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Pets Should Be Allowed in School: Persuasive Essay

Introduction Imagine a classroom filled with students eagerly engaged in their lessons, their eyes occasionally wandering to the friendly presence of a furry companion nestled beside them. Pets have long been cherished members of our families, bringing joy, companionship, and emotional support. In this essay, we will explore the benefits of allowing pets in schools and argue that schools should embrace the idea of incorporating animals into the educational environment. By doing so, we can enhance students’ learning experiences, promote...
1 Page 620 Words

Do Schools Do Enough to Prevent Bullying: Critical Essay

The younger generations are said to be much more sensitive and easily offended nowadays. This could be due to the overlooked bullying and harsh truths that children have to face each day. All over the world these young boys and girls wake up to face another day of school, but that day can hold a different experience for each child. Some face the day with pride and joy, others with anxiety or terror that it could be an endless shift...
6 Pages 2516 Words

Persuasive Essay on Whether Sexual Education Should Be Taught in Public Schools

Sexual education can be identified as several things. According to Jaafar & Chan (2008), sexual education is the study of the structural, functional and behavioral feature of human reproduction. It covered different aspects, including reproductive health, affection, interpersonal relationship, intimacy, gender responsibility, body images, and most importantly, sexual development. In the words of Spielhagen (2013), generally sex education is education revolving around sexuality, prevention of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), contraceptive methods such as drugs and condoms, significance of protection, and...
6 Pages 2504 Words

Psychology Behind the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting: Critical Essay

On the afternoon of February 14th, 2018, Nikolas Cruz took an Uber to his old high school. After entering the school, he removed an automatic weapon from his bag and began shooting both students and teachers, leaving 17 dead. When his gun stopped working Nikolas ran with the other students out of the school and headed to the local Subway store to buy a soda and waited in a McDonald’s restaurant before heading home, where he was arrested. Nikolas made...
5 Pages 2116 Words

Informative Essay on Year-Round School

Going to school for the entire year sounds like a concept that just about everyone in America would dislike immensely. Some people just overlook this concept because of excruciating the school year itself may feel to them, but there are many pros to this very unique schedule. Year-round education might seem overwhelming for everyone at the start, but as the semesters go on, people will increasingly grow to liking it. Public schools have had a schedule that has been the...
3 Pages 1445 Words

Segregation in the United States Public School System

In order to address how the district census affects education in lower-income and minority communities, one must first understand the modern definition of segregation. Heterogeneous areas that are broken into smaller, less diverse areas often have large discrepancies in school quality. The politics of exclusion theory maintains that political boundaries regulate housing, tax, and other resource policies in a way that protects and isolates its residents. Boundaries make residential sorting decisions more efficient because they convey demographic and socioeconomic differences...
6 Pages 2688 Words

Elementary School Safety Patrol Essay

Introduction Elementary school safety patrols are a vital component of maintaining a safe and organized environment within schools. These dedicated students take on the responsibility of ensuring the well-being of their peers and promoting a culture of safety. This informative essay will explore the role and significance of elementary school safety patrols, discussing their duties, training, and the positive impact they have on the school community. Duties of Elementary School Safety Patrol Elementary school safety patrols are entrusted with several...
1 Page 540 Words

Negative Effects of Single Gender Schools: Analytical Essay

Are single-sex schools more beneficial than co-educational schools? It is said single-sex schools give pupils a better opportunity to learn and get the best results they deserve; however, many people disagree saying coed schools give better opportunities and chances to mix with the opposite sex. What schools should parents and guardians send their children to? Single-sex schools, otherwise known as single-sex education or gender-isolated education where the school is only made up of one gender in both the whole school...
2 Pages 976 Words

My High School Life: Memoir Essay

The most reliable way to predict your future is to create it. I am 17, a junior in high school doing full-time running start. Last quarter I took FYE, Psychology 200, Sociology, and Walking 1 and 2. This winter quarter I am taking Psychology 100, English 101, and Art Appreciation. Along with being a full-time college student, I work at Hot Shots. I work four days a week and make minimum wage, it is better than nothing though. During the...
3 Pages 1484 Words

Why Should Not School Start Early: Persuasive Essay

They say that public schools (P-12 Education) should start at 8:00 or later because it gives kids and parents time to do their homework or work and other activities and finish their responsibilities earlier and have the rest of the day to themselves. Another argument is that earlier start times give students time to go to tutoring after school and that athletes can have time to travel to competitions after school and miss fewer classes. It also gives time to...
2 Pages 887 Words

