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Essay on Classroom Observation

5 Pages 2139 Words
This assessment focuses on a critical reflection on how game-based pedagogy can be used to facilitate High-Quality Teaching and Learning (HQTL). This is an attempt to find out which techniques and approaches work best for the students; mainly Year 2 (Key stage 1) and Year 5 (Key stage 2) as these are the only classes I teach. Quantitative research was...

Essay on Physical Education Philosophy

5 Pages 2316 Words
Introduction To provide a clear context for this assignment, the focus will be on the question “How are the changing values and visions of Physical Education reflected within new curricula?”. To answer this question, there will be a clear outline as to what curriculum is, a view on why it needs to be considered and then will state the importance...

High School Classroom Observation Essay

3 Pages 1185 Words
Research Methodology For my primary data, I’ve chosen to utilize a structured survey which, I handed out to 5 years 6 students at Auburn Public School and 10 years 7 students at Auburn Girls High School and conducted an observation of my siblings. Survey undertakers were notified that the survey would be completely confidential and that their privacy would be...

Essay on My Classroom Observation Experience

4 Pages 1889 Words
Over time, research has been conducted both in laboratories and classrooms to investigate how learners learn, which in turn can be considered to establish effective teaching approaches. However, these are variable and can shift as we learn more about theories and research into how learning takes place (Pritchard, 2013). For this assignment, the practitioner observed a child examine how they...

Essay on Physical Education Equipment

2 Pages 910 Words
Case Study This study that was conducted is about the conditions the equipment and facilities in athletics, intramural programs, and physical education are in. From the study that was conducted, four trends emerged. The four trends are as follows: 1. In comparison with the 14 equipment cases, the larger number of 60 facility cases is significant, 2. The number of...

How to Switch Classes in Elementary School: Narrative Essay

1 Page 533 Words
Introduction: Elementary school is a time of discovery, learning, and forming friendships. However, there are moments when we yearn for change and new experiences. This narrative essay recounts my personal journey of switching classes in elementary school, highlighting the excitement, challenges, and growth that accompanied this decision. The Spark of Curiosity: In the midst of routine and familiarity, a spark...

Birth Control in Schools Essay

1 Page 636 Words
Another reason LARCs should be offered in public schools is that it makes birth control more accessible and, as public schools are state-funded, it can make birth control easily affordable or even free to teens. One great contributor to teen pregnancy rates is income. The rate of unplanned pregnancy is disproportionally higher in economically disadvantaged communities, which may be due...

Four Pillars of NHS Essay

1 Page 575 Words
The National Honor Society (NHS) is a prestigious organization that recognizes outstanding high school students who have excelled in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Established in 1921, NHS promotes and celebrates the values of academic excellence, community engagement, and personal integrity. In this essay, we will explore the four pillars of NHS and their significance in shaping...

National Junior Honor Society Character Essay

1 Page 545 Words
The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a prestigious organization that recognizes and celebrates middle school students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. While all four pillars are essential, character plays a particularly critical role in shaping the character of young individuals and preparing them for future success. Character is the foundation upon...

Veterans Day Speech for Middle School

1 Page 601 Words
Ladies and gentlemen, teachers and fellow students, Today, we gather here to honor a group of extraordinary individuals who have played a vital role in shaping the world we know today—our veterans. Veterans Day is a day when we come together to express our gratitude, remember their sacrifices, and learn valuable lessons from their experiences. As we stand here in...

Veterans Day Speech for Elementary School

1 Page 591 Words
Hello, boys and girls! Today, we gather here to talk about something very special—Veterans Day. It's a day when we come together to say thank you to some incredible people called veterans. Now, you might be wondering, "What's a veteran?" Well, a veteran is someone who was in the military, like the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. They are...

Persuasive Essay on Convincing Someone to Stay in School

1 Page 621 Words
Education is often referred to as the key to unlocking a world of opportunities. While it's true that the path through school can be challenging at times, the long-term benefits far outweigh the temporary struggles. Convincing someone to stay in school is not just about completing assignments; it's about investing in a brighter future, gaining essential skills, and securing a...

Essay on Going to School as a Refugee

4 Pages 1869 Words
Canada, more than ever before, has come to be known as a land of refuge for those fleeing their homelands due to war, economic hardship, and environmental disaster (Government of Canada, 2016a). As of January 29, 2017, 40,081 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2017). This number is mainly comprised of women and children and,...

