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Today, organic food and farming are one of the leading industries that customers are buying, because it is free of chemicals and pesticides in the farming processing. The consumers are concerned about how animals are used in its production process when it comes to natural resources and how farmers cultivate their products. Over the past few years, organic food products have grown around 48% during 2010 to 2018. In organic food processing, the production in the farming systems is maintained...
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A target market can be defined as a group of customers that a company decided to sell its products and services to. It also can be defined as a group of consumers that like to buy the products that produce by the company. This group of customers or consumers usually shares similar features and characteristics such as gender, age, location, income and others. Major Customers of Lockheed Martin Customer can be defined as an individual or organization that buy another...
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The LEGO Company is a very good example of the importance of understanding the target market. The main target market for the LEGO Company is children between the ages of 1-15 years. Having said this, whilst kids are the main target audience for the LEGO company, LEGO understands that parents are also the key target market for their business. Four Main Target Profiles Young children who are encouraged to learn: interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related activities;...
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I will be researching the different methods of digital marketing and how it affects Mcdonald's status in society, as many of their customers react differently to each product and service. Within the research, I will be focusing on the concept of marketing, methods including social media, famous adverts and the use of cross-collaboration with other entities in the international markets. In addition to this, I will be analyzing the chosen product, which will be the McChicken Sandwich and will be...
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Executive Summary This study is aimed at providing a strategic marketing report to the board of directors of Infinix mobile Nigeria, and in doing so several important analyses has been done. The first set of analysis performed was market segmentation and market targeting of infinix mobile customers which involved placing customers into certain groups or categories based on common attributes which they may possess after which a particular target was chosen in view of focusing on providing the utmost satisfaction...
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The target market for Plastic Whale (PW) identified in report 1 is high school students in Sydney. This segment is most appropriate as PW is driven by environmental concern of global warming and population, which is in correlation with the Australian youth’s values. The recognition of youth activism was validated in 2009 when children were given official constituency status by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Fisher.S, 2015). It is clear that governmental bodies are slowly recognising the...
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Executive Summary This report will focus on the Target Market Persona and the Marketing Mix recommendations. Discussed within the report are various marketing mixes, plans, strategies, tools and responsibilities in which RMIT University face while dealing with their target market and their consumers. There are several marketing mixes used to provide recommendations as to the various ways in which RMIT must market their brand, they involve of; the 7P’s marketing mix, SWOT analysis, PESTLE, external environment analysis, competitive analysis and...
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Background The name of my organization is Wil -Bek which will be found in Baastona –Accra, Wil-Bek is a company that manufactures and distribution of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages for now it’s a sole proprietorship but later due to circumstance I can change it to be a partnership. The size of my organization is small since is a new company, will employ two labor workers in Will-Bek company, as time goes on, I will involve more personnel in the organization...
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This report was commissioned to identify and explain the services offered by one of the largest global airlines based on revenue, destinations and fleet size, American Airlines (Bhasin, H., 2016). Based on the segmentation principles, information about the company’s target markets will be discussed, as well as how the external factors might affect it. The report draws attention to the fact that American Airlines uses a mix of segmentation principles in order to meet their market targets requirements. Moreover, taking...
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Many grocery stores around the world have been useful to provide a variety of foods and other services as well. From the 15th century starting mass production of natural grocery varieties to modern society such as Walmart and other grocery stores enriching the needs of others was a great business tool and idea that has built upon people's needs for food and drinks. There have been many successes being made in grocery stores providing the needs of others, but has...
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It is unethical to target uninformed consumers because these consumers waste money on name brands and these brands often mislead, exploit, or spam consumers to trick them into buying their products. Let's start with how uninformed consumers waste money on name brands. A new study writes Harvard behavioral economics professor Cass Sunstein, shows that “the more informed you are, the more likely you are to choose store brands. If all consumers were better-informed, then, consumer markets would look very different,'...
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Ever since Apple was founded in 1976, they have been able to establish their presence worldwide. When it comes to their demographic segmentation, Apple have laid out different products and services for their different age groups. Apple PC with games and latest software and Apple iPods for the younger generations, Apple iPads for teenagers and office workers to work on their assignments, and Apple digital watches with the function of checking pulse rates designed for the elderly generations.When it comes...
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