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Caritas is an international Catholic organisation that strives for social justice around the world. Caritas is a Catholic agency for justice, peace and development. The mission of Caritas Inerationalis, which works in more than 200 countries, is to, “serve the poor and to promote charity and justice throughout the world.” Caritas translates to ‘Love in action’ in Latin, and this reflects their desire to bring about positive change in the world by helping those in need. Their goal is to...
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INTRODUCTION The French sociologist, Emile Durkheim, was primarily concerned with the order, consensus, social solidarity, social morality and systems of religion (Young, 1962). Social solidarity is an inherently broad concept, and may be identified in varying structures which exist across different societies (Czarnota & Brown, 1994). He came up with a theory that suggests that social structures have a strong influence on action. There are two types of Durkheim believes there two types of solidarity in societies, namely mechanical solidarity...
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The division of labour can be understood as the division of different roles in the society where each individual is equipped with a particular set of skills that complements other’s sets of skills to create interdependence. While mostly understood in an economic context, in his book, The Division of Labour in Society, Durkheim asserts that rather than just being limited to the economic realm, division of labour helps build social solidarity, by establishing social and moral order in the society....
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During the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico, John Carlos took action and stood for something that shook the world. Carlos action during his podium moment in 1968 was an act of years of fighting racism and being oppressed. Carlos fist salute was a symbolic gesture of the civil rights movement and black power; however, despite his notable action, he did not care of the ramifications because he stood for something that was necessary for justice, democracy and solidarity. Carlos lived...
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Emile Durkheim sociology is basic functionalism (Pope, 1975; Dew, 2007), he is the author of many classical texts, and one of those whom originated sociology (Lukes, 1985). In “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life” (Durkheim 1954) Durkheim studied ritual practices, religious beliefs and their social explanations, Durkheim anticipated to explain ritual practices and religious beliefs thoroughly in a sociological context (Lukes, 1985). “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life” and other Durkheim work like “suicide” (Durkheim, 1951), lead to argue Durkheim’s...
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Abstract The word Corona whispers in every space on the globe and will set an example to the next era for whole health care sectors how to prevent this pandemic situation. This unanticipated outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 which formed a clade within the subgenus co-virus Ortho-coronavirinae subfamily. They cause many complications like pneumonia and other symptoms like fever, pharyngalgia, fatigue, diarrhea, and other non-specific symptoms. Still, we lack a better understanding of the virus, thus, effective approaches to treatment and epidemiological...
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Some of us never know this amount of power and constraint that world places on us. However, those of us who have had the sociology course or two are aware of ourselves cultural locations, and being aware of it may be jarring. Durkheim gives us the model for creating the sense of stability of living and the layers of integration, power, and control that keep it. Whereas Marx got an eye for struggle and disturbance, Durkheim expects us to remember...
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The idea of “European solidarity” is not only present in the parliamentary debates but even in EU treaties such as the Treaty of Lisbon. Article 2 of this treaty considers “solidarity” as one of EU’s values other treaties reference “mutual solidarity” as being closely linked to the sharing of responsibilities (for instance article 24 of the Treaty on European Union for external and security policies). Solidarity is a vague and ambiguous term, especially when discussing the Economic and Monetary Union....
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Catholic social teachings are integral to human life, as one cannot live without love, and love does not exist when we are isolated (W. Wright, 2018). Catholic social teachings teach us about economic, political, personal and spiritual factors in our lives. Catholic Social Teachings (CST’s) provide a different way of thinking, being and seeing the world in its entirety (CSSA,2019). Catholic Social Teachings allow us to maintain a special connection towards Christ’s heart and the church, the teachings allow us...
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Modernity is a term used to explain the historic period known as the modern age. In human history, this period involved innovations in scientific thought, increased individualism, and rapid industrialization as opposed to relying on supernatural and metaphysical beliefs. There is no official consensus on the precise moment when modernity commenced. Most history accounts from Western Europe suggest that the modern age arrived in the 18th century as most colonial invasions ceased. For this analysis, three revolutions will undergo scrutiny...
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Abstract Covid-19 has created chaos across the globe with India being no different from other nations. The repercussions have been massive on the job sector with over 11 million jobs lost in the urban sector and 8 million in the rural sector. The most affected and vulnerable are the informal labourers who have been further marginalized due to this pandemic. This paper examines the repercussions of Covid-19 on employment in India, specifically in the informal labour market. On analysis of...
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