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Should Transgender Athletes Compete in Sports Essay

Why Transgender Athletes are Unfair? Just over a year ago, in June 2018, a 27-year-old South African ran a record-setting race at the World Championships. Her name is Caster Semenya. Sound familiar? That’s because Semenya is the fastest transgender athlete, or ‘trans-athlete’, of all time to compete in the 800-meter event. 12 months ago, Caster Semenya set a record less than one second short of the female record holder for that event, making her the fourth-fastest female to run the...
2 Pages 1109 Words

Gender Inequality in Sports Essay: History And Effects

Introduction to Gender Inequality in Sports Even though it is the 21st century, America is still not treating women and men as equals. There is a severe problem in the world of gender equality. It could be said that the issue is widening the gap between men and women, rather than closing. Within this inequality topic between men and women, the gender pay gap for athletes is a predominant problem. What would it take to resolve discrimination against sex in...
4 Pages 1963 Words

Competitive Sports Vs. Non-competitive Sports

The Essence of Competitive Sports Although sports are generally known as being the same, they can be distinguished into two distinct categories, competitive and non-competitive. Of course, every sport has some sort of competitiveness depending on the individual and the specific sport. Competitive sports are sports that require the maximum amount of profession an individual can do in order to be able to compete. In other words, it requires a great amount of physical effort (O’Donnell, 2019). These sports tend...
4 Pages 1648 Words

Why Team Sports Are Important

Introduction Team sports are important for many reasons including better physical and mental health, learning important life skills, developing social skills. There are many different types of team sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, touch football and lots more. Here is why I think team sports are important: Firstly, sports are known to improve people’s physical health, team sports help because making exercise a regular habit from a young age is a way to make sure that kids grow into...
1 Page 430 Words

Pros And Cons Of Individual And Dual Sports

Sports have significantly been commended because of the benefits it may entail to one who wishes to engage with it. Perhaps some of the most notable benefits would be a healthy physique and a positive mindset. This being said, one could be easily persuaded to choose a sport for themselves. However, among all the many sports recognized here in our country, which one would be best to consider? Generally, sports can be classified into three: individual, dual, and team. When...
1 Page 473 Words

Women And Men Compensation In Sports

The compensation gap between women and men spans almost every industry, and this also goes for sports (Olivia Abrams/ One of the highest-paid NBA players, Lebron James, will make $37,436,858 during the 2019-2020 NBA season while one of the highest-paid WNBA players, DeWanna Bonner, will only make $127,500 during this season ( While some say both men and women equally play and practice as hard for their team, critics say that men average more minutes than women in sports...
3 Pages 1318 Words

Gender Stereotyping In Sports: Reasons And Effects

When I play basketball, I always feel embarrassed by the fact that I’m playing a game that’s a lot more intended for guys, as they say. The guys would usually let me out of their way, or call me names like I’m a huge tomboy for playing basketball. I’ve been going through that for awhile and when I challenge them to a game and I win at the end, their reactions would be so embarrassed because someone like me, a...
2 Pages 841 Words

The Benefits Of Youth Sports

Sports are a great way for youth to engage in the nature and their surrounding or environment. By studying the history of sports, we can learn about the social changes we have gone through in the past, as well as the transformations that sports in itself has undergone (Sports and Child Development, 2016). During our youth, we develop skills to help us be successful in life. Young people develop crucial skills and characteristics when playing sports and interacting with their...
3 Pages 1435 Words

Women Representation In Sports

Sports is one of the most popular activities of mankind across the world. It is well valued between all ages, gender and races. However, in early years of modern Olympics, women were not well represented. Women participated for the first time at the 1900 Paris games only in tennis and golf. Then, women’s athletics and gymnastics started in the Olympics 1928. Through time, more women’s events were added. In 2012, women’s boxing was introduced, resulting with no remaining sports that...
2 Pages 918 Words

The Factors And Effects Of Communication In Sports

How does communication affect sports? There are many different types of communication that can affect sports, but the three main types are verbal communication, non-verbal communication and listening. These three are very important factors in communication and especially in sports. There are a couple areas I would have an image consultant work with me on. The first one is organizing. Organizing is when we sort and categorize information that we perceive based on innate and learned cognitive patterns. Three ways...
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Summer Sports vs. Winter Sports

