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Sports Vs. Culture

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It all starts of on the court. Where all the males players are picked first …. We must admit that although the quest for gender equality has gone leaps and bounds, discrimination on the basis of sex is still not considered unconstitutional. I’m getting tired of the novelty of the first female prime minister, the first female basketball coach, the first African American female to win an Oscar. When is the exception going to be the norm? How are young females going to look up and see someone just like them and prepare them for the future? We do not have enough female role models, we do not have enough impactful female leaders, to be frank we do not have enough females in power. Girls are brought up to learn that gender roles are already set, that men run the world, that men control the power, that men make the final decisions. It is always the men and has always been the men. When these young grown women come into the world who is going to tell them it doesn’t have to be like this and where better to do this than in sports.

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My fellow peers and graduates, I am not here to dictate what you should do but rather I am here to persuade and encourage you to take the first step to a brighter future for our fellow female graduates. For decades now men have been the coverage for sports news media, the forefront for all physical activities- whether its basketball, tennis, or cricket- they have been the face of sports for their natural athleticism and power. But how about our female athletes? For too long have they been robbed of their rights to play on the playing field as men, and for too long have they been stripped of their spotlight. CONTENTION cultural context

There are millions of females who play sports all around the world. They are coming out every day with great life skills and abilities, but wouldn’t it make a huge difference if we could teach them to watch how women can lead. You have a choice to take this path. This is a choice and an opportunity for this country to get to the point where 50 per cent of females are in power. We have right now, 22 percent of our board chairs made up of women, we have, 13 percent of women taking up the position as CEOs, and only 15 percent of female’s elite coaches across more than 60 Australian sports organisations. So yes, when you look at men’s sport 99 percent of jobs go to men, then why shouldn’t 99 percent in women’s sport goes to women. Maybe its because not enough females are taking up sports as a career, but people hire people who look like them and that’s the problem.

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