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During the time of the Holocaust many of the world’s nations decided not to respond and almost seemed to ignore the fact that these tragedies that were starting in Germany were happening. The first example is the involvement of the United States during the Holocaust. The first politician that had found out about the actions going on in Germany was a man named Dr. Gerhart Reigner who was the representative of the World Jewish Congress in Switzerland. Once the word...
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Violence and murder became prominent in European imperialism in Africa and left the supposedly lower races destined for extinction, which would be brought about by any means, including intentional extermination of entire populations like with the Holocaust. Attempts to dehumanize the Jewish people and Africans were also very similar in structure with both authorities using a three-pronged approach. They first stripped the Africans or Jews of their identity, then physically tortured them, and lastly, redefined their humanity such that it...
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When people are thrown into the harshest environment in which they are faced with hopelessness and certainty of death, their most distinguishing trait is revealed: determination to keep going. One’s power of perseverance is essential since it indicates whether the result will be positive or negative. These harsh environments are created by force which is the motive of why and how we do the things we do. Simone Weil defines force “as that x that turns anybody who is subject...
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I was taught the structure of an “if...then” hypothesis in my high school chemistry class. Then, I used the “IF() { then }” function in JavaScript to code an app. The repeated appearance of this phrase in this format furthered my expectation that the introduction of the “if” suggested a “then” would be found soon after. The title, If this is a man, threw this heuristics for a loop before I turned the first page. Upon knowing of this original...
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The holocaust Levi's involvement with Auschwitz was self-contradicting. The Holocaust was an uncommon slaughter by Nazi Germany, with the objective of disposing of all Jewish people1. He did in the end become one of the most powerful observers of the Holocaust and these concentration camps, yet not without encountering it direct. He graduated in 1941 from the University of Turin and got the most elevated distinctions in science. So it is suggested that Levi is an astute individual, through books...
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The day begins at 7 a.m on school days and 8 a.m and a regular day. I wake up to the first alarm that goes off. Then I lie in bed until the second alarm goes off and I get up and get ready to go to school or go outside. I wait for the bus to come, then when it comes I walk outside and get on the bus and the school day begins. When I get home I...
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The Nazi’s rule is taken into account to be the foremost oppressive and discriminative rule in present time. During this rule, which lasted until the period of the Second war, the Nazi engaged in widespread discrimination against European Jews. One of the Most known cam was Auschwitz concentration camp, where millions of Jewish prisoners were killed. Before being killed, the prisoners were taken through a process of dehumanization by the Nazi guards.The theme brutally informs us about the systematic nature...
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In the Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas, the reoccurring strand of freedom develops a foundation of Frederick’s narrative. Douglass, as well as many other slaves, view Baltimore as a place of freedom and somewhere that is a vastly different from where they are from. Similarly, in Primo Levi’s, Survival of Auschwitz, freedom and confinement are two strands that reoccur throughout the text. The people in concentration camps are physically confined, but their lack of freedom consumes them. Primo...
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