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Super Bowl Commercials: Trends With A Profit

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We see advertisements all around us. They are on television, in magazines, on the Internet, all over social media and plastered up on large billboards everywhere. Ads are nothing new. Many of us have noticed them all of our lives and have just come to accept them, without realizing how effective ads really are and how advertisers use many subliminal techniques to get the advertisements to work on consumers. A television commercial is used to spark interest in a product or services, and even now with the growing interest in social media, without this influential and dominant form of advertisements, the majority of the companies and their respective products and services would not maximize their ability to reach various consumer bases. One of the biggest television platforms being the Super Bowl.

Watched by an average of 100 million people yearly, the Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in the U.S. and, as such, companies often attempt to capture the attention of the audience through a variety of entertaining and amusing commercials that are aired during the commercial breaks. But even with its high turnout the Superbowl is not the ideal ad space for all companies, especially with a 5 million dollar stake, and climbing. When pursuing this space companies need to consider things like budget, investment and turn out because you can have an amazing and engaging ad but that still might not prompt people to buy your product and while big brands like beer manufacturers can’t really go wrong because people will buy, the ads will pay for themselves, and social engagement might be the goal, but it might not be worth it for smaller brands.

Once past weighing the pros and cons of this 30 second, million dollar ad they move on to what their ad will be about. Who will be in it? Who are we targeting? What kind of tone will it have? Will it be at the beginning or end? Thing like this are essential because all companies have a budget and they need to make sure they make a quality commercial to get the most bang from their buck. With these ads companies tend to take risks and speak from the heart because that is what’s most effective along with knowing who you want the ad to reach and design it to appeal to them. Companies such as, Skittles and Doritos usually tend to lean on the fun and relevant side, which is great because no one wants to hear nagging from a commercial about snacks that are fun, while other companies, like Stella Artois and Chrysler can get away with taking a more serious and somber tone because their target audience are older and can understand heavier topics.

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And although it’s unrealistic to expect someone to buy a car after watching a Super Bowl ad, some brands use this time to bring awareness and stand up for issues they believe in.

In 2018 and even in 2019, Coca Cola has released commercials preaching messages of diversity and inclusion. Here you see people and creatures of all sorts and in all different places and situations all drinking a coke, with the ending message being “Different is beautiful, and together is beautiful too.” Then in 2017, 84 Lumber, a brand that no one would expect having a commercial in the Super Bowl because of the slim probability of its revenue increasing, did have one, and a very powerful one at that. The company’s CEO, Maggie Hardy Magerko, explained that the commercial wasn’t aired to be controversial but to show that they’re a company of opportunity. In the video, called ‘The Journey Begins,’ a Mexican woman and her daughter are seen rising early for a long voyage. They pack their belongings, including personal photographs, and join other voyagers on a trek that appears to be a border crossing. The two cross fields, streams and railroad tracks, while traveling by truck, train and foot and camping by firelight. The rest aired on their website after being deemed too political.

At the end of the day, the Super Bowl and its commercials get the job done. It has the biggest audience, not even the royal weddings or the Olympics compare in viewer size! Everyone watches and/or talks about these ads and maybe the person watching won’t buy the product but in 30 seconds these companies make a lasting impression on them and will prompt them to spread the word.

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