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Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship: Watchdog Role of Media

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This paper is a sincere attempt to review the outcome of various research studies carried out by media houses in India to track down the level of global citizenship and sustainable development. The purpose of this paper is to make people informed about the power of media that how media can become a catalyst in building sustainable and peaceful society. The objective of sustainable development is interlinked with sustainable society and global citizenship. Undoubtedly, media in all forms act as a vital cog in developmental agendas of government and it also ensures citizens’ about the latest developments in nation. The extended role of media is to disseminate and impart education about sustainable living which is essential for Homo sapiens. The scope of sustainable development is dynamic as it changes according to the SDG of particular nation.

KEYWORDS: Global Citizenship, Catalyst, Cog, SDG, Watchdog.

The fourth pillar of democracy plays a pertinent role in parliamentary democracy like India. When we discuss about the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG’s), the role of media becomes undeniable and invaluable. Sustainable development can only be achieved if we fulfil 3 basic criteria in my perspective. First and foremost, the media role shouldn’t be censored and suppressed in the wake of parcocracy. We already know that media act as a watchdog and performs certain prominent roles in democracy. Secondly, more and more impetus should be given on dissemination of sustainable goals among common masses as many don’t know much about the SDG’s. In my opinion, a well-informed public and media can cause a paradigm shift which is the need of an hour. Last but not least, we should raise the issue of Global citizenship among general public so that people get into it and they get more informed about it. Global Citizenship is an idea which says that one’s identity can transcends geographical and political boundaries and they termed the normal citizen as ‘World Citizen’. Under this concept, the citizen is entitled of all civic duties and responsibilities.

Key Objectives and Need of Paper:

  • To review the current status of sustainable development in PAN India.
  • To identify the roadblocks which causes hindrance in establishment of Sustainable society.
  • Creation and identification of validated database of SDG information for journalists.

The Hindu (2018) published in one of its article that “Global Citizenship give rise to the citizens’ sovereignty, prosperity and integrity. It equipped citizen with all civic rights that are stated in Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. The watchdog role of media should go on till eternity to find out the loopholes of parliamentary implementations and executions of various human laws. The absence of universally acclaimed recognized body is putting all agendas on rest which is harmful.

The outcomes reflects the prominent progress of media campaigns in various media vehicles. The people are now well informed and educated about the concept of SDG. The below mentioned table shows the per cent increase in sustainable living in response of media campaign.

Table 01: Various Media campaigns towards Sustainable Development Goals and its growth in India.

YEAR 2000-06 2006-2011 2011-15 2015-17 2017-2018

Various media campaigns by various media houses towards SDG

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PERCENT GROWTH - 97 122 177 297

As per the findings of Audit Bureau of Circulation it has been found that there has been rise of 297% in various media campaigns (both social and traditional media) till 2018 if compared to year 2000 in terms of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

I have conducted surveys of various internet users (respondents are from colleges and localities) and took one to one interviews along with that I have exhaustively read many articles, books and reviewed literature. This research paper is a mix of both Explorative and Descriptive studies. (Primary and Secondary data, In-depth interviews, case studies and so forth)

The media should pave the way for investigative journalism for future reporters and editors so that they shouldn’t get fabricated and maligned by the general public when they talk about issues like Global Citizenship and Implementation of SDG. Media should become voice of public and strengthen them all.

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