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Stroop Effect Essays

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Research of The Features and Mechanisms of Stroop Effect

The studies evaluated in this paper all correspond to the Stroop effect, either by directly studying the effect or by determining the mechanism through which it occurs. The Stroop Effect is experienced when a written word differs from the color it is written in, and can be understood as a delay in reaching a correct response when presented with mismatching word and color combinations. J. Ridely Stroop was the man who first introduced the Stroop effect, coined after his own...
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Psychology Report: Experiment on Stroop Effect While Naming the List of Colors

This study is focused on the Stroop effect , this was formed by John Ridley Stroop, where they asked participants a list of colours in the same colour ink and a list of colours in different colour ink. The hypothesis for the study is ‘That it takes more effort to recall colours than of words’. The main study that link to this study is by James McKeen Cattell in 1886, who after doing the experiment, suggested that word reading is...
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A Report on The Evaluation of The Stroop Effect

The Stroop Colour and Word Test effect on its basis is one of the most well-known and long-lasting phenomena in all cognitive science and psychology. Having been first reported by John Ridley Stroop in 1935, the phenomena explains the degree of difficulty people have with naming colour of the ink rather than the word itself (Stroop, 1935). More specifically, it assesses the ability to inhibit cognitive interference, which occurs when the processing of a stimulus feature affects the simultaneous processing...
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Identifying Stroop Effect at Reading and Color Naming: Analytical Essay

Apparatus Standardized instructions were read to participants prior to the experiment, ensuring the instructions were understood. In addition to word lists (see Appendix A), which were required to carry out the experiment and provide participants with stimuli. The sets of cards (reading and writing conditions) each had 80 words (8 rows of 10), letter strings or X’s printed on one side (font style and size Arial black 14). Cards used in the control conditions (testing reading and naming accuracy) either...
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Attention Processing and The Impact of Stroop Effect

Considering the stroop effect, automaticity, and the different types of attention- their relationships can help researchers better understand the cognitive processes activated in order to correctly identify the desired stimulus. In recent years, researchers have dedicated time studying attention and the different types, focused and divided. Attention is defined by the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary as being the act or power of carefully thinking about, listening to, or watching someone or something (Attention). Focused attention is one’s ability to be...
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Analytical Essay on Stroop Effect: Experiment on Reaction Time of Kids

Rationale My pilot study is going to be based on the Stroop effect. This test is to test is to see how well it works on kids and to see their reaction time. The Stroop effect was discovered by John Ridley Stroop in 1935. John Stroop found out that when a name of a colour is written in a different ink colour people take time to guess what colour is it. In other words, the Stroop effect is the delay...
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Experiment on Emotional Stroop Effect: Analytical Essay

Abstract In a class experiment a mindfulness exercise was used to investigate the effects it would have on attention. Before the mindfulness exercise was carried out an emotional stroop test was taken by all participants and again after the mindfulness test to investigate the effects. Participants were given a mindfulness test or a relaxation test to also investigate if either exercise will make a difference. The results obtained from the experiment indicated that the mindfulness test did have an effect...
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Possibilities of Occurrence of Stroop Effect: Analytical Essay

Abstract In most people, proficiency in language takes precedence over cognition of individual words and letters contained therein. Therefore, when an individual is presented with a random name, there can read it instantaneously without thinking. The brain can respond automatically to the name and the response time is considerably short. If the same person is presented with the word of one color but written in a different color, the reaction is the same. The brain recognizes the word first, and...
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