Summary Of Titus Andronicus By William Shakespeare

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Titus Andronicus is a play written by William Shakespeare. It takes place in early Romanian times and tells the tragic story of revenge and murder. The play begins with Titus Andronicus, army general, and his sons, Martius, Mutius, Lucius, and Quintus battling against Tamora, Ruler of the Goths, and her 3 sons, Alarbus, Chironi, and Demetrius. Tamora is defeated and she and her sons are taken captive and brought back to Rome with Andronicus. Once in Rome Tamora's eldest son Alarbus is decided to be made a human sacrifice for all of Andronicus sons who died in the battle, and he is executed. From that moment on Tamora develops a hatred for Andronicus and vows to take revenge on him. All the while two brothers, Saturninus and Bossianus, fight to be made emperor. After much persuasion from Saturninus, Andronicus declares Saturninus as the new emperor, and to show his appreciation Saturninus asks Andronicus’s daughter, Lavinia, to marry him. However, Bossianus becomes angered by this and announces that he was promised that Lavinia should be his to marry. So Bossianus kidnapped Lavinia, and her two brothers Lucius and Marcus defend them leaving because they know she really was promised to him to marry. Titus declares this act as treason and in a fit of outrage kills his own son Marcus for helping the couple escape. Titus promises Saturninus that Lavinia will be returned to him but Saturninus says he doesn’t believe him and pronounces Tamora as his new wife, which she accepts. All the while Aaron, the moor, secretly is in love with Tamora, and one day while Aaron attempts to make a move on Tamora, Bossianus, and Lavinia catch them, after sneaking back into Rome.

The couple plans to use the secret against Tamora, However, Tamora has different plans. She stabs and kills Bossianus and then gives her sons, Chiron and Marcus, Laviana to do as they please with her. The two boys rape Laviana as well as cut her tounge and hands-off, replacing her hands with metal rods, and then leave her to be found. Titus’s sons eventually find the body of Bossianus and are framed by Tamora as the murders. A grief-stricken Saturnius sentence the son to death, like Titus, begs for their life to be speared insisting that they were not responsible for the crime. Aaron, only seeking to cause trouble tells Titus that the emperor has decided his severed hand will be enough to stop Titus’s sons from being executed, and without hesitation, Titus chops off his hand. Though

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Aaron lied and the two sons were killed and their heads were sent to the king. Titus plans to take revenge on Saturninus, Aaron, and Tamora but struggles with coping with all the problems he's been facing and begins to act strangely. Everyone thinks he's gone crazy, and a scared and desperate Lucius tries to bargain with his crazy father suggesting they shoot letters to the gods, asking them for guidance. Later that day Lavinia is able to figure out if she draws in the dirt she can communicate and tells what happened to her and who did it. Titus traps and kills Tamora's two sons and makes pie out of them. He serves the pie at a dinner he holds, with Tamora, Saturninus, Laviana, and Lucius. Where he kills Laviana to end her suffering. He then reveals what really is in the pies and kills Tamora. In response, Saturninus kills Titus, and Lucius kills Saturninus. Lucius is decided to be the new emperor and she sentences Aaron to be buried and starved as his first action to repay his father.

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