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Stress Management and Nurse Burnout Syndrome

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Nursing is a particularly high-stress profession, emotionally challenging and physically draining, with a high occurrence of burnout. In addition to the negative effects of stress on nurses’ health and well-being, stress is also a major contributor to attrition and common shortages in the nursing profession. Stress, which can lead to depression and burnout, is an epidemic in nursing, but no one will talk about it. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative (INQRI), “nurses experience high stress and clinical depression at twice the rate of the general public” (2016).

Stress affects 9% of everyday citizens, but 18% of nurses experience symptoms of depression and stress. A study will be conducted to explore the following idea, “In registered nurses who work in busy city hospitals, do the nurses who practice stress management compared to the nurses who do not practice stress management have a decreased level of burnout syndrome?” A quantitative research study will be conducted using nurses who work at a local inner city hospital in North Philadelphia, that work in the ICU, med surg, and Covid floors. An evaluation of recent literature will be reviewed that outlines this nationwide issue. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of stress management for nurses who practice these skills, as opposed to the nurses who do not use stress management to avoid burnout. This study may result in better coping skills for nurses who work in busy city hospitals, who deal with the stresses of being burnt out.

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Stress and burnout are perceptions that have sustained the attention of nurses and researchers for several years. These perceptions are highly relevant to the workforce in general and nursing in particular. Both quantity and quality of nursing care may be unpleasantly affected by stress and burnout. Registered nurses working in busy hospitals who perceived high levels of work-related stress were rated lower in work performance by supervisors and colleagues. According to the Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research (2013), “stressors in the workplace may result in a burnout syndrome and burnout results in low productivity”. Burnout syndrome is the continuous exposure to work-stress associated with poor working conditions, in which pleasure and work performance decrease (Gasparino 2015). According to the World Health Organization, mental health can be considered as a state of well-being in which the person is able to use their own resources and abilities to recuperate from the stress of everyday life, without compromising productivity. Stress is a system of adaptation of the individual to any unanticipated situation and arranges them for a quick and effective action.

Thus, nursing is one of the most stressful professions. It is common to see burnout syndrome in health experts, especially in the field of nursing (Markwell 2015). Some experts are able to deal with the symptoms, but those who don’t adjust to the long-term working surroundings, inadequate number of professionals, and poor communication tend to feel physically and emotionally wiped out (Darban 2018). For nurses, burnout reduces the capability to provide care. Every day, nurses face the dilemma of being human, empathetic, and sensitive, in a work environment of many responsibilities.

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