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Student Loan Debt Essays

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Growing Problem of The Student Loan Crisis in the United States: Analytical Essay

The growing problem of the Student Loan Crisis in the United States is driving incoming college freshman away from pursuing further education. Student loan debts cause young adults to question their future, wondering if a college education is worth carrying a huge student debt burden. Coming from a personal experience, I know when applying for colleges I was, and still am, afraid of how my student debt will affect my life after I graduate. I believe all student loans in...
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Considering Student Loan Debt As a Problem: Argumentative Essay

Many students today are faced with an unending monthly payment of school debt. 44,200,00 Borrowers owe $1,520,000,000,000 in student loan debt and the question is how did we end up here? How did we let this happen to our society where so many people owe money for seeking an education? Fact is, is that our government and money lenders make it extremely easy to acquire student loan debt. According to Experian data, the student loan debt has increased by 116%...
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Argumentative Essay on Student Loan Debt: Critical Analysis of Problems

Student Loan Debt the fear of many young adults that are going to proceed their education and attend college/university. As you begin high school you are introduced to the world of being a young adult that comes along with many responsibilities and a glance of what your future might await academically meaning your college or university of choice. Although the tuition may be very expensive, some students have the advantage that they don’t have to worry about it but there...
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Three Major Problems Concerning Student Loan Debt: Opinion Essay

My main goal in this essay is to present to you three major problems (in my opinion and based from the research I have done) that student loan debt is having on an immense amount of people that we live amongst. To achieve this goal, I organized my essay into four main sections. Two of which include sub-sections. In the first section, I presented three valuable factors that I believe student loan debt is having on individuals. Those factors include...
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Student Loan Debt Crisis: Analytical Essay on Negative Consequences

Looking into the student loan debt crisis I found that the total student loan debt in the U.S. is $1.52 trillion. The average student loan debt for borrowers is $31,172 and the time it takes these borrowers to pay off their debt can be from around 10 to 30 years. We can see from this graph that the overall cost of college has increased 145% since 1971, while the median household income has only increased by 28% (Issa) which tells...
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Student Loan Debt as a Major Problem in the United States

Student loan debt is one of the biggest problems in the United States at the moment. There are 1.6 trillion dollars of debt in the country and 44 million are in debt. That’s an average of $36,364 per person. College debt only started in the 80s and it grew very rapidly when President Ronald Reagan made cuts to social programs. Today, student loan debts are persistent because of lack of funding from the state governments. Student loan debt is a...
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The Issue of University Fees in Australia

Within the next year, a majority of the people in this room will already owe roughly $20,300 in debt, a debt that will take roughly 9 years to pay off. How in the world can an eighteen-year-old accumulate this much in debt, you may ask? Well, the answer is – university fees. This debt, along with the cost of living increasing more and more by the minute, has left us young people option less in regards to our futures, having...
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Student Loan Debt as a Current American Problem

Many high school graduates and young adults often feel pressured to pursue a college degree or attend college for the ‘experience’ itself. However college tuition is at an all time high and student loan debt is at its peak so much so it’s drawing the country’s attention. People like Josh Kirdy a college graduate, are hustling to try and keep up with their student loan debt. When Josh is not laboring as an assistant retail manager which he does full...
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Student Loan Debt and Its Diverse Future Consequences

In modern-day society, a post-secondary degree is needed to compete for a well-paying job in the labour market. Higher education is viewed as a necessary long term financial investment to better oneself in their career, however, in reality, it is often a financial risk for students. Student loan debt is an unfortunate norm for many students who choose to pursue post-secondary education. Tuition for higher education is quickly increasing, and as this incline continues, many students are unable to pay...
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Student Loan Debt Crisis and Ways to Prevent It

Loans taken for the right reason and used efficiently are beneficial to students. Most loan debt crisis among students arises when the borrowed funds are taken for the wrong reasons and also because of poor financial planning. There are various reasons why students take loans, one being to cater for their living expenses. The cost of living in colleges and campuses has increased over the last few years. Students who study in big cities have to face the high cost...
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Student Loan Debt Isn’t a Myth

These days, it is common knowledge that university is luxurious. Most who attend college should take out student loans to even have enough money it. Although some agree with the scholar loan debt disaster is solely fictional, the pupil loan disaster need to no longer be taken into consideration a fable like Chris Lewis and Layla Zaidane propose of their article ‘Here’s Your Crisis: Student Loan Debt Isn’t a Myth’. Due to economic aid and college students not taking gain...
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