Life Is a Succession of Lessons Which Must be Lived to Be Understood: Persuasive Essay

High school is widely known to be a time during our adolescence when we gain a mass collection of life experiences and knowledge. Hardships and prosperity throughout my high school career have created the path to where I am today, and the lessons I’ve taken from these years are bound to prove useful for the rest of my life. Identical to all newly enrolled freshmen, I was engulfed with feelings of anxiety, stress, and hope upon my start of high...
1 Page 615 Words

Chocolate Milk Should Be Banned from Schools: Argumentative Essay

Did you know that Chocolate milk does more bad than good? Chocolate milk has lots of sugar and calories compared to white milk. Chocolate milk is as bad as a mini soda. I believe we need to ban chocolate milk from schools because it can cause health problems, milk itself is bad for humans, and it has too much sugar for people. Chocolate milk can cause health problems such as heart disease and obesity. Chocolate milk has saturated fat and...
1 Page 510 Words

Going Back to School after Covid-19: Narrative Essay

Back To School Documentary: The covid-19 pandemic made us acknowledge the major global perplexes we are facing. Whether they are economic, political, social, or environmental issues; we are witnessing such aspects rapidly diminish and hit their lowest of low in terms of technicality, ethicality, and the pursuit of a normal day-to-day life. But most importantly, the pandemic affected students and education by many orders of magnitude. Education takes an essential segment of people’s lives; depending on their future careers, either...
6 Pages 2624 Words

End of School Year: Reflection Essay

As 7th grade comes to an end, I reflect on the 20212022 school year and the changes I have experienced. Academically, I have been pronouncing words better. At first, I was having trouble pronouncing a bunch of words. I even had to use a translator. In math, I have been understanding circumferences more. It was confusing at first but with practice, I can finally understand it. I am also understanding how to use PEMDAS and the order of operations. Something...
1 Page 397 Words

Why Should Pets Be Allowed in School: Argumentative Essay

A law exists that states that you are not allowed to treat people with disabilities differently because they are disabled or require any special requirements for example a guide or assistance dog. It is forbidden to not permit them into shops so why are they not allowed into school, isn’t that breaking the law? There are over 7000 people with autism that rely on guide dogs in the UK, and that’s not even counting people with disabilities or who are...
2 Pages 699 Words

School Starts Too Early: Persuasive Essay

Many teens dream of sleeping in every day, but the need for sleep does not have anything to do with laziness or a lack of aspiration. Instead, sleep desperation has everything to do with growth in academics, athletics, or personal, health-related choices. As children move into their teenage years, their sleep cycles and sleep preferences change. Adolescents naturally want to stay up later and get up later, but the daily schedules that many schools have put into place make this...
2 Pages 715 Words

Importance of Drug Testing in School: Argumentative Essay

The recreational use of drugs is an under-recognized cause of mortality and incidence of disease among children in this society now. This issue becomes more priority to solve by the government because will lead to serious public health problems. However, children now still want to try drugs at any time without parental control although parents, schools, and the federal government had installed knowledge in the children about drugs such as “just say no” to drugs. According to research, the percentage...
1 Page 603 Words

Should Students Wear School Uniforms Essay

The ongoing debate about using school uniforms for students has been contentious. Those favouring school uniforms cite benefits such as increased community spirit, discipline, and an improved learning environment. However, opponents take issue with the idea that school uniforms may limit individuality and be costly for families, as well as questioning its effectiveness when tackling issues such as bullying and academic performance.  In this essay, I will present both the advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms for students. While there...
2 Pages 856 Words

Reasons Why I Want to Attend This High School Essay

Choosing the right high school is a significant decision that can impact a student’s future. With numerous options available, students must carefully consider their choices and select a school that aligns with their academic goals and personal interests. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons why I want to attend a high school. I will argue that a school offers a unique combination of academic excellence, extracurricular opportunities, and a supportive community that will help me achieve my goals...
2 Pages 836 Words

Should There Be Chocolate Milk in School Cafeterias: Argumentative Essay

Do you think chocolate milk is not healthy? Well, I believe that we should keep chocolate milk in school cafeterias because chocolate milk has many great nutrients, has less sugar than other beverages, and is popular among school-aged children. First, chocolate milk is just as good for us as white milk and is just as nutritious. Chocolate milk helps children reach more nutrient needs than non-milk drinkers. Children who drink chocolate milk are not heavier than non-milk drinkers, and do...
1 Page 418 Words

