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Starbucks and its Care for Employees during Coronavirus

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a pandemic which means that the virus has widespread over a whole country or the world. This problem not only affecting health of public but also has disrupted businesses and economies worldwide. Thus, the organization should play a big role in managing their human resource especially involving with their employee’s welfare in order to secure their employees well-being. One of the organizations that can be seen to value their employee well-being during this pandemic is Starbucks.

Starbucks is committed in managing their employee welfare by giving catastrophe pay. Starbucks offers catastrophe pay to any partner who had been diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19 or comes in close protracted contact with someone in their stores or household. Besides that, the catastrophe pay also available to the partner who experiencing symptoms even they have not be in known contact with someone who had been diagnosed by COVID-19. Starbucks also offers the pay to the partner who need extra precautions, such as those are 60 years old and above or who underlying health conditions. The full catastrophe pay benefits is for 14 days but if the employees are unable to return to work and additional pay replacement may be made up to 26 weeks.

Next, Starbucks also taking care of their employees around the world through emergency relief or in other words by making funds collecting. Starbucks contributed $10 million to establish the new Starbucks Global Partner Emergency Relief Program to support employee in company-operated and licensed retail store markets around the world who suffered from the COVID-19. Starbucks Global Partner Emergency Relief Program are available to retail partners in licensed store market through the Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF), Caring Unites Partners (CUP) Fund and Starbucks EMEA Partner Relief Fund. EAF is a public and non- profit organization designed to administer wide-ranging employee disaster relief. EAF is the fastest way to the employees either domestic or international that was being impacted by COVID-19 to receive financial assistance beside it is a low-cost model and had strategically curated systems while keeping compliant with GDPR and IRS regulations.

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Extending all the temporary benefit until May 3rd is also one of the things that Starbucks done to make sure their employee welfare. Rossann William announced that Starbucks will extend all temporary COVID-19 benefits until May 3, including Catastrophe Pay and Service Pay in a letter to the U.S employees. In that letter, she stated that the employee can used the Catastrophe Pay even the employee is cannot going to work either they are self-isolating or any other reasons as employee well-being is Starbucks priority. Starbuck’s employees who are healthy and choosing to go to work will continue to be pay additional $3 per hour with Service Pay. With the extended timeline, Starbuck also extended benefit such as childcare support through Care@Work and expanded Food/ Beverage Benefit and discount to the employees whether they are working a shift or not.

Besides that, Starbucks also implementing safety measure in the store in order to protect their employees’ health and safety. Starbucks has implemented social distancing operating model and expanded sanitizing and cleaning process on the public health official guidance to ensure a safe space for the employees who want to come to work. This safety measures include doubling down on cleaning, sanitizing and food safety practices to avoid the spread of all germs and encouraging social distancing actions by removing tables and chairs from the cafes to eliminate customer cluster besides modifying the condiment bar in all Starbuck’s store. Starbucks also changing their cash handling procedure which allowing gloves to the employees in these roles besides reducing the number of partners behind the bar to further the increase distancing between employees.

In conclusion, Starbucks had done various steps in order to make sure their employees’ welfare are reserved during the COVID-19. Starbucks continuously showing their support to their employees by taking various great step to help them in order to cope with this pandemic by giving a lot of help distribution such as catastrophe pay and extending all the temporary benefit to the employee in order to make sure that the employees are in good condition during the COVID-19. Starbucks had truly shown an example to the other organization and businesses to take steps in reserving not only to the employees but also to the community through the constant determination.

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