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Still I Rise and A Caged Bird: Critical Analysis of Maya Angelou's Works

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Still I Rise

This famous poem still I rise was created by Maya Angleou in 1978, the poem still I rise is supposed to be on the theme of racism and gender, as in the text you can easily hear how hurtful and hateful these words are that were used against Maya, all throughout the poem Maya writes down everything that she has been told and called throughout her life, disgusting depressing put down comments. But Maya tells us that she shall carry on no matter how hurtful the words are.

The tone of the poem or the expression the poem is giving us is inspiring I guess she also has angry confidence, and self confidence would also be involved in the poem. Maya is trying to get the words out there to tell the people that try to put her down that she will not fall because of their unkind words.

The vocabulary that Maya used in her poem would be very effective as she uses quite a lot of strong words I guess quite a bit of hyperbole was used in this text, the words Maya uses really impacts the poem as it makes you feel what she has been feeling what she had gone through. But if she used boring text not words that explained it enough no one would enjoy it. May does use repetition in the end too which flows very nicely with the poem.

The Techniques used in this poem are Metaphors and similes for example in one part she says “But still, like air, I rise” no matter how much hatred words or anything that she would get harmed by Maya will always rise and win over the challenges used on her just as air will always rise.

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A caged bird

I know why the caged bird sings written by Maya Angelou in 1969, this is the first out of the seven-volume series and is based on Maya life or as many call, it autobiography. It has been said that it is a so-called coming age that shows us how strength and the love of literature can overcome hatred, racism and trauma. The explanation of the caged bird side of things is based on how Maya, unfortunately, turns from victim to racism but chooses to ignore the hatred and continue to write.

This poem has the tone of sympathy for the bird that can’t soar through the sky and feel the wind beneath his wings. The imprisoned bird (the caged bird) expresses or feels his dream to soar and feel the wind beneath his wings even with the chains on him. So, I guess this poem is persevering or sorrowful

The vocabulary in this poem would be very effective as it kind of puts you in their shoes, to feel what the caged bird feels, makes you feel I guess lucky for what we have and to never give up no matter the occurrences that you have been in or are in right now.

The technique used in this poem is a metaphor found when she compares wind with water, as the way she explains using downstream and current makes people think of the sea or ocean with the tides.

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