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Students And Teachers Views On Homework

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I have always wondered about homework and why it is necessary. I chose homework as my research project and read a book, a website, created a poll and survey, as well as conducted a personal interview with a fellow student at my school.

Throughout my search I learned that it is not only teachers who do not understand the circumstances of a student, but also the curriculum and their given time to teach it. There has to be a understanding on both the teacher and the students side in order to make homework fair.

One of my questions was basically asking if teachers being given too much work to teach their students in a school year? In a website about the right amount of homework I learned that many of the curriculums given to teachers are intended to be finished in one year although many are not. I also read that many teachers believe that homework is beneficial, but it also has many downfalls such as disencouragement of education and learning outside of school.

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Another question of mine was because of the time in a school day and so much work being sent home, should they extend the amount of school days in a year, or extend the amount of time in a school day? This would be to help get the work finished in class without intruding upon a students personal time. In my poll about homework circumstances, eleven out of thirteen people believed that they did not have enough time for homework or it stressed them out in some type of way. This helped me come to the conclusion that students simply do not have the time for homework on a regular basis, but I do not believe the school times should be increased because students have other social things to do. Students want lives!

One more question I had was if teachers considered a student personal or social lives? I conducted a survey of questions about homework and many students explained a teachers view on a students life is all different, but that they may not care or have sympathy for a students free time or social life. This helped me to better understand that I as a student along with many other students all similarly believe teachers should better consider the life of a student.

I also had the question of, do teachers understand the pressure of work and social lives of both being balanced by a student,and if they ever experienced the same thing? I conducted a personal interview with Wendi Hernandez on February 11, 2019, and she believed that all teachers are different but many of them believe their class is a priority as opposed to anything else in a students life, and they may not have had the pressure kids in school have today considering that times are constantly changing, and education and technology go along with it as well. This all changes the way kids learn today completely. We have new technologies such as computers, online classroom systems, new work sources, and more. This work could be considered way more challenging than the way our teachers or parents have ever experienced.

In conclusion to all that by researching homework through websites, polls, surveys, and fellow students I believe that many teachers should rethink the amounts of out of class work that they give, and maybe take time to better understand the life in this day and age.

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