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Stereotyping, Prejudice, And Discrimination

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Hostile or negative attitudes toward people in a particular group are called prejudice. Perhaps one of the worst and most stubborn qualities of human nature is that the capacity to feel hatred towards the outlier and to be prejudiced.The behavioral expression of prejudice is discrimination. Discrimination is a process that involves the whole of negative attitudes and behaviors that are fueled by prejudices against a group or members of the group.

In the covid-19 outbreak, which is the agenda of our lives starting in 2019, many different scenarios were derived about how the virus came out, but the most well-known scenario is that the Covid-19 outbreak, as a result of eating bats habits of the Chinese, caused a bat-transmitted virus to spread all over the world. After the spread of this epidemic, a pandemic was declared, and everyone was quarantined for about 1 year, which led to a number of prejudices. Because people believed that the virus originated from the Chinese, they created prejudices in their minds against the Chinese and China. They wanted to get away from that area when they bump into with a Chinese while walking down the road, driving on a bus. Sometimes they even risked turning to mass areas to avoid being close to the Chinese. They were excluded because they ate bats, dogs, insects, and beings that, according to us, should not be eaten, which are the traditional food of the Chinese. In the process, they were not even allowed to enter some restaurants. Doing something about a situation in which a person develops a particular attitude creates the behavioral aspect of attitudes. If a person’s attitude is positive, this person will approach this situation positively and show a closeness to it to support it.

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However,if the attitude of the person is negative, words or behavors such as criticizing and harming the situation will occur. Because of the negative behavior and insults made to the Chinese in the process, the Chinese were exposed to cultural discrimination, a type of discrimination. Cultural discrimination is a type of discrimination based on the separation of one culture’s value judgments from other cultures. The Chinese have quite different cultural characteristics that the world is not so accustomed to and does not embrace. They are subjected to cultural discrimination as a result of their food choices and the fact that the food they ate is not considered appropriate by other cultures. For example, they faced this cultural discrimination because they caused a virus that affects the world as a result of eating bats.

The cognitive, behavioral, and emotional components all feed each other. We are quite used to prejudging and discriminating against anything that is contrary to us, but we lack empathy enough to understand the pressure that it puts on the person or community that we are discriminating against. If we want to live in peace and tranquility, we will have to get our prejudices out of our minds and learn to empathize.

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