While both Summer and Winter sports are Sports doing the same activity, they have differences in time, conditions and a plan strategy. But there are some clasic and general sports that are performed in both of season such as volleyball, basketball, football, ice hockey, skiing, indoor swimming, indoor tennis, etc. Whatever you can play the sport that you want whenever you want. The most important thing is be active and do sports. It’s healthy for your body and your mind....
2 Pages 916 Words

Why Golf Is A Sport

To many people golf is considered not a sport. The definition of a sport according to Cambridge English dictionary, “ A sport is a game, competition, or similar activity, done for enjoyment or as a job, that takes physical effort and skill.” (Roy) This definition describes and explains why golf is considered to be a sport. Golf can be enjoyed by anyone and has no age limit, golf is physically and mentally demanding. Golfers have to have a lot of...
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The Popularity Of Sports Gambling

Sports Gambling has taken the sports world by storm. Millions upon millions of dollars are being bet on sports games than ever before. It has become super popular among people in their late 20s all the way up to people in their 90s putting big money on the big games. The gambling on sports has become one of the most popular and exciting ways to enjoy athletic events and not everything you bet on has to do with human games....
3 Pages 1175 Words

Competitive Sports For Children: For Or Against?

Competitive sports is an issue that is hotly debated. The majority of communities in the United States offer some form of sports program of students. Competitive sports require kids to possess a strong mindset for the challenge they will face. Research shows that competitive sports build character.Competitive sports should be banned because sports are bad for kids mental health, injuries caused from competitive sports can affect your life, and competitive sports experience too much pressure for kids. Competitive sports impact...
2 Pages 781 Words

Why Animals Sports Should Be Banned

Since ancient times, Greeks and Romans used horses to compete and amuse people, as well as cultural traditions such as bullfighters in Spain. Mankind has used animals in all kinds of sport events, and these are some examples of how people take advantages of animals simply for their entertainment. We must understand that animals are living beings and may have feelings, such any human being. For this reason, they also deserve rights and any kind of sport and entertainment that...
1 Page 461 Words

The Correlation Of Sports & Politics

Sport is a very spread phenomenon today, its presence reflected on many levels, from the connections between sport and politics, sport and the media, the impact of sport on the economy of a society, connection with the local community, tourism, etc. Several international sports events, such as the Olympic Games, World Cups are of interest to millions of people, regardless of age, gender, race or social status. Therefore, sport plays a very important role in people’s lives. Sport has been...
2 Pages 794 Words

Sports and Money: Is Money Ruining European Football? Essay

Football is the world’s game. It is played by over 250 million players in over 200 countries. From the Turks and Caicos Islands to the Russian Federation. It has risen to become the best sport in the world because anyone can play all you need is a ball. The game has come a long way since 1869 but during the 1990’s the game changed dramatically. Suddenly TV deals brought the game to a new level, record transfer fees and wages....
2 Pages 987 Words

Sports Training: Latest Trends In High Level Sports (Volleyball)

Introduction History Volleyball has been one of the top team sports for both men and women. It has been around since the 1895 when it first started in United states. It was first named “Mintonette” developed as a sport derived from tennis and handball. Mainly it was a new sports shaped as a less rough version of basketball for older people. Because the rules of the game consist of serves, hitting and volleying, the name “volleyball” was given to it...
6 Pages 2524 Words

The Problem of Racism In Sports: Football And Boxing

Introduction A literature review is the process that critically analyzes various reports, books, writing and journal and find out methodological and theoretical concepts related to a specific topic or subject that has been discussed and on which the papers have projected their views (Hart, 2018). This literature review will discuss about the everyday racism in sports and the methods that can be applied to stop this. Racism in simple words is the belief of a particular race or nation that...
7 Pages 3143 Words

Sports Injuries: Causes And Preventions

Injuries in sports occur a lot more often than imagined. I chose to take this class because I wanted to learn more about the causes of these injuries, and how to prevent them for myself on the lacrosse field. When it comes to sports injuries, there are several ways to prevent them and make them heal faster, they are not just random. A belief of mine is if you take the right care of yourself and know what you’re doing,...
2 Pages 1013 Words

