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Human Behavior Recognition in Surveillance Systems

Abstract This paper is a literature review that focuses on detecting and analyzing the human behavior and its application in surveillance systems. Surveillance systems play a very important role in tracking and monitoring human behavior generally, this is one of the reasons why it has recently become a major interesting research topic. Human effort is not very effective in monitoring human behavior via surveillance systems as human operators miss a lot of information in different video frames. Sometimes, it is...
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Cyber Bullying: Social Media Surveillance

Cyber bullying is a kind of bullying that is done through many places through which you are connected to the social world. It is done by the means of SMS, Online app, and by social media. Cyber bully is done by sharing, posting false content about someone who they want to bully. It can also include the sharing of personal information about a particular person causing them to be humiliated or to get embarrassed in front of everyone. Most teenagers...
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Ethics Of Security And Surveillance Technologies

With the innovative ways of technology, the dynamics of the current environment, the need to fight terrorism, national security, and privacy concerns in respect to rights and justification, the gravity and nature of electronic and Internet surveillance have increased in recent times, which has sparked debates on ethics and surveillance. This issue has been at the forefront due to the vigorous use of modern technology in surveillance and the complexity that surrounds it. As we accept how technology has and...
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The Problem Of Corporate Surveillance Industry

Corporate surveillance, the monitoring of a person or a group of people collecting data on others, is in our everyday life. Sometimes we are aware of it but do not really pay attention or care about it until it becomes a bit too much. Should corporate surveillance be allowed? Learning more about corporate surveillance is important because consumers should be aware that it crosses the line between sharing basic information and invading their privacy. Understanding the concept of corporate surveillance...
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Surveillance and Censorship as The Keys to a Successful Totalitarian Government

A government’s success is intrinsically linked to its ability to control its citizens. In the case of George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, the central government, Ingsoc, violates freedom of speech and its civilians’ privacy in order to root out dissenting ideas about leadership. Through similar practices, the Chinese government also violates its civilians’ rights in order to maintain its power. These practices involve propaganda about the government, surveillance of their citizens and censorship of expression by the government. These practices...
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Video Surveillance As A Tool To Improve Security

Introduction Closed-circuit television or as we know it CCTV is the system that helps you to keep an eye on your business, which allows you to see what’s going on inside and around the premises of your business. The use of a monitor and cameras installed around the premises enables you to see events live as the action is happening and allows you to record the footage so you can archive it for future reference. This technology has been around...
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Government Surveillance: Violation Of Civil Rights

Many citizens claim that the government is violating their civil rights by using their personal data for legitimate purposes. What is more important? Is it the fact that they should have the privacy for texting their mates? Or is it the fact that the government is protecting their lives from potential danger? Government surveillance is essential to public safety and terrorism prevention. The government’s collection of data is not a violation of civil rights because it deters criminals from harming...
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Personal Privacy: Surveillance In The World

Do you allow the government to invade your privacy and having access to all your personal information? Many people are trying to reach out to others around the world for many problems that they are having such as economic problems, privacy problems, and even security. They aren’t able to do so since their government makes it illegal to have free speech. Technology companies and the government in the United States allow us to be able to have free speech while...
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