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Substance abuse has a major effect on individuals, households, and communities. The outcomes of substance abuse are cumulative, appreciably contributing to costly social, physical, intellectual, and public fitness problems. These issues are teenage pregnancy, HIVAID, home violence, crime, and suicide. 

Substance abuse refers to the set of associated stipulations associated with the consumption of mind- and behavior-altering supplies that have bad behavioral and health outcomes. In addition to the sizable fitness implications, substance abuse has been a flashpoint in the criminal justice system.

Substance abuse dependence can have serious detrimental consequences on an individual’s life. It can affect them bodily or mentally whilst additionally affecting them in work, college, or their relationships. Fortunately, there are ways to stop it. With perfect schooling and phrase of mouth to the community. Substance abuse and non-healthy residing can be stopped earlier than they get started. 

A healthy way of life is vital for everyone. When we look after our health, we sense better too- fitter, extra satisfied, and better capable to cope with things. Healthy dwelling potential keeping a wholesome lifestyle and introducing habits that improve your health. It can be challenging to change historic habits, but there are steps you can take to end up healthier, such as, consuming healthy, training for secure intercourse, and now not abusing drugs.

Substance abuse.

Substance abuse is the scientific term used to describe a sample of the use of a substance (drug) that causes substantial issues or distress. This can also be missing work or school or using the substance in hazardous situations, such as using a car. It may additionally lead to substance-related prison problems, or endured substance use that interferes with friendships, household relationships, or both. Substance abuse, as a diagnosed scientific Genius disorder, refers to the abuse of unlawful substances, such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine. Or it may additionally be the abuse of felony substances, such as alcohol, nicotine, or prescription medicines. Alcohol is the most common felony drug of abuse.

Substance abusers may additionally feel a loss of control, an incapability to give up the usage of a substance once they start, a dependence on the substance, and/or cravings for it. You may additionally have a robust urge to which you can’t ‘Just say no.’ You may also discover you need extra and extra of the substance to get an effect. And, if you stop the use of it, you may additionally ride nausea, sweating, shaking, vomiting, and anxiety.

Various factors make contributions to substance abuse. First-time use regularly occurs in a social setting with without difficulty handy substances, such as alcohol and cigarettes. Continued use would possibly be a result of insecurities or a desire for social acceptance. Common chance elements for substance abuse include a family history of substance abuse, an intellectual disease or behavioral situation, and low vanity or feeling of social rejection.

Many of us are taught from an early age that so-called ‘negative’ thoughts like unhappiness and anger are inappropriate – specifically for men. This leads many young guys to suppress or even outright deny their emotional responses. But the reality is that suppressing your feelings is neither healthful nor beneficial in the context of dependency recovery.

The impulse to keep away from emotion can complicate the recuperation process. This is because profitable recuperation frequently requires dealing with the emotional problems that led you to abuse capsules or alcohol in the first place. Without a strong dose of emotional honesty, you may truly want to free yourself from the grips of addiction but find that you are ill-equipped to do so.


Substance abuse influences all factors of life; average fitness and wellness’ family life’ and the community. With there being so many kinds of drugs, the effects are endless. The effect of drug abuse does not discriminate or focus on any one person. Drug abuse can be observed in any location of the world and the typical results can be devastating to anybody involved. A person’s preference to use any type of illegal drug or abuse prescribed medicines can have an unfavorable effect on their usual health.

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Substance Abuse In Ireland And Portugal: Reasons And Solutions

Introduction The sustainable development goals (SDGs) 3.5 “Strengthen the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including narcotic drug abuse and harmful use of alcohol”, targets prevention and treatment of substance abuse worldwide. The overall aim of the SDGs is to achieve a better more sustainable future for all and reducing the rate of substance abuse is a major factor for achieving this. Worldwide substance abuse is a major problem, it was estimated in 2016 that globally 164 million people had...
4 Pages 1698 Words

Teenage Drug Abuse: Types And Reasons

The teen years are a time of rapid growth, exploration, and onset of risk taking. Taking risks with new behaviors gives teens the opportunity to test their skills and abilities and discover who they are. But, some behaviors have risks, such as drug abuse. Abuse is defined as “the use of a drug to experience psychoactive effects instead of for its medical indication.” 23 percent of teenagers have consumed alcohol by 8th grade. Teenagers just do not understand the consequences...
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Drug and Substance Abuse Among High School Students in Joe-Bar Community Paynesville City Monsterrado County, Liberia

1.0 Chapter One: 1.1 Introduction: Miss use of drug is a major public problem worldwide. It is estimated that 324 million individual globally, age between 15 to 65 years, have used illicit drugs. Many mental health problems such as depression, bipolar disorder, mood and anxiety disorders, antisocial personality disorder, and suicide attempts, are also associated with drug abuse. Prevalence and miss use of drug has increased and experts in the area of drug health have indicated that if the trend...
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The Outsiders: Violence, Poor Parenting, and Substance Abuse

