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Starbucks and Its Impacts on the Community

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A company’s effort is powerful. It can impact the sales, profits, recruiting employees and working ethics. A great company effort attracts people who want to work or do business with a company. By creating good opportunities at their company, it can inspire employees to be more productive and positive at work. It’s easy to see how the company makes an effort that impact the employees working with them.

Starbucks give importance in protecting their employees who are working under them. In compliance with their Global Human Rights Policy, Starbucks supports equal opportunity in the hiring process by making decisions on employment based solely on job related requirements and does not use forced labor. They do so by providing them with a safe healthy workplace which are free of all forms of harassment that includes sexual and racism issues. When Starbucks comes up with such progressive policies that implemented by their management so that everyone is treated equally and fair, the employees would feel safe to work with Starbucks.

Besides that, the employees would feel more valued when Starbucks creates more opportunities for them to grow. Starbucks creates an environment where any individuals can work with them despite of their abilities. When opportunities like this are created for them, those individuals won’t feel insecure about their self-esteem but they would be rather confident about themselves where they could work normally as everyone.

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Next, the employees will be acquired with new knowledge and skills required for their company. Starbucks management will encourage the employees to upgrade themselves with skills and drills provided by the company so that the employees who work with them have valuable experience. By doing this, the employees will get to apply the skills they learn from the courses they attend at their working place to improve their performance and to develop their future career as well. Therefore, when everyone is in it together, they will all make an effort to achieve their organizational goals.

Starbuck’s company impacts the community by purchasing organic coffee beans from the local farmers in order to support them by providing a better future and to have a stable climate on the planet. Although they purchase coffee beans from the farmers, they would perform a quality check that should meet the Starbucks high standard quality.

Finally, Starbucks look after the community by creating a place to manage waste, protect water quality, conserve water and energy while preserving the biodiversity by reducing agro-chemical use to protect the planet as well.

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