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Space Exploration Essays

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The Peculiarities Of Space Mission To Mars

As the global population explosively grows over the past decades, the exhaustion of energy has become a hot topic among scientists. Thus, scientists started to care about the potential colonial life on another planet, the Mars. Whether there exists a biological or microbial life on...
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Space Is Not Worth The Money?

1.6 billion people are homeless in the world (“As Cities Grow, So Do the Numbers of Homeless.”). Something happened the other day that I can’t ever get out of my head. There was this guy that was probably in the war, he had one arm...
1 Page 575 Words

The Necessity Of Space Exploration

The words of Neil Armstrong echoed around the world when he took those first steps off Apollo 11, and onto the surface of the moon, untouched by man, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” This quote amplifies the exact reason...
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Why We Should Continue Space Exploration

Space investigation is important because it helps us understand more about the earth and things that happen on earth. The information we collect during space investigation can help us deal with problems on earth. It also helps us understand our place in the universe and...
1 Page 480 Words

Space Exploration: For Or Against?

Although exploring space provides a considerable amount of advantages, the continued investment of necessary resources remains under great controversy. In this essay, the term “space exploration” refers to the study of objects outside the earth using contemporary technology, while also devoting substantial investment to develop...
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How Can Space Exploration Benefit Humanity?

The planet in which we live in, is a beautiful miracle of nature. Ever since we started studying the universe, we still haven’t encountered another planet like Earth, able to support life. Unfortunately however, our beautiful world is not without problems. The more we learn...
4 Pages 1765 Words

Is Space Exploration Worth It?

The 12th of April, 1961, Yuri Gagarin completed his first orbit around Earth in the Vostok spacecraft taking the title of the first person to journey in outer space. Some 7 years later, Neil Armstrong touches down on the moon. Nearly 600 million people watched...
2 Pages 986 Words

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