Certain social issues are the causes of a broken society and bring pain and sorrow. The Outsiders by S.E Hinton is in Ponyboy’s point of view, after the tragic death of his parents, he is then in the care of his older brothers, Darry and Sodapop. All are in the group that goes by the name of Greasers, there are two gangs, the Greasers and Socs. Throughout the novel, it becomes known that there are certain differences in being a...
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Substance Abuse Among Adolescents

Substance use is rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent issues in today’s society. According to a survey by the WHO, 164 million people had an alcohol or drug use disorder in 2016. A major part of the population dealing with these issues are the adolescents. Studies by Belcher and Schinitzky (1998) have shown that substance abuse during adolescence can become a problem later on during adulthood. Moreover, several factors play a role in adolescents indulging in the use of...
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Effects And Consequences Of Drug Abuse On Adults And Teens

Introduction Drug misuse is defined as the consumption of harmful medical substances in excessive amounts disobeying the medical guidelines. It has a negative impact on health. Some people who misuse drugs have many social and health problems which lead to the consequence of addiction. Thus, drug misuse refers to a state, when a drug becomes important part of a person’s life and he is completely dependent on that drug. Misuse of drug can effect on physiological and physical dependency of...
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Childhood Trauma and Substance Abuse in Female Offenders

Substance abuse is one of the factors related to female offender’s pathway into the criminal justice system (CJS), it has been correlated with the after-math of childhood abuse and the repeated involvement in crime (Bloom et al, 2003). Vast numbers of women in prison have been arrested for drug offences or have reported to have a drug abuse problem (Henderson, 1998). In the UK the average percentage of women who are in custody that have been reported to have a...
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The Effectiveness of Ibogaine for Drug Addiction

Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid, a powerful neurostimulator and a hallucinogen of plant origin. In the recent past, it has been widely used to treat drug addiction and some mental disorders. Today it is banned in Russia, in the CIS countries and Europe. Effect on the body Ibogaine is part of a group of experimental drugs supposedly eliminating alcohol, tobacco, amphetamine, cocaine and heroin addiction. Clinically, the mechanism of action of ibogaine on dependence has not been tested – all...
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The Role of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialists Within the Prison System

Substance abuse and addiction is a major problem across the United States and in almost all juvenile correctional systems, jails, and prisons. Substance abuse is such a serious problem because it can lead to both significant mental health problems and physical health problems. Just over forty percent of inmates in state prisons and forty-seven percent of inmates in jails are dependent on drugs while over fifty-five percent of inmates in state prisons and over sixty percent of inmates in jails...
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Sociological Imagination and Problems of University Students in African Countries

Students face a variety of academic challenges in universities. University is harder than and very different from high school, thus many students find it hard to cope and find balance. Students are required to put in more effort than usual in order to understand and chow the course. The magnitude of academic difficulty is high, so focus and discipline are essential. In this essay I will be discussing the sociological imagination and the problems of university students in African countries....
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Substance Abuse: History, Epidemiology, Brain-Behavior Relationships and Treatment Approaches

Analysis of behavioural response to substance is a critical point of discussion when formulating a assertion around addiction/substance use disorders. The diagnosis manual, referred to in psychiatry is used to define the different psychiatric diagnoses that are presented within societal groups which is commonly known as the DSM. Advances in neuroscience identified addiction as a chronic brain disease alluding to strong genetic, neurodevelopmental and social components that offer a debate towards classification of a personal lifestyle choice or a biological...
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Food Addiction to Chocolate

Addictions are a very serious topic of discussion which has recently flooded the media. There are several types of addiction, each with a respective magnitude, and food addictions fall into this category. Food addiction is often pushed to the side by addictions deemed more detrimental by society. This accusation of food addictions not being detrimental does not accurately represent the magnitude of the situation. There are several categories of food addiction and one of these is the addiction to sweets,...
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Perinatal Substance Abuse: The Effects Of Cannabis On Pregnant Mothers And Their Infants

Perinatal substance abuse has been a public health epidemic for many years. Throughout several decades’ researchers have spent time studying the effects of commonly abused substances such as nicotine and alcohol. However, the recent legalization of cannabis in several states has prompted researchers to focus their efforts in another direction. Many patients and mothers believe cannabis has no detrimental health effects due to the lack of research around it, but with the new information learned each year, we can now...
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The Solutions Of Substance Abuse At Schools

In recent years, substance abuse and habits have become an epidemic. Many students have easy access to or are peer-pressured into addictive substances, alcohol, and drugs. The constant use of these substances leads to troubled students who can possess criminal behaviors, violence, and a withdrawing interest in education. This current and prevalent social issue can be controlled through the supportive environment of specialized high schools and through testing students for nicotine and drug use. Most high schools offer a guidance...
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Substance Abuse In Adolescence: Reasons And Effects

