Essays on Studying at School

Reflection on Rules for Classroom Conduct: Opinion Essay

Introduction Rules for classroom conduct are purposefully stated statements that provide students with guiding principles for the types of behaviors that are either mandatory or prohibited. As an instance, it focuses attention on how to be understanding rather than on whether a student is speaking...
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Gender Bias in the Classroom

Abstract Gender is a dynamic concept. Race, class, economic circumstances, age- all of these influences what is considered appropriate for women and men. This study determined the level of gender biases among Education students along learning materials, subject matter, learning evaluation, and teaching evaluation. The...
7 Pages 3082 Words

High School: The Influences of Facebook to the Youth

Introduction Over the past years, people’s lives have been slowly taken over by technology. It has mechanized agriculture, improved the transportation, communication, education and the learning process of the youth. Today it is possible to bring news, ideas, and entertainment to millions of people through...
8 Pages 3615 Words

Benefits of Homeschooling: Opinion Essay

Education is an application of the schooling process to obtain knowledge, skills, values, morals and beliefs. So, technically how you learn depends on the process that is schooling. Some parents have concerns related to academics and social environment, also every child is not the same...
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Essence and Definitions of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an idea, facilitated by parents or home-tutors with no strict guidelines like various academic institutions. This is homeschooling that is prevalent in western societies where they want to ensure children’s education rights with no finite rules and regulations. Though this teaching is not...
2 Pages 711 Words

Arguments for Home Schooling: Persuasive Essay

Introduction – Education systems around the world are commonly viewed as a vital factor that plays in shaping the futures of today’s generation. So why does a vast amount of families choose to undertake the route of homeschooling? This idea to conduct teaching in one’s...
3 Pages 1344 Words
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