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Teachers Should Be Paid More: Persuasive Essay

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Considering the significance of teachers, their merit isn't recognized as high as compared to professional athletes, this value can be seen in the huge salary difference between the two occupations. The importance of teachers that should be considered is their contribution to society, they play a hand in the economic growth of the future, their role as individuals who not only give students a formal education, but the ability how to receive it, and how they have a helping hand to students and children who are a disadvantage. Taking into the thought of what teachers’ role is in society, and how their philosophical practices improve the future population, teachers should be benefited more than athletes, and be paid almost minimum wage.

The lack of demand for teachers, due to their nadir salary, limits bright and brilliant minds to share their knowledge with the society of 'tomorrow', who will contribute more to the economy. A majority of people who have a university degree, generally make more than those without, a nation's education system has a connection to its economic performance, high paying jobs require higher education and training. Educational outcomes are correlated to the future of the economy, due to their high qualification and training in the workforce 'which is rewarded through relatively higher wages and enhanced employment opportunities (Borja, 2010)'. For many in the workforce, enhanced awareness skills cause great intuition and the ability to learn and solve complex situations and problems. These attributes have a strong connection to the quality of schooling, through the values of the education system. Because of this direct link between educational and economic outcomes, economic analyst has had their eyes on the 'labor market benefits of an education'; because of this, began a large research pool in an attempt to quantify these gains in the economy. Due to the data and empirical unit, that has caused difficulty in accurately proving this assessment of the links between the two outcome, the research showed remarkable benefit in economic growth, which can be concluded to be caused by high-quality education (Gould et al., 2003; Chetty et al., 2011).

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Teachers not only help students by giving them a formal education, but they also help students to succeed by raising their confidence, but they are also given the feeling of empowerment, in which they can reach their goals by devising their own strategies. Within a student, of all years, building confidence is important to students who have low self-confidence, because it lowers their own self-esteem. Teachers' philosophy centers around mostly caring about the students, so that, they don’t just learn, but they know how to learn. This can achieve this by affecting 3 effective strategies: Setting a routine that students can control; the more an unknown thing is repeated and is familiar to a student, the less of a mystery it is to them, which can, therefore, be controlled. Setting regular goals; the best way a teacher can encourage a student to set a realistic goal, is to set them in three different time frames, weeks, terms, and semesters, the short ones should be easy, and should be completed to achieve productiveness, and the long ones, should be difficult and can achieve new forms of knowledge. Encourage an atmosphere of positive reinforcement; positive reinforcement doesn’t exactly rule out criticism, as it would be unrealistic, but it takes into consideration of quality and form of feedback, to ensure that 'praise comes before blame' (Sahara, 1970).

Disadvantaged students are those who have an impediment to excelling and learning, due to some mental or physical ability, that is out of their control, Deaf, ADHD, Blind, or mute. To improve learning in classrooms, policies need to guarantee and facilitate that schools that have teachers that teach disadvantaged students promote the utilization of a balanced combination of student-centered instruction with aligned curricular and assessment practices. Schools and teachers should use diagnostic tools and formative and summative assessments to watch children’s progress and ensure they're acquiring good understanding and knowledge. Ensuring that schools follow a curriculum promoting a culture of high expectations and success is very relevant. Teachers who can successfully educate students with disadvantages use three strategies: evaluates a student’s unique needs, determine appropriate instructional practices and introduce this special education, with a consultation with the parents. To assess the student’s disadvantage, and determine his individual needs, teachers invoke a multiplanar team with the student and his parents/guardian, a diagnostic assessment and classroom observation are used to assess the severity of the disadvantages. The assessment should display the student’s strengths and enable instruction on their existing knowledge. To select an appropriate instructional practice, teachers, step by step, acquaint themselves with the student’s disadvantage and see how they can teach by going around them. Introducing a student to an Individualized Education Program teaches students to reflect on annual goals, although no two students with the same disadvantages can learn the same, teachers adapt to the student's disadvantage, and use all sorts of different methods of assessment practices and advantages.

Given the impact of teachers on society, teachers all over the world are grossly underpaid. Paying teachers more is both the fair thing to try and do and is useful to our education system. All teachers should be paid quite the present national average because they have a challenging job, their current salaries are insufficient, and a far better salary would cause a better quality of education. Given how much teachers contribute to society, by increasing the future economy, and teaching students who lacked proper education and those who are at a disadvantage.

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