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Surrogacy: Psychological Exploitation Of Women

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I think the concept of surrogacy is not ethical. people is natural nature of life to develop. Surrogacy violate the natural to develop. Even used any reason and other people to help them to get pregnancy and born baby. It is not the nature way to pregnancy a baby. Surrogacy is using the technology to product the baby and sell them.Humans from birth and Development and Growth and death is a natural process. Humans should not interfere with and transform by other means to control.

First,Surrogacy is the physical and psychological exploitation of women. Surrogacy woman will bear the pregnancy experience as well as process and side effect. For example: Heart failure or kidney failure. This suffer is giving the surrogacy pregnancy women rather than original parents. Finally the baby will follow the original parents. In the process of pregnancy, in addition to the inconvenience of life and psychological changes. Also need to shoulder all the crises of being a mother and pregnancy. Pregnancy comes from a mother’s selfless commitment to baby, including sacrifice. The baby will absorbed the mother nutrition, and mother may get some diseases from pregnancy, or even death as a result of pregnancy. The Sperm and ovum original parents are not any effort for their mother’s status. They do not have any change in this 10 month. They nor have to affect her body shape, even her career as a result of her pregnancy. Surrogacy woman substitute sperm and ovum original parents to get pregnancy and born the baby.

Secord,Surrogacy is a contract for a woman to ‘for’ another couple’s pregnancy. One of woman is used her uterus as a tool to give birth for another couple to get pregnant reason of make money. Earning money should not relation to pregnancy in any interest. The technology is develop to cause unethical desire who is surrogacy. The industry emerged in unethical trading around the world. In India, this is a earn way for women with lower education. The woman use that uterus implanted other couple’s the fertilized body in her body. The surrogacy woman just use 10 month and born the baby to earn money. It is using women to give birth, including financial benefits.In the newspaper said that becoming a surrogate mother would earn 10 years’ salary at a time. Surrogate women will stay and arrange in the houses for 10 months. Their contract should list that Surrogate women should giving up the accouchement on the right to custody of the baby after giving birth and return the baby to the ‘parents’ who paid the money in exchange for baby they received from surrogacy.

When a Surrogacy mother gets the money, she completes the contract and breaks off the relationship and contact with the child. If the contract is beginning to end, the Surrogacy mother may appear psychological problems of pregnant women.

If I were a nurse I meet a lady in a ward, who plans to be a surrogate mother, due to Hong Kong is illegal for commercial surrogate mothers, I do not encourage the lady to commit illegal acts based on the . Therefore, I do not encourage the lady to become a commercial surrogate mother.

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I would first ask him what he know about the surrogate mother. Surrogacy refers to the transfer of other couple’s sperm and eggs into your uterus after a ten-month pregnancy process, the child is produced and returned to others. In Hong Kong,become a commercial surrogate mother is illegal. 之外//, the lady must to know the different with surrogate mother and normal pregnant woman as well as the body of change.

In the mentality, the surrogate women may feel confused about the identity. Surrogate women need to remember that she is helping other couple to pregnancy and born the baby. The baby is not belong to you. If the baby born after, the baby will follow the couple and leave you go. You need to know this different, you may unwilling to leave baby, but you must to leave.In addition, since pregnancy is a part of the contract, You may feeling happy in the pregnancy. You may also feel worry that you cannot take care of baby as well, but you should necessary to attach a legal liability responsibility for a baby due to an accident during pregnancy. Some women will be worried during this process.

Also, the lady need to realize pressure which come from other people.

If the baby is yourself, the patient may feel happy and nevous. Looking forwards to baby is coming soon. They may giving you lots of advice to how to protect the baby and eat lots of nutrition food. On the other hand, If you were surrogacy women , you may need to explain with parents and neighbour why you pregnancy and the baby will disappear. The patient and neighbor may give Invisible pressure to you when you are being Surrogacy women. In hong kong, The parent may think that the daughter is being Surrogacy women is a shame thing.

Physiologically, surrogate women are exposed to the potential risks and risks of pregnancy. First, consult your doctor to know before pregnancy if your body is fit for pregnancy, and if you have heart failure or kidney failure, you are not fit to become a surrogate mother. In addition, there is a need to understand the risks of pregnancy, which include miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, the risk of multiple pregnancies, which may be more common, and medical complications of pregnancy, which increase with age and complex reproductive history.Safety: You need to know yourself and your partner’s blood shape to avoid accidental deaths during pregnancy due to blood rejection The same precautions should be taken as the matching donation , including screening for HIV, hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

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