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Students' Access to Credit Cards

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Credit card, small plastic card including a means of identification such as a signature or picture, authorizes the person named on it to charge goods or services to an account for which the cardholder is billed is periodically. Using credit card is really beneficial because you have the opportunity to effectively control your payments which is one of the best advantages of owning and using credit card. When the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act was put into practice in 2010, it limited the ability of anyone under age 21 to qualify for a credit card; however, for the restrictions that have been placed on students, I personally believe that they have the rights to be permitted for owning and using credit card.

First and foremost, students do not have to bring their cash along with them when they are out in public places. Accordingly, we all know that carrying too much money is not really a good idea as you might face robbery or crime, commonly, when you are walking along the street. For instance, Troy University student was robbed at gunpoint on the 13th of September, 2018, and the robber took the wallet from the student as he was walking along the way to the university. Furthermore, students will feel insecure and unsafe because they keep seeing the crime and robbery, and they have no choice because they have to spend their money at shops, schools, markets, gyms, or other public places; more importantly, all the bad people out there, the thieves, and robbers, will assume that the students tend to bring their cash with them, so the thieves and robbers will take more actions on the students; that is why the students of any ages, for their safety, should be eligible for a credit card.

Being a student at a university, controlling your payments is really crucial for you and your academic purposes. Likely, students have to pay for their school fees, equipment, clothes, and subsidiary services which are also included in their process of educating. College students need to manage their money differently nowadays than they have in the past, as they have more a lot of things, they have to spend their money on; in addition, managing your spending well is not only a good habit to learn but it also contributes to future financial success. As you can see, keeping track of spending the money will be so perplexing. Apart from these confusing payments, if students own a credit card and be able to use its service well, they can spend on whatever they need academic headways; they will be able to finalize their payments with clear date and time of payments and what they spend on. This is really one of the benefits, which is provided by credit card.

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Using credit card is not only advantageous for students but also their guardians. With credit card, it provides a wide range of services, and one of which gives the students’ parents, to keep track of their children’s spending; it is to make sure that the students spend their money on the right purposes and supportive to their studies. In college life, the students are given almost unlimited freedom and barely any responsibility, and that is why some students tend to focus on their lifestyles, value their brands rather than study equipment, prefer eating out to eating in, and ignore financial aid opportunities. As mentioned, they are given almost unlimited freedom but not unbounded freedom, meaning that their spending and some processes are still being tracked by their guardians to make sure that they spend their money precisely right, and they can make sure that their children will not go any further. For example, they might involve using drugs or other foul plays. On top of that, to manage this problem well, credit card really assists with handling this issue.

There are also subsidiary services that students might get from using credit card. One of which is the chance of getting cash back when they pay for any services like shops, restaurants, and so on. Discover it Student Cash Back is a service dispensed by Discover Credit Card, which allows students to get reward rate of percentages when paying as they can get 5% cash back in rotating categories each quarter like gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and more, up to the quarterly maximum each time you activate. Over and above that, people have chances of getting cash back in any platforms because there are many types of credit card that every single person in different society can demand one. In early 2015, a study by Student Monitor found that 23 percent of college students had a credit card in their own.

Some people still insist that students under their 21 should not be allowed to own and use credit card. One thing is that, in the use of credit card, no matter how much money remains in your account, the students can spend as much as they want, and they will pay at the end of each month; consistently, they will end up overspending because their parents will not be watching and tracking their discharges and transactions. However, students should be able to impress their freedom and individuality, including managing and spending their own financial properties. Moreover, with credit card, it really facilitates not only students’ lives but also their academic procedures; plus, these soon-to-be-educated students will know how to handle and govern their belongings.

To sum up, credit card really advances people’s live styles by supplying an abundant of comforts and satisfaction. Removing the age restrictions on using credit card may seem inappropriate, but, at the same time, students will know how to be on their own; they will learn the financial literacy along with their process of educating. Finally, I stand with the idea which people aged under 21 are able to be qualified for credit card for several advantages.

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