fathers Get Paternity Leave: Essay

For the past decades, family dynamics have shifted from a single-income household, consisting of a breadwinning father and a caregiving mother. The trend has transitioned to a dual-income household, whereby income responsibilities rest in the hands of both parents. With that in mind, notably, mothers give birth nearly every day all around the world, yet, some fathers struggle to find time off-duty to lend them support. Many fathers struggle to find time to be there long enough for their newborns....
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Satire Essay on Social Media

There are all kinds of fake news that exist around us and knowing what is reliable and true is important. Radio in the past has had many problems with fake news such as the Orson Welles famous broadcast. Newspapers have higher prints in the United States that include USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Each of these newspapers has a website that has certain levels of access (paywalls), and many of these...
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Role of Symbolism and Art in Dreaming of Aboriginals

Personal Identity. We all have it, but we don’t all know what this actually is. Identity is the qualities, beliefs, personalities, and attitudes that make a person or group. We’ve all heard of “the Dreaming”, but what does this term actually refer to? The Dreaming is the Aboriginal World’s central and deepest reality. For Aboriginals, Dreaming plays a significant role in creating their personal identity. Dreaming is the spiritual dimension of nature that has existed from the beginning and continues...
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Role of Art and Religion in Modern Society

Since the dawn of time moments, modern society has evolved over decades of history, ever-changing ever-growing, but some larger historical events and periods have aided the advancement and further development of modern society today. The Age of The Enlightenment was the dawning point of multiple subject shifts that can be traced to now such as Religion, thought, politics, science/technology, and even art. These changes in subjects it’s resulted in the blooming of culture and society. Religion and the church have...
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Essay on Rhetorical Situation

When asking oneself what exactly a “rhetorical situation” is, what tends to come to your curious mind? I didn`t know either. But an easier way to understand, and grasp the concept is to first look at rhetorical analysis. A simplistic way of putting it is by giving an example, first impressions. Have you ever walked into any of your classes the very first day of classes and as you look at your professor, you analyze them from head to toe...
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Essay on Race and Identity

All individuals have their own unique points of view on racial identity. It is important because it gives us the right sense of direction in life. Racial identity is influenced not only by biological factors but also by the environment and culture in which one has lived. A person who has established an incorrect racial identity may have wrong prejudices, and this may lead to discrimination. We can analyze our racial identity through many different categories. I identify myself racially...
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Essay about Puerto Rico

“I will not pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands.” This must be the words of thousands of Puerto Ricans living on the island today wishing that their small island would once and for all become free from the colonization of the United States. Puerto Rico has been living under U.S. domination for the past 100 years and it’s considered the last nation in Latin America that is...
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Essay about Puerto Rican Culture

Popular music has always been one of the central defining elements involved in forging various Caribbean national and cultural identities because of its expansion and exposure of different identities cultures and music coming together forming new genres from similar areas and the talented artists behind it all, expressing themselves through the rhythms in a matter of decades. In order to understand the different fusions of music and how it all came about, understanding the idea of creolization is essential. Music...
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Portrayal of Woman in 'The Hunger Games'

Pop culture refers to the traditions of a particular society or a group of people. In America, pop culture is usually associated with the entertainment industry, which varies from music, art, fashion, and literature to film, television, and radio. A majority of people consume products from these sources which has a significant impact on them. However, pop culture has contributed to a great extent in challenging the dominant gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes have always dictated that there is a sure...
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Philosophy Essay about Personal Identity

A Discussion Between Socrates and Hume on Personal Identity and Moral Agency On a quiet Sunday afternoon, Socrates and Hume meet at a coffee shop in a small town, well away from the hectic big city. They explore the philosophical topics of personal identity and moral agency and find their philosophies differ greatly. Hume leans back in his chair and considers his guest. “What are your thoughts on the subject of personal identity, Socrates?” Socrates sets down his cup of...
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Essay about Personal Culture

The What? Today, on March 2nd, I learned about how mainstream Australian cultures make assumptions based on two pictures. One of the images was of a western classroom and the assumption that was common was there was no technology and a teacher talking to a whole class with a group-oriented way of learning another picture of an oriental class with the common assumption that everyone is on their laptops with more of a focus towards self-learning. I also learned about...
1 Page 385 Words

Essay about Personal Conflict

According to Hocker & Wilmot conflict is an “expressed struggle” between at least two “interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals” (13). In what way or manner individuals react to and/ or handle conflict decides if conflict will limit success or bring about a better understanding of each other. In most conflict situations, people have a conflict with people they know, and there are many alternatives to solving conflict situations (Hocker...
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