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Stephen Hawking's Biography And Discoveries

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Stephen hawking was born on the 9th of January 1942 in Oxford, United Kingdom and lived with his Mum, Dad, brother and two sisters. He started his career at Cambridge university where he was a Lucosian professor of mathematics. His life was a fairly normal life until 1963 when he was diagnosed with a type of motor neuron disease which is where your muscles stop working properly overtime. The only way he was able to speak was through a sensor that activated a muscle so he could type characters on his keyboard which would read out what he typed. He gained some Success from his book a brief history of time. He passed away 14th of March 2018. Although his life was not without achievement, during his time as a scientist he was most well-known for his knowledge of things out of this world. In 1974 he was honoured with the Albert Einstein medal and then in 1988 the wolf prize. He always aspired to go to space and it late 2017 he finally got the green light to go but due to his unfortunate passing he never got the chance.

Stephen Hawking’s most significant discovery was that quantum effects allow black holes to admit black hole radiation, now known as Hawking Radiation. When a black hole releases radiation it slowly shrinks the black whole and eventually overtime the black whole will evaporate. This was a massive step in the science department as they could really look into how black holes form and how they really work. The really amazing thing about this discovery was how he made it even though he was diagnosed with his disease and was unable to move his muscles, this was a massive for the science world and for Hawking’s confidence. This was is one of the most important scientific discoveries in the space subject. Due to this discovery Stephen hawking was one of the most well-respected scientists in the world once the word got out. Ever since the discovery of how black holes where able to break down and disappear the investigation of black holes are way more understandable, for example the largest black hole which is in the milky way will vanish in around 100 billion years.

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To this day scientists are attempting to build and work around with Stephen Hawking’s discovery of quantum physics, which are the roots of physics relating to something very small. Due to his discovery of black holes and quantum physics the study of outer space makes a lot more sense than it did in the early 1960’s. Scientists haven’t needed to improve on Stephen hawking’s discoveries as they were practically full proof and without any need to construct on. It was also because of his book (which was the bestselling science book of all time) that allowed not just scientists but every other person who read his book gave them an insight to how space worked which was truly ground-breaking at that point.

Stephen Hawking’s changed the way everyone thought about science and to this day his discoveries still amaze us all. Because of what he did people of all ages have been educated properly about how space, black holes and even quantum physics (that one would be for older ages though). He is also known worldwide through just about everybody. As well as being one of the greatest scientists of all time Stephen hawking was also very popular with society. He was featured on shows such as The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory on multiple occasions due to his large popularity in the science world and he quickly become very loved among the world and not just the science community. When he passed everyone was devastated but some of his last words were truly inspiring and something no one will ever forget. “look up at the stars not down at your feet” and “humanity is destined for disaster or the stars”. People treated this as a warning but something everyone needed to hear. Stephen had felt something was wrong with him a few weeks before he passed so he knew that his time was almost up. Stephen Hawking’s Legacy is something that no one will ever forget any time soon, his knowledge for quantum physics and black holes continue to assist with modern scientists today and his story of how he continued to do what he loved despite being in the condition he was, when his doctor told him he only had 2 years to live after he was diagnosed is truly inspiring to everyone. His legacy will definitely not be forgotten, and his story will be passed down for generations, he will be remembered as one of the greatest scientists of all-time, students will learn about his amazing journey through out the next years.

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