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Synopsis of a New Version of Fairy-tales: Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack

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The story commences with the introduction of four characters who live in a small village in a far-off kingdom at the edge of the woods and all of them have very important wishes. The Narrator first introduces a fair maiden called Cinderella, who really wants to go to the King’s festival but is unable to go because her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters called Florinda and Lucinda laugh and joke at even the idea of her going to a ball. The Narrator then introduces a young boy called Jack who wishes his beloved cow, which is also his best friend, would give him some milk. Milky White is no longer giving milk which leads Jack’s Mother to force him to sell the cow as they need money to buy food to survive. The narrator then introduces the Baker and the Baker’s Wife who wish to have a child, as they desire to start a family. The Narrator then introduces a little girl who is very hungry and always wears a red cape and is called ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. She goes into the Bakery and wishes for bread, pastries and pies. The Baker and his Wife give her even more treats than she asked for, before embarking on her journey to visit her ill Grandmother. Cinderella calls on the help from birds in the sky to help her clear up the lentils that her horrible Stepmother thrown on the floor as one of her chores promising she could then go to the festival. The Witch informs the Baker and his wife that it was in fact the Baker’s Father who stole the magic beans from her garden. This was when the Baker’s Mother was pregnant with his long-lost sister Rapunzel. The Witch then unveils that she has cast a spell upon the Baker’s family to always be barren as the magic beans kept the Witch looking like her beautiful past self. The Witch offered to reverse the curse if they brought her within 3 days a white cow, a red cape, some yellow hair and a slipper made of pure gold. Cinderella then makes her way into the woods. Jack also sets off for the woods to try to sell his cow and so does the Baker with six beans in his pocket that he found in his Father’s jacket.

Cinderella goes to see her Mother’s grave in the woods and repeats her wish and magically she is dressed in a ball gown ready to go to the festival. Little Red Riding hood is approached by the Wolf who takes her on a detour through the woods. The Baker sees Jack with Milky White and he buys the cow off of him for 5 beans. Rapunzel’s Prince spies on Rapunzel in her tower as she hears her sing a beautiful song and he plans to pursue her. The Baker rescues both Little Red Riding Hood and Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother as they had been swallowed by the Wolf. She gives him her red cape as a thank you gift. Jack’s Mother finds out that he sold the cow for some beans and she angrily throws them on the ground which then grow into a giant beanstalk. Cinderella quicky escapes the ball after the prince has pursued her as she is scared that he will not want to be with her if he finds out who she really is. The Baker’s Wife spots Cinderella in the woods so she tries to steal a golden slipper from her and ends up losing the cow. Jack gives the Baker the gold that he collected from the top of the beanstalk in order to buy back his cow. Then a mysterious man appears from nowhere and steals the gold from the Baker and the Baker’s Wife cuts off a piece of Rapunzel’s golden hair. The man then gives Milky White back to the Baker but then the cow shortly dies. The Witch cuts all of Rapunzel’s hair off and banishes her after she finds out she has been visited by a prince. Cinderella has mixed emotions about being pursued by a prince so she does not know whether to stay at the festival or leave. Her slippers are stuck in goo on the steps of the palace so she leaves the prince a golden slipper behind as a clue. She then swiftly leaves the palace once again and trades shoes with the Baker’s Wife in the woods. Jack kills the giant at the top of the beanstalk and the beanstalk falls to the ground. The Baker then finds another cow so now the Baker and his Wife have all 4 items so the Witch appears but discovers that new cow is of no use. The Witch brings Milky White back to life and instructs the Baker to feed the 4 items to the cow to produce to potion. The cow fails to produce milk as the Witch has touched Rapunzel’s hair so she instructs the Baker to feed the cow some corn silk which the Mysterious Man offers to give the Baker. Milky White then produces milk and the Witch informs the Baker that the Mysterious man who has been helping him is in fact his Father. The Witch drinks the potion and she returns back to her younger self. The Baker’s Father passes away and the curse has been lifted. Jack is now reunited with Milky White and they carry on their friendship now laden without gold and Cinderella’s prince gets married to Cinderella. Rapunzel’s Prince marries Rapunzel and the Witch’s powers are gone so she can’t control Rapunzel anymore. Cinderella’s ugly Stepsister are blinded pigeons and the Baker’s becomes nine months pregnant.

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The Narrator then continues that everyone lives a happy ever after until the characters have new wishes. Jack wishes to be back at the top of the beanstalk, Cinderella wants more excitement in her life at the palace and the Baker’s Wife wants a bigger home for their son. The Giantess crushes the Baker’s house and the Witch’s garden as she has come for revenge to kill Jack as she slaughtered her husband. The Baker goes to Jack’s house to tell him what has happened, Jack’s Mother refuses to help the Baker but Jack goes out to investigate despite what his mother said. The Baker and his Wife escort Little Red Riding Hood through the woods when they find out she is moving into her Grandmother’s house as her home was destroyed. Cinderella goes to her Mother’s grave once again and Rapunzel flees to the woods as she has gone insane. The two Princes confess they are both having affairs with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The Giantess appears and the characters offer the Narrator as a sacrifice to the Giantess and she becomes angrier when Jack’s Mother defends Jack. Jack’s Mother accidentally gets killed by the Steward and the Giantess commences a search to kill Jack as the Steward tells the Giantess that Jack is hiding in Rapunzel’s tower. The Giantess ends up trampling on Rapunzel and killing her and the Witch mourns over her death. The Witch goes to turn Jack in to the Giantess so the Baker and his Wife give their son to Little Red Riding Hood to look after as they go into the woods to save Jack.

The Baker’s Wife has a brief affair with Cinderella’s Prince in the woods and the Baker invites Cinderella to join his group when he sees her at her Mothers grave which has now been ruined by the Giantess. The Baker’s Wife gets killed by the Giantess and Jack reports to the rest of the group that she is dead. The characters all blame one another for the death of the Baker’s Wife. To slay the Giantess the Baker, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack come up with a plan to lure her into a pit of tar where she would fall over and die. Cinderella is the with the Baker’s child and breaks up with the prince due to his unfaithfulness. Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother dies. The Baker and Cinderella explain to Little Red Riding Hood and Jack that they are now orphans. The Giantess lost her glasses which led her to walking into the pit and falling and dying. The four become a family together with Cinderella and the Baker becoming the responsible adults. The ghost of the Baker’s Wife motivates her grieving Husband to look after their son and to tell him their story. The musical ends with the Witch offering one last lesson.

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