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Sports Coaching – Team Sports: Coaching Male Or Female Athletes Requirements

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When being a sport coach, there are some coaching consideration for different sports and gender. For example, coaching individual and team sports differently, coaching gender affects athlete’s performance, coaching male and female athletes differently, and also coaching different level of athletes differently. In my point of view, I do believe coaching male or female athletes requires a change of coaching and communication methods based on the reason of the body structure, coachability, plus confidence differently.

First, coach requires a change of coaching when coaching male and female based on the body structure difference. Bio-psycho-social model of human development is a tool to understand the difference between male players and female players (Engel, 1977). Difference from coaching male and female are primarily intervened by the activity of major sex hormones, testosterone and oestrogen. These hormones create a more noteworthy generally muscle mass in men and a more noteworthy rate of body fat in ladies. In expansion, men’s bones tend to be longer; this makes a mechanical advantage in certain sports. In outright terms, these variables include up to a woman’s quality of approximately 66% of a weight-matched man. Among trained individuals, this distinction between men and women’s make the world record execution in running and swimming was diminished to around 10%. Moreover, about the risk of injury, particularly to the ACL, female has a high chance of getting hurt, as the Q- angle of female is larger than male. Female players have a slower speed in fatigue when comparing to the male in both running and weightlifting, plus also female has a faster recovery rate. So, when designing the training programme deliver to male and female, should be based on their body structure to design, to fulfill their needs, and minimize the accident rate.

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Second, coach requires a change of coaching when coaching male and female based on the coachability. On the whole, teaching female is more easy and in control than teaching male, female is more willing to learn new skills and technique, if the exercise can benefit to their sports performance. Female has more respect to their coach, they will listen to the coach and follow their instruction, rather than giving judgment or making their coaches prove they are credible (Janssen, 2008). Sometimes, male like saying something to against coach, to get people attention or even based on their aggressive attitude especially face to face training. So coach feel hard to handle those boys as boys do not love obey and respect to the head, when comparing to the female athletes.

Third, coach requires a change of coaching when coaching male and female based on the confidence differently. Female players mostly feel lack of confidence no matter in training or competition. For example, soccer superstar Mia Hamm, a few ladies tend to not allow themselves sufficient credit for the things they are great at. They trait their abilities and triumphs to luckiness instead of to their ability and difficult work. As some coaches have succinctly paraphrased, many women need to feel good in order to play well in sports. So, when you are teaching girls, you have to use a soft way, and give more praise to them, thus girls will have positive feeling and more confidence to play better in the game. On the other hand, based on the male hormones, male can gain confidence easily so as to excitation potential. Boys are able to stand out leading the team to a positive atmosphere. So the communication way of talking to male and female players should be different.


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