The Advantages Of Youth Competitive Sports

Many parents wonder if joining a highly competitive sports team is the right decision for their youth athletes. All over the news we see newscast after newscast of increasing childhood obesity and health related diseases such as diabetes. Given this reality, kids need to be educated on the need to be more physically active, and being on a sports team seems like a great way to stay healthy. It appears on the surface that children are happy and healthy as...
2 Pages 862 Words

Taekwondo Black Belt Essay

Introduction From the moment I stepped into the Taekwondo dojang, I knew that I had found my passion. The blend of physical discipline, mental focus, and spiritual development drew me in, and I embarked on a journey that would transform my life. Through years of training, countless hours of practice, and overcoming numerous challenges, I have reached the pinnacle of my Taekwondo journey: the coveted Black Belt. In this narrative essay, I will recount my personal journey to achieving this...
1 Page 665 Words

Should Protective Headgear Be Mandatory in Soccer: Essay

Introduction Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, attracting millions of players and fans alike. However, concerns about head injuries and their long-term consequences have sparked a debate on whether protective headgear should be mandatory in soccer. This essay will argue that implementing mandatory protective headgear in soccer is necessary to reduce the risk of head injuries, promote player safety, and ensure the long-term well-being of athletes. It will explore the potential benefits of protective headgear,...
1 Page 562 Words

Panyee Football Club Essay

Introduction The Panyee Football Club is a remarkable story of determination and resilience. Founded in 1986 by a group of young boys on the small Thai island of Koh Panyee, the club defied all odds by establishing a successful football team despite the lack of proper facilities and resources. This critical essay explores the significance of the Panyee Football Club and analyzes its impact on the community, the players, and the broader football landscape. Overcoming Adversity The Panyee Football Club’s...
1 Page 518 Words

My Favorite Sport Is Football: Essay

Introduction Football has been my favorite sport ever since I can remember. From the moment I watched my first game, I was captivated by the intensity, teamwork, and exhilaration that the sport offers. In this essay, I will share my personal journey and experiences as a football enthusiast, highlighting the reasons why football holds a special place in my heart. Early Encounters As a child, I vividly recall watching football matches with my family. The atmosphere in our living room...
1 Page 533 Words

Hiking Essay Example

Introduction Hiking has always been a cherished activity for me, allowing me to connect with nature and embark on thrilling adventures. One particular hiking trip stands out in my memory as the most exhilarating and transformative experience of my life. Join me as I recount the details of this unforgettable journey through rugged terrain and breathtaking landscapes. Body It was a crisp autumn morning when our group of hiking enthusiasts gathered at the trailhead. The air was filled with excitement...
1 Page 566 Words

Volleyball Is My Favorite Sport: Narrative Essay

Volleyball has been my passion ever since I was introduced to the sport in middle school. The first time I stepped onto the court, I was immediately captivated by the energy, teamwork, and exhilaration that volleyball offered. It quickly became my favorite sport, and over the years, it has not only provided me with countless hours of enjoyment but has also shaped me into the person I am today. I remember the first time I held a volleyball in my...
1 Page 635 Words

What Is Your Favourite Sport and Why: Essay

A hobby is a habit, activity, or favorite choice of a human, who regularly performs in leisure or extra time for pleasure, relaxation, and enjoyment. Everyone has different hobbies that he or she would like to do to have fun or relax. They can be physical activities such as jogging, soccer, swimming, and cricket. They also can be mental activities such as reading, witting, watching movies, playing with computers, traveling, etc. and they depend on the personality of everyone. For...
3 Pages 1555 Words

Narrative Essay on My Favourite Sport

Cricket is my favorite sport which I have played throughout my life and will still play till I can, this is a reason for choosing this topic. My targeted audience will be teenagers who are looking to join or improve their skills in cricket. Cricket is a game played with a bat and a ball, it’s the second-highest-watched sport after soccer. Every side has 11 players to play with, there are three formats T20, ODI, and Test. It’s played with...
2 Pages 858 Words

Football is My Favourite Sport Essay

Football is my favorite sport. But I think that it is the most addicting game in the world. It is a very interesting game. Also, this sport is played by two teams each having 11 players. This sport is known as soccer. Football is a fun game activity to play together with your friends or teammates. In addition, it is a local and international contest of this game playing in 90 minutes or they can be divided into two sections...
1 Page 413 Words
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