The Issue of School Finance: Persuasive Essay

2 Pages 1128 Words
“The last thing that should happen is funding cuts for education; it should be increased. We need to put more money towards education, and anything else is abusive” (Flea). This extract is one of the numerous heavily backed-up intellections about why financing schools needs to be a priority. The topic of school finance is a critical issue, the benefits of...

Essay on Models of Discipline in the Classroom

1 Page 562 Words
When choosing the two discipline theorists and their models from this week’s readings, care was taken to ensure that they were from two different approaches in the belief that this would make them easier to contrast, discuss, and therefore, agree or disagree with. This proved not to be the case. Positive and negative aspects from both were relatively easy to...

Positive Discipline Essay

4 Pages 1944 Words
I am a kindergarten teacher working at the Early Birds Kindergarten, Nursery and Childcare Centre. This kindergarten provides children with the highest quality of care and education to focus on their personal development and offer a well-balanced curriculum to meet their needs. It provides service for children aged 2 to 6 from different background and ethnicity. There is a large...

Critical Thinking Reflection Essay about a Class

5 Pages 2487 Words
Critical Reflection on Learning Developing the proposal on increasing intrinsic motivation in the classroom gave me insight into how ideas are developed and how they would be applicable in a 21st century classroom. This is evident when examining 21st century skills from not only the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) but also the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority...

Critical Incident Reflection Essay

6 Pages 2905 Words
Introduction An essential quality for a teacher is to be able to reflect on their practice. This skill is important as it increases and improves the learner’s performance. It is an ability that enables a practitioner to reflect on action to encourage the process of continuous learning. A reflective practitioner needs to ensure that the surrounding environments of the classroom...

Perseverance in School Essay

3 Pages 1172 Words
During Summer 2021 I attended a Medicine Masterclass by Corpus Christi Cambridge which focused on the naked mole rat and the lack of the pain sensors that allow them to maintain critical energy, potentially explaining their long lifespans. The naked mole rat lacks pain sensitivity in its skin, and we learned that this is caused by a small difference in...

On My Graduation Day Essay

1 Page 632 Words
All the inventions that were made in the world until today are results of the analysis, deep dive, and execution of those results in a trial and error method. Data science does the same old thing in a new-fashioned way using programming and algorithms to predict and analyze certain things, deep dive and give some insights about the future. As...

Narrative Essay about Volunteering

3 Pages 1501 Words
My consumer Allen has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder type one. According to the Mayo Clinic, bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes extreme fluctuations in mood. Bipolar disorder type one is when the manic episode is more recent or the most extreme for the individual. The mood swings include having a low mood (depression) and extremely high...

Essay on Importance of School-Community Relationship

2 Pages 775 Words
The children’s microsystem, which is made up of the immediate family members/parents/guardians with whom they spend most of their time (Woodhouse, 2020) is the one that lays the foundation of a child’s educational journey. A child heavily relies on their parents/caregivers to communicate and learn the norms and values from, within the first years of their lives (Magnuson & Schindler,...

Gender Stereotypes in School Essay

3 Pages 1556 Words
Intercultural communication is defined as situated communication between individuals or groups of different linguistic and cultural origins. People interacting with those from unfamiliar cultures may have communication difficulties. They may function as schemes that facilitate social interaction with unfamiliar individuals, but also as social norms that influence expectations and behavior towards members of certain social groups. All of the international...

Respecting Cultural Diversity Begins at School: Essay

5 Pages 2123 Words
Introduction Culture exists as people’s spiritual support, and has a non-negligible impact on people’s lifestyle, behavior, and values. It is not something fixed, instead, it is always changing with the expansion of social interaction and cognitive development (Schaeffer, 2011). Multicultural education is becoming a trend in education, as it promotes the concepts of freedom, tolerance, equality, and harmony. With the...

Essay on Why Is There a Dress Code in School

1 Page 445 Words
Dress code has been a controversial statement for the last couple of years but where did it all start? In the 1966 State of the Union address, President Clinton called on American schools to require uniforms to ensure the safety of school children. Although some schools complied with this suggestion, many schools felt this was too extreme of a measure...

Essay on Why Dress Code Should Be Banned

1 Page 452 Words
They tend to target girls more on dress code than they do for the boys. The dress code bans clothing that girls commonly wear and requires clothing that is not easily available for girls but is for boys. Clothing like tan-tops and leggings are often banned from some schools. Guidelines such as the “fingertip rule” stating the need that students’...

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