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Syrian Refugee Crisis Essays

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The International Failure to Help the Syrian Refugee Crisis

An unsafe boat ride through the rough and stormy waters of the Mediterranean with the risk of being lost to the sea, a march lasting hundreds of kilometers in Turkey’s scorching heat with the possibility of starvation, or spending life savings on a smuggler to get out the of country. All of these are journeys that are undertaken by Syrian refugees who flee from the death, destruction, and suffering brought to them by the Syrian civil war. This explosion of...
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Refugees Effects On Economy, Employment And Social Infrastructure In Host Countries

INTRODUCTION A refugee crisis refers to the movement of people from one country to another at a massive scale. Historically, we can see that from the migration of the French Huguenots during the reign of Louis XIV in 1685 to World War II from 1939 to 1945 till today, people have been displaced from their homeland as a result of war and persecution. According to a report produced by the statisticians of the UNHCR in 2016, 65.6 million people have...
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Syrian Refugee Rights Under Human Rights

Abstract Since Cain and Abel, the years have passed peacefully less than the ones with the war in the world. Wars are one of the main reason for immigration. Since people tend to escape from dangerous areas instinctively. When secured areas are not in borders of their own countries, people have to seek asylum from countries which war victims are a border of. What rights these people should have or not is one of the most debated points since the...
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Syrian Female Refugees At Risk For Mental Health Issues In Canada

Syrian refugee women are more likely to experience mental illness due to various obstacles and barriers. Some of these barriers are from past physical and mental trauma, feelings of isolation from lost family support, language and culture difficulties, and the social stigma associated with mental illness. Imagine you’re a pregnant, female Syrian refugee, being forced to relocate from the war-torn country in which you were born and raised. Leaving all your family and friends behind or experiencing the horrific death...
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Domestic And Supranational European Responses To The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Introduction On June 20th, 2016, World Refugee Day, the United Nations Refugee Agency released its annual report on global trends in 2015. Since 2014, the European “migration or refugee crisis’ is at the centre of attention, becoming a priority on the political agenda. The Eurocentrist focus of the debate has masked the real impact of migration at the European level, generally overating the number of arrivals. Nevertheless, the migratory pressure on Europe is significant. The number of displaced people is...
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ISIS Activity And Syrian Refugees

Over more than three decades, ISIS has been designated a terrorist organisation by the United Nations and many individual countries, following by its cruel actions and violent conflict. The majority of the information of ISIS are known by the videos of its behaviors or other types of executions. The member of ISIS are consists of different religious background, ages and also agendas. Moreover, The former followers of Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime in Iraq make up a substantial portion of the...
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Reasons, Consequences And International Treaties On Stateless Refugees: The Example Of Syrian Kurds

Introduction Hanna Arendt conceptualized statelessness soon after the Second World War. In her concept she drew attention to the notion that “statelessness” first necessitates a pre-existing state that does not acknowledge a person as its member. Statelessness as a political phenomenon can emerge through the creation of the state. After the WWII borders were redrawn, several states disappeared, thus millions lost their home and their country of origin. At that point though, the terms of refugees and stateless persons were...
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Syrian Refugee Crisis: Research On Immunization Rates Of Syrian Refugees

Introduction Nevine Mohammed Almasre, an infant, lies on a hospital bed in Taanayel, Lebanon. Dr.Zaher Haider has noticed life-threatening symptoms endangering this 19-month-old’s health; Haider is harrowed by Nevine’s loose limbs on the right side of her body and is fearful that she has contracted polio. Polio is an infectious viral disease that causes nerve damage, which escalates into paralysis, difficulty breathing, and oftentimes death. If Nevine survives Polio, she will be predisposed to develop post-polio functional deterioration and will...
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Syrian Refugees Impact On The European Migrant Crisis

“Throughout the dangerous six-day drive across the Sahara, the group only stopped for shelter and food. But on one occasion when they stopped for sleep at a desert village, some of the drivers picked out female migrants among the group, took them away and only returned the next morning.” (The Harrowing, Step-by-Step Story of a Migrant’s Journey to Europe). The purpose of this report is to highlight the causes of the European Migrant Crisis, the treatment of refugees, the process...
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