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Spreading Education from Youtube

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Education is about learning skills and knowledge. It also means educating or helping people how to do things. Education is an essential resource in the life of somebody that is really useful. Education distinguishes persons from other individuals. This empowers people and makes them deal with life problems. But in our nation schooling is always a privilege and not a need. Education consciousness has to be shared across the world in order to render knowledge accessible. But this vision remains incomplete without understanding the value of education, then citizens can know what it entails and then find it important for a decent lifestyle. (Placeholder2)

Is a tool to make one’s life easier. It is potentially the most significant tool for improving one’s life. Baby schooling starts at birth. It’s a gradual cycle ended in death. Education undoubtedly defines the nature of a person’s future. Education strengthens one’s awareness, abilities and improves mentality and personality. Perhaps notable of all, schooling impacts career chances for humans. A highly qualified person is expected to get a decent career as well. (toppr)

Education provides everyone awareness of the environment around us. It provides a view of looking at life inside us. It is the most important factor of the nation’s development. You wouldn’t try fresh concepts without learning. This means we would not be willing to improve the planet because there is no innovation without innovations and no country creation without innovation. (toppr)

Importance of Education

Education believed to be the most effective resource for reducing inequality and unemployment. This also brings prosperity to the world, because the greater the degree of literacy, the better the likelihood of growth. As it encourages to interact more and make choice use their experience. Education offers you resources for job development in order and increase quality of living. Education allows citizens autonomous of adulthood, because they are self-sufficient to gain a comfortable living. (the asian school)

Role of Education in Society

Education is the universal mechanism by which culture offers vital information to its citizens, including the concepts of essential data, work skills and cultural norms. One of education’s most important gains is that it enhances personal lives and makes the community work smoothly. Poverty can be removed by providing education and every citizen can make their contribution to the country’s growth. (the asian school)

Ways of Providing Education

Offline Education – Students are required to physically present in the learning location. Here the Proffessor / teacher delievers the lectures with respect to the topic in a lecture hall by gathering students at a particular place.

Online Education or E-Learning – the learning can be conducted through internet anywhere in the world . By recording lectures and uploading it on youtube channels or on websites. Example- YOUTUBE , WEBSITE, APP, etc

The versatility given is just another distinction. Learning online typically provides a more convenient time span. As a mentor, you can provide help via email or through an online chat program. Offline instruction usually takes place during working hours and doesn’t give the learner or the teacher as much versatility. (CPD)


YouTube is an interactive American video-sharing website. Stationed in San Bruno, California. The company was founded in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. The platform was acquired by Google in November 2006. Youtube currently acts as a division of Google. (wikipedia)

YouTube enables users to access, display, rate, post, attach playlists, track, comment on content, and other users to subscribe to. It offers a broad range of media videos that are produced by users and corporates. The material accessible comprises video clips, TV show images, music videos, short and feature films, voice files, film previews, live streams and other information, such as video tweeting, brief initial videos, and educational videos. (wikipedia)

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Individuals post much of the content on YouTube, however media companies like CBS, the BBC, Vevo, and Hulu provide some of their information via YouTube as part of the YouTube Collaboration Scheme. Unregistered users are only able to view (but not post) videos on the web whilst verified users are now authorized to post an infinite amount of videos and attach commentary to videos. Videos considered potentially offensive are only open to approved users, who appear to be at least 18 years old. (wikipedia)

YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) ) is a premium online subscription service providing advertising-free viewing of all YouTube-hosted material, unique original content created in conjunction with the developers of the platform, access to audio-only video downloads of the YouTube Music app, as well as offline storage and background storage of material on mobile devices. (dialogic learning)

The service was initially introduced as a Music Key in November 2014, providing only advertising-free downloading of music videos from the participating YouTube and Google Play Music labels. On 31 October 2015, the channel was revamped and relaunched as Twitch Red, widening its reach to provide advertising-free exposure to all YouTube content, as opposed to only songs. (Wikipedia)

Reasons Why YOUTUBE is the part of E-Learning

Integrating is genuinely simple. It’s an simple feat to connect YouTube videos to your eLearning course, thanks to the number of authoring resources and learning management systems out there. You can use YouTube videos to introduce a subject, clarify an online practice, inspire your learners, or simply expand your eLearning course’s content. (e-learning industry)

It can be used for creating an eLearning network, Everybody has a presence in YouTube as you already see for yourself. Using it as a forum for social learning provides you the ability to create a vibrant eLearning group where everyone can participate, contribute and express their views and ideas. (e-learning industry)

It is perfect for learning on the travel. It is made accessible across the YouTube network by uploading eLearning material to YouTube, which ensures that the learners can access it and watch it on the go from their smartphones and tablets, apps used in mobile learning. No matter how low the screen is, you can use YouTube as a forum not just for finding online video content, but also for posting presentations and encouraging you to join. (e-learning industry)

Enables micro-learning, How about the fast and successful YouTube tutorial videos? The use of microlearning videos ensures that complicated procedures and presentations of specific skills are provided in limited amounts which facilitate the retention of information. In fact, since YouTube is accessible for all platforms and encourages the learners to view longer eLearning videos in brief bursts, the audience can access the videos anytime they choose and take their own time to digest the knowledge that is being presented. (e-learning industry)

This promotes the development of note-taking skills. Note-taking skills are essential for both students and staff, as the ability to interpret knowledge and concentrate on key points helps cope with the modern world’s information overload. Using YouTube videos as part of your eLearning course helps the students to improve their note-taking skills by watching, rewinding and replaying the video content on YouTube until they have completely understood the meaning and main points. You may also build online tasks based on this, for example by having your learners to explain what they have just experienced in a particular time period on a video in a few terms. (e-learning industry)

Improves comprehension of complicated ideas, Some topics can be challenging to explain; the usage of YouTube as a virtual library to promote your eLearning material by allowing your learners exposure to its videos helps you to help clarify complicated concepts, processes and ideas. Videos are perfect for showing measures, so it can be profoundly successful to guide the audience through a process with a video clip, particularly in corporate training. Visual environments allow learners to quickly gain and maintain information, as well as to establish different skill sets, as presentation is the most efficient way to convey a message. (e-learning industry)

It enables learners to create their own YouTube videos, Finally, encouraging the learners to engage as part of an online community project in a video production can help them not only make sure they will utilize the valuable knowledge they have mastered, but also improve and strengthen their visual literacy and imagination. Try having specific instructions for them to know just what is required of them, as well as the training and services needed. You may also use their YouTube videos to enable the learners to share input, which encourages dialogue and enhances the acquisition of information. (dialogic learning)

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