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Strega And Gothic Architecture

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For theme selection, I deeply researched on internet, magazines and design related books and then I finalized the theme by merging two themes, Strega fashion and gothic architecture. I merged these two themes because I wanted to add different elements in my final collection garments and I thought it will look great and different at the same time if I would use elements of two different theme and come out with one new element which I would use in my garments


Strega fashion is used to describe ‘modern witch’ style. Witches do exist and can wear whatever they want to wear, but the style of witches has grown up a lot. Mostly the style is in monochrome black or with minor touches of muted, other colors. As long as it’s dark and ‘witchy,’ it’s Strega.

Strega fashion is very famous in Japanese, Mori Kei fashion which is all about a cutesy, cottage-in-the-woods which they use black color palette with darker accessories. Muted tones of grey, deep dusky red, and plum could be great additions to a Strega look. But it’s always better if there is more black than any other color. Other than this, not a lot of patterns are used in Strega fashion, we can use layering of fabrics which allows to add detail in garment without adding a lot of colors or patterns. We can also use fabrics of different textures.

There are a number of reasons why I was really interested in this kind of fashion. First off of all, it’s pretty gender neutral. Strega in particular is very easily masculine, feminine, or androgynous. It’s also quite flexible. Secondly, it’s pretty modern and also practical for daily wear. The amount of layering and cozy materials also makes it perfect for the autumn and winter months.

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Gothic Architecture

The term ‘Gothic style’ states the style of European architecture, which consists of different sculpture, a lot of panel, different painting, stained glass and other minor and small arts. Gothic art was developed in Northern France out of Romanesque art which was style of medieval art in the 12th century AD. The period is divided into Early Gothic (1150-1250), High Gothic (1250-1375), and International Gothic (1375-1450).

Some of the characteristics of Gothic architecture are large areas of glass, structures made from stones, a lot of columns, complicated sculptures, sharped pointed edges, and flying buttresses. One of the other main characteristics of gothic architecture is the pointed arch.

List of some of the Gothic Artists


  • Andrea Pisano (1295-1348)
  • Nicholas of Verdun (fl.1181-1210)
  • Nicola Pisano (1206-78)
  • Filippo Calendario (pre-1315-1355)
  • Tino di Camaino (fl.1323-37)
  • Tilman Riemenschneider (c.1460-1531)


  • Cimabue (Cenni di Peppi) (1240-1302)
  • Master Honore (fl.1288-1300)
  • Duccio di Buoninsegna (c.1255-1319)
  • Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337)
  • Ambrogio Lorenzetti (fl.1319-48)
  • Simone Martini (1285-1344)

Gothic Fashion

Gothic fashion is a clothing style consists of mysterious, dark and edgy features. These clothes are worn by members of the Goth subcultures. Typical gothic fashion consists of a pale skin tone along with colored black hair, black lips, black accessories and black clothes.

The concept behind merging these two themes; Strega fashion and gothic architecture was making modern clothes which were inspired from Strega fashion, and to add different shapes and panels from using elements from gothic architecture so, that’s why I decided to merge this theme; Strega fashion with gothic architecture. Second reason of selecting this theme was that I wanted to make my final collection in dark colors especially black so this theme was perfect for me. There was a lot of black color in Strega fashion and I could easily add a lot of different elements from gothic architecture. I though all black garments would look modern and witchy at the same time which would represent my theme perfectly.

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