Substance Abuse can also be called drug abuse. This can be defined as usage harmful substances. The individual either uses a significant amount of the substance or uses harmful methods to ingest the substance. These substances are usually heroin, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes and other tobacco products. In today’s society many adolescences fall prey to substance abuse. A teenager who suffers with substance abuse would have frequent changes in behaviour such as failure to attend school, a decrease in their...
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The Ways To Overcome Substance Abuse

Introduction According to the World Health Organization (WHO) substance abuse can be defined as the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances. This definition of substance abuse not only includes the use of illegal drugs but also the dangerous use of drugs that are legal for example alcohol, tobacco, the detrimental use of prescribed medicines by exceeding the recommended prescribed dose and the illegal use of legal drugs such as drinking and driving or smoking cigarettes in a no-smoking area....
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The Key Factors And Consequences Of Drug Abuse In Teens

Teenagers in today’s society are plagued with many school, family, and social troubles, all while still their young minds are still developing. To a teenager trying to fit in or find their place, the biggest of their problems are often social. One of these social problems that teens have to deal with is the presence of drugs. While kids are taught that drugs are bad and detrimental to one’s health, 33.3% of high school seniors in non-medical marijuana states reported...
4 Pages 1612 Words

Teenage Drug And Alcohol Abuse: Types And Effects

Did you know about 17% of American high schoolers are drinking, abusing prescription medication, smoking or using drugs? That means that 55 million underage teens are using alcohol, drugs or smoking. Teens in the United States use various types of drugs like marijuana, prescription medication and alcohol. These drugs can cause poor mental health, physical health or even death. There are ways to prevent teens from using drugs including setting a good example at home, keeping track of prescription medications,...
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Drugs And Alcohol Abuse: Reasons, Effects And Measures

Alcohol and drug abuse is one of the biggest problems in our country. It is not only personal problem that dramatically affects the individuals’ lives, but is a major problem that affects society as whole. “Alcohol and drug abuse”, these phrases we see daily on newspaper and television. But what do they mean or what we understand by it? Most of us don’t really view drug or alcohol use a problem, if that includes our friends having few beers on...
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The Reasons Of Aboriginal Alcohol And Substance Abuse

Who are aboriginal people? It is generalised that Australian aboriginal peoples originated from Asia through limited Southeast Asia (now Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Philippines) and have been in Australia for at least 50,000 years. When the British settlement started dating from 1788, the arrival of carriers of a powerful imperialist culture cost the aboriginal people their independence and the undeniable control of the continent, and forced them into continuous compromise and change as they struggled to accommodate the newcomers....
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Consequences Of Trauma And Substance Abuse

The understanding of Trauma in lower and middle countries is said to be a major burden disease, in South Africa as it falls into the middle-income countries. This essay will start by defining trauma as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Secondly, the essay will describe the criterion used to diagnose this disorder. Thirdly, the essay will provide are understanding of trauma from a western to an African understanding of trauma. Fourthly, it will provide the South African sociocultural understanding of...
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Substance Abuse: Humanistic-Existential Therapy, Legal And Ethical Issues

Introduction Substance abuse can be explained as the use of harmful psychoactive substances. It also includes the use of alcohol and other prohibited drugs. The use of psychoactive drugs may lead to dependence syndrome which is a series of physiological, behavioral and cognitive patterns that come about as a result of recurrent substance use. This condition may include consequences such as continued use of the drug despite negative effects, a craving for the drug, problems in controlling the use of...
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Substance Abuse Affecting Teenagers In African American Cultures

Substance abuse has become a global issue in recent years. The most prone substance abusers are young boys and girls in high school and partially young college students. Drug abuse among African American teenagers has resulted in dangerous criminal activities, while other drug users have become entirely dependent on drugs. Accordingly, addiction to drugs has also led to numerous school dropouts, with many teenagers forming and joining gangs that have ensued arrests of young people. While many individuals attribute drug...
3 Pages 1345 Words

Drug Use And Its Effects Of Juvenile Delinquency

Introduction The best way to ensure that there is a decline in juvenile offending is by making effective drug treatment a priority. Drug and substance use are common among the juvenile offenders, and it relates to the likelihood of crime in adulthood. It is possible for individuals to embrace the use of drug treatment to ensure there is a decline in juvenile offending. As such, there is a need for the criminal justice system to ensure that they screen all...
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Faith’s Impact On Substance Abuse

According to the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and the transtheoretical model of change, “for most people with substance abuse problems, recurrence of substance use is the rule not the exception” (Enhancing Motivation for Change, 1999, p. xvii). Relapse can and most likely will occur in recovery, and should be recognized as well as anticipated by substance abuse recovery counselors. The significant challenges to counselors are bringing a client successfully and securely through a relapse and eventually preventing relapse from...
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