Is It Worth It: Argumentative Essay on Underage Drinking

High school is known to many as your first steps towards independence, free will, and adventure. It’s your chance to try new things and activities without your parents finding out; however, a multitude of the things you may try have various dangerous consequences that you didn’t consider. Drinking underage may seem harmless at first sight, but the threats associated with it are not worthwhile. You may believe that, as a teenager, you are invincible and the risks talked about from...
1 Page 582 Words

What Is the Purpose of Schooling: Essay

Schooling in the United States Summarize the purposes of schooling in the Spring chapter The purposes of schooling are determined by elected officials. Therefore, they always have a political bearing. The primary goal of schooling is to educate people on similar patriotic and political values as a way of ensuring there is no unrest in society. Also, as education increases the chances of equitability, it serves the purpose of diffusing any social tensions. Besides, education teaches people about morality, therefore,...
1 Page 610 Words

Unexpected Danger in Elementary School: Analytical Essay

Mass Murder and What Drives Someone to Take Another Person’s Life Mass murder is defined as the “anti-social non-state-sponsored killing of multiple victims during a single episode at one or more closely related locations” (Levin, & Madfis, 2009). It is mind-blowing how someone can take another person’s life, how they can just walk into a school or a building and shoot someone to death. Do they care, or do they have remorse for taking the life of another human being?...
2 Pages 1095 Words

Textbooks Vs Tablets: Comparative Essay

Should Textbooks be Replaced by Tablets in a Classroom Setting? The average school spends about $50,000 on paper alone. (Should Textbooks be Replaced by Notebook Computers?) All of that money could be spent on something more beneficial. Students’ textbooks should be replaced by tablets and notebook computers. In today’s society, technology is taking over and upgrading nearly every aspect of living. Meanwhile, schools are using ancient methods to teach the upcoming generations. These children are supposed to be the future!...
3 Pages 1179 Words

Should Students Wear School Uniforms Essay

School uniforms should be stopped. They are bland, outdated, and uncomfortable. Very few students enjoy wearing school uniforms and although they`ve been around for ages it`s time for a change. There are a few good reasons why a uniform should be in place and for almost any argument in favor of uniforms, there is more often than not a simple solution. The fact is, that it’s uninformed themselves that prevent a free education by giving carers an additional expense to...
2 Pages 1053 Words

Should Schools Sell Junk Food: Discursive Essay

Health issue has always been our prior concern, especially for the younger generations. The fondness for junk food among youngsters is one of the major reasons that had led to great impacts on children’s health. By definition, junk food refers to food with high calories yet low in nutritional content; something that is appealing and enjoyable, for example, fried fast food, carbohydrates, and food with processed sugar ingredients, will highly increase the risk of obesity thus affecting children’s body growth....
2 Pages 885 Words

Should Schools Have a Dress Code: Argumentative Essay

Introduction: The Controversy Surrounding School Dress Codes When one picture’s a girl, what comes to mind? When one thinks of a girl or young woman’s body, should it be hidden? According to most school dress codes, a girl’s body is a distraction and should be covered to protect the male mind. Teenage girls today are told that their bodies, not the actions of the males that the girls “caused”, aren’t appropriate for a school environment. Dress codes can be outdated...
5 Pages 2428 Words

Should School Sell Junk Food: Argumentative Essay

Food is an integral component of a person’s life. It gives our bodies the necessary nutrients and energy to grow and develop health-wise. Therefore; healthy eating is very crucial in society. Every human being requires an adequate supply of nutrients to avoid health problems. To stay healthy, it is essential that every individual consumes meals that meet the threshold of a balanced diet. Today, a huge percentage of the world’s population has deviated from healthy eating. Children are the number...
5 Pages 2050 Words

Should School Days Be Longer: Essay

Should school time be extended? That is a question that many adults are keeping on top of their minds. They believe that 6 to 7 hours of school are not quite enough for a day, some suggest that school time should match the average of 8 hours of work every day. This divided the debate into two sides: “Reduce school time and extend school time”. However, it’s believed that most of us prefer the school hours to be left untouched...
3 Pages 1138 Words

Should Prayer Be Allowed in Schools: Essay

School prayer would result in many shared benefits. The public school system is, unfortunately, crumbling as proven by the rise in school shootings, increasing drug use, alcoholism, etc. School prayer can help fight these issues. School prayer should allow religious students a chance to observe their religious views during the school day. All the disagreement over publicly sponsored prayer in public schools didn’t just start in 1962. It began a little more than one hundred years earlier, back in the...
1 Page 507 Words
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