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Analysis the Poem of A Wedding Sonnet for the Next Generation

Judith Viorst, in her poem “A Wedding Sonnet for the Next Generation,” represents the new definition of love with the help of allusions and symbolism that she uses to redefine the old concepts of love that were represented in the past. Judith Viorst uses a variety of symbolic and allusions to show that her poem may not be a perfect work and cannot be understood as seriously as in past literary works, but when she was creating an oath to...
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Explication of William Shakespeare Sonnet 30

W. Shakespeare was born in England (1564-1616). He is considered the most famous dramatist of all time. He was a poet, playwright and actor of the Renaissance era. Throughout his life, he wrote 2 long narrative poems, 39 plays, and 154 sonnets. He reformed and developed the 14 lines in iambic pentameter in the worldwide successfully. I will analyze the meaning and the literary techniques of his sonnet 30 in the following essay. Sonnet 30 was published in 1609. In...
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Captivity Explored in a Free-Verse Poem and a Sonnet

A former captive’s narrative of his or her captivity often captivates a large audience. Readers and listeners are always engrossed when perusing a text or listening to an ex-captive’s narration of his or her time in captivity. Such narratives always involve stories of misery, suffering, and despair that attract the attention and sympathy of the audience. I Fall Asleep, Just Standing Like That by Xu Lizhi and The Caged Skylark by Gerard Manley Hopkins are poems that differ in genre...
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Love in Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Analytical Essay

Many of Shakespeare’s sonnets revolve around two people’s relationship with each other. Shakespeare’s sonnets show the Victorian standards of true love. Although Sonnet 130 and Sonnet 138 both discuss love, they have different views of how true love is expressed. Sonnet 130 regards loving your partner despite their faults and being honest about the fact that they’re human. Sonnet 138 is about omitting your faults from a relationship in attempts to preserve the love. In Sonnet 130, Shakespeare is brutally...
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Difference Of Portrayal Of Women In Sonnets

The development of English sonnets is one of the most remarkable features of Elizabethan literature. The sonnet, a short lyric poem of fourteen lines, owes its origin to Italian writers, such as Petrarch and Dante. The theme of Petrarchan sonnet was usually courtly love- worshipful adoration of an idealised mistress and a sense of elevating and even spiritualising the function of love. Two practitioners of the form of sonnet, namely, William Shakespeare and Sir Philip Sidney, deviated a little from...
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Suburban Sonnet' Analysis

Gwendoline Nessie Harwood’s poem ‘Suburban Sonnet’ aims to commentate on the harsh reality and expectations of motherhood in the 1960’s. This powerful yet convoluted allegorical poem reveals the extreme burdens and strains that women tackled every day. Life for women in the 1960’s was simply just ‘a pot boiling over’ and Gwen Harwood utilizes her vivid recollection of her childhood and parenting to encapsulate and expose what was Australia’s leading problem in the 1960’s. Gwen Harwood, born as Gwendoline Nessie...
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William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29: Critical Analysis

Introduction This paper deals with the “Sonnet XXIX”, one of the 154 Sonnets the well-known English poet, playwright and actor William Shakespeare has written. The aim of my paper is to examine in how far this particular Shakespearean Sonnet fits into the pattern of a ‘typical’ Shakespearean Sonnet. “Shakespeare’s sonnets are synonymous with courtly romance, but in fact many are about something quite different.” [cf. Paterson 2010: online] Shakespeare’s Sonnets polarized and this paper also examines how love is approached...
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Critical Analysis of Billy Collins “Sonnet”

I’m not a big fan of poetry. I can enjoy reading poetry of Latvian writers from time to time and, but I’ve never been in to poetry. Of course, I have not read much poetry. But I got interested in Billy Collins poetry and in his style of writing. That’s why I chose to analyze exactly this poem. Moreover, I got interested in reading more. Collins poetry seems contemporary, accessible, easy to read and surprisingly pleasant. You feel kind an...
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Arrogant Attitudes of Humanity towards Death in Sonnet “Death Be not Proud”: Critical Analysis

Through the close exploration of both john donnes holy sonnets and Margaret Edson’s post-modernist text wit, we are able to collect that context plays a vital role in the construction and understanding of a text. Both texts portray the flaws and faults of humanity and the necessity of individual redemption. Edson has managed to take the strong religious ideas of Donne’s poetry and even his metaphysical conceits and translate them into the secular world. Professor Vivian bearing, a ‘scholar of...
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A Delineation of Love, Violence and Destruction in Poetry: Analysis of Sonnet LXVII, A Poison Tree, and Leda and the Swan

‘Compare and contrast three poems which are at least one hundred years apart in composition with respect to genre and poetic technique.’ From the 16th Century to the 20th Century, poetry had drastically evolved over time from Shakespeare’s and Marlowe’s verse drama to the uprising of the free verse. Edmund Spenser’s (1552-1599) ‘Sonnet LXVII’ (1595) offers an insight into a huntsman who is in the pursuit of a lover, William Blake’s (1757-1827) ‘A Poison Tree’ (1794) teaches us of the...
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Essay on Sonnet LXVII, A Poison Tree, and Leda and the Swan: Analysis of Themes, Forms and Structure, and Poetic Techniques

Intro: Why does poetry speak to us in a way that grasps our attention and makes us want to discover more? Edmund Spenser’s ‘Sonnet LXVII’ (1595) offers an insight into a huntsman who is in pursuit of a lover, William Blake’s ‘A Poison Tree’ (1794) teaches us of the underlining conflict between a friend and a foe and William Butler Yeats’s ‘Leda and the Swan’ (1923) acknowledges the cruel and harrowing depiction of rape between Lena and Zeus, the God...
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Political Analysis of Samuel Johnson's Sonnet 'London' Made by Alexander Pope

English essayist Samuel Johnson’s sonnet ‘London’ was distributed in 1738, contains 263 lines, and gives recognition to Juvenal’s Third Satire. The sonnet is viewed as a neoclassical work. Neoclassicism was the predominant development of Johnson’s time, and its scholars -Johnson, Jonathan Swift, and Alexander Pope – attempted to resuscitate traditional Greco-Roman styles of writing along these lines as Horace, Virgil, and Ovid. The essential motivation for Johnson’s work was Juvenal, an antiquated Roman humorist who lamented the weakening of Roman...
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Sonnets of Thomas Wyatt, Mary Wroth, Sir Philip Sidney and William Shakespeare: Comparative Analysis

Love does not have a standard definition, love is not just a word, but so much more. The definition of love is defined by an audience’s familiarities with it, through experience, love is a changing entity. This essay will discuss what Arthur Marrotti meant by “love is not love” in Elizabethan sonnets (1982) in through the techniques used in Thomas Wyatt’s “The Love That in my Heart Doth Harbour”(1527), Sir Philip Sidney’s “Sonnet 1”(1580s), Mary Wroth’s “sonnet 1” from “Pamphilia...
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