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The modern world faced the problem of global warming which is considered to be the growth of Earth’s average temperature within oceans and air. It is necessary to underline the fact that this climate change has started to develop since the 20th century and is still in a progressive state of continuation. The true causes of the greenhouse effect are still open to discussion; it should be stressed that there are some debates among the scientists arguing whether human activities or natural processes are the reasons for the global warming threat. By Climate Change Intergovernmental Panel, human activities are the central causes for the increase of greenhouse gas through the burning of fossil fuel, and deforestation. Nevertheless, according to some sources, the real effects of the natural changes are produced by the nature itself through some gases releases. So, the paper will investigate the key supporting argument as to the causes for global warming spreading based on natural and human processes analysis.

Following contemporary scientific analysis, the true causes for global warming are considered to be contradictory enough; it is necessary to underline the fact that human activities produce the most vivid effects on the changes in natural processes. The ecosystem, consisting of several living organisms, is under the threat of harmful influence produced through numerous human activities in a modern industrialized era. Climatologists state, that the beginning of global warming can be referred to as the nineteenth century, though in that period the problem was not considerably stressed in the society. They managed to investigate that human activities contributed to the enhancement of the greenhouse effect. It is necessary to underline the fact that the greenhouse effect impacts the Earth’s surface warming through several complex processes, such as gases, sunlight, and atmosphere practices (Horner, 2007).

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The analysis of global warming effects should be based on the fossil fuels burning covering oil, coal, and natural gas; this human activity involves the land clearing introducing and causing some changes in the natural processes. The burning is the result of automobiles’ effects, as well as electric power plants and factories providing energy for office buildings and houses. Carbon dioxide, created as a result of fossil fuel burning, has the chemical formula of a greenhouse effect CO2, slowing the heat escape into space. The plants sponge CO2 from the air in the process of photosynthesis, as it is necessary for their food production. Speaking about land clearing, it is necessary to underline the fact it influences the CO2 buildup through reduction of the gas rate at which it is completely removed from the atmosphere, or through dead vegetation decomposition (Langdon, 2003).

It should be noted that scientists argued as to greenhouse gases increase providing no clear differences in the temperature fluctuations; according to their theory, global warming may be the result of natural processes. To explain this fact they highlighted the impact of the sun’s emitted energy (Global Warming Causes. 2005).

Nevertheless, pollution is recognized as one of the principal causes of global warming; it is necessary to underline the fact that environmental pollution, as well as air one, produces negative effects on nature’s health. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the air appeared to be the result of modern industrialization and technological progress. According to the report by Schweiger, being the president of the National Wildlife Federation, the problem of global warming is a sharp threat to the modern environment, ‘It is our future that is now uncertain. It is past time to act and solve global warming with the urgency and determination with which Americans have successfully confronted other threats to our security and wildlife.’ (Schweiger, 2007) the problem of land use as the basic human threat to nature can be expressed through the following reasons:

Nowadays a lot of agricultural practices have been introduced for animals’ breeding, cereals growing, as well as vegetables and fruits for human consumption; these practices develop the basic greenhouse gases, such as nitrous oxide and methane;

Land clearance for human activities expansion;

Tropical deforestation covering the firing of forests leading to the release of pollutants, for example, carbon dioxide (Houghton, 2004).

Speaking about natural causes of global warming in more detail, it is necessary to underline the idea that solar output changes lead to climate transformations and instability; according to scientific researches, the change in output even by 1% can become the cause for rapid alterations in the average temperature. Besides, it should be stressed that the changes in the Earth’s orbit characteristics around the sun and also, Earth’s axis tilt, can lead to the alteration of solar energy total amount received by the planet. As a result, the temperature changes as well. To understand the causes for the problem spreading it is necessary to underline the most important and influential anthropogenic greenhouse gases developed in nature and harming the environment; they are the following: methane (CO4), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), nitrous oxide (N2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and fluorocarbons (HFC). One of the most central gases is considered to be carbon dioxide; methane and nitrous oxide are referred to as the less harmful gases. Taking into account the calculations demonstrated by the scientists, the potential threat of the gases influence on the global warming development will be increased within the next one hundred years, disclosing the following figures:

Methane – about 20%;

Carbon Dioxide – 73%;

Nitrous Oxide – 9%.

