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Swot Analysis On Mcdonalds In Australia

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The food industry in Australia is rapidly growing. In 2016, the survey created in Australia of food industry in which total revenue of $6.6 billion is earned only from the food industry. McDonalds is one of food industry which public likes the most in Australia. McDonalds tries to improve at each stage to provide better customer experience. They are upgrading there stores to create “Experience Of The Future” restaurants in which they will provide self service kiosks and tables. The are going to complete this until the end of year 2020. They are also trying to expand the mobile app ordering for that they also have partnered with uber eats for delivery services. McDonalds have different burger creations in different countries like they have Gourmet creations in Australia and Mighty Angus in Canada. Large sales of these products give large revenue to them.

In 2013, the income of McDonalds decreased to 4758 US million dollars in 2014 and again increased to 5192 US million dollars which shows that there is no consistency in McDonald Australia as it is not consistent for profit but continuously fluctuates.

McDonalds Australia SWOT Analysis


  • QSCV Principle
  • Customer satisfaction and quality assurance
  • Training and skill imparted
  • Standardization
  • Competitive strategy


  • Current surveys reveals more focus on expansion than quality
  • Limited vegetarian Menus
  • Price


  • Worldwide increase in demand of fast food
  • Innovation
  • Growing dinning-out market (especially young and middle age groups)


  • Competitors rising rapidly
  • Customer satisfaction level below competitors
  • Different variants of fast food coming
  • Fast food is considered as bad for health

Proposed Future State

McDonald’s Australia is getting ready to spend more than $500m on development attempt over the nation, including plans to support its portrayal in regional territories. The arrangement is relied upon to take three years, with the ‘brilliant curves’ focusing on a $350m investment that will see the dispatch of 45 new cafés in the prime retail centre points of Melbourne and Sydney.

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The investment will bring McDonald’s all out number of Australian outlets over 1000 just because with the chain anxious to build up its developing number of unsupported areas.

Risk Analysis

Risks can be associated with anything it can be identified at work site like health risk, company at risk etc.

  • Risk for employers: It can be either falling, cutting, burning during working at work site. Such injuries mainly happens when a person don’t follows the right steps while working and when they don’t have a proper PPE.
  • Risk for company: Company can be in risk when any threat happens at the restaurant either robbery, fire or any kind of hazard. Moreover, company is also at risk when they have financial breakdown.
  • Unhygienic food: There are also risk for health when there is not proper equipment used while working or when out dated food used. It causes health problems.

Key Stakeholders

Stakeholders are those people, associations and gatherings whom we influence and who influence us. Our stakeholders are different furthermore, include:

  • Customers – more than 1.7 million Australians who visit us consistently. These are a wide scope of individuals from families to senior natives who go to our cafés in urban areas, rural areas, local focuses and communities all over Australia.
  • Business Partners – our 258 franchisees and the majority of our 9,000 providers.
  • Employees – in excess of 90,000 individuals utilized in our cafés and workplaces everywhere throughout the nation.
  • Opinion pioneers and specialists – government, wellbeing experts, ecological gatherings, media and that’s just the beginning. These are the individuals we gain from and counsel with on a scope of issues influencing our business.


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