Despite the danger of gases impact outlined by the scientists, it is necessary to stress that not all greenhouse air pollutants provide a negative effect on global warming directly. It was proved that in the air they are transformed into other actual gases; thus, CO, carbon monoxide, can be changed into CO2, carbon dioxide, and produce an indirect contribution to climate warming. Besides, there are several precursor gases, being referred to as non-greenhouse gases; they are the following: nitrogen oxides, NOx, carbon monoxide, CO, and VOC, that is volatile organic compounds (Major Findings of climate change. 2006).

The neutralization of the global warming causes and consequences have been analyzed through the analysis of possible ways and methods aimed at global warming emissions reduction. So, the examination of the problem causes demonstrated the most profound impact of carbon dioxide on the development and spreading of the greenhouse effect. It is necessary to stress that the ways of the problem solution are closely connected with the lifestyle of the modern generation. By governmental considerations, the average footprint of carbon reaches about 42000 pounds annually. This figure is predominantly based on the setting and way of life; the first step in the problem solution is connected with switching to green power. It should be stressed that the production of conventional energy leads to air pollution. Per US Energy Department, green power kilowatt requires less than one pound of CO2. It is necessary to underline the fact that green electricity generated from solar energy, wind, and water is much better for the environment (Maslin, 2007).

The second step in the problem solution is based on insulation and sealing of duct system; the scientists explain that this measure influences the reduction of CO2, as well as costs spent for cooling and heating (Global Warming Solutions. 2008).

Then, fuel-efficient car driving can influence the reduction of hazardous gas in the air; this step will reduce the costs by 8000 pounds annually. Besides, it is necessary to replace the old water heater with the new efficient one. It is necessary to stress that heating water uses about 13% of typical energy, and the replacement can lead to CO2 reduction and more than 3000 pounds every year (Schneider, 1990).

People are to be concentrated on the heating temperature controlling; it was found out that the thermostat lowering will result in the energy cutting by 3%, which is very important for environmental protection. Scientists managed to identify the impact of air conditioners on the irrational usage of energy. Thus, they underlined the necessity to change it with the energy-efficient one, which will help to reduce CO2 emissions. It should be stressed that central air conditioning used in every house influences the affection of the released energy on greenhouse effect development. The usage of the new rational technology will help to save about 2000 pounds annually (Pringle, 2001).

The amount of CO2 is closely connected with fuel consumption without taking into account the vehicle; certainly, fuel economy is reached through the usage of sport-utility vehicles or compact family sedans. The fuel waste can be reduced by 33%; a 6% reduction can be reached through the appropriate usage of recommended motor oil.

It is necessary to underline the idea that technological development is an integral part of C2 release as well; so, Consumer Reports found out that letting the computer system sleep will economize the energy released and reduced more than 576 pounds of CO2 every year.

The final step of the global warming solution is connected with refrigerator and washing machine efficient energy release. To benefit the environment one is to use Energy Star qualified technologies reducing the emissions of CO2 by 25%. The purchase of the most efficient model can contribute to the growth of annual savings in energy release.

The paper managed to investigate the seriousness of the global warming problem, as well as its causes and possible solutions. One is to outline the principle idea of the research lies in the disclosure not only of human activities harm, but natural processes’ impact on greenhouse effect through the release of hazardous things in the atmosphere.

The paper managed to outline the key methods of neutralizing the problem based on human lifestyle change. People are to concentrate on the problem’s seriousness and its effects; the basic goal of humanity is to protect the environment we live in through policies and investments into economizing and rationality. The modern generation living in the period of industrialization is to be aware of global warming consequences and take measures to tackle the problem.

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