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Team And Team Performance Evaluation

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Team and Types of team

According to the corporate perspective, Team is nothing much it’s a group of people work together to achieve a common Target. According to our discussion, we found out that, there are multiple kind of team in an organization. And it based on the purpose, time, category and the work culture. Some of the common Types of teams are mentioned below:

Functional Team:

this kind of teams are very common in most of the organizations. As the organization is not willing to move from the traditional way of thinking and they would continue as BAU.

A useful group is a lasting group shaped from people inside a similar work region or office. The group does routine work consistently, for instance, human asset the board, client examination, and nonstop enhancement, and normally answer to one supervisor. The work directed by functional groups bolsters different groups inside the association; they additionally work with different offices on tasks as required.

Cross functional team:

This team is very common nowadays, based on the effectiveness of completing complicating tasks these teams are originated and it helps

Most of the organizations follow cross functional teams nowadays, due to the effectiveness of the team. A cross-functional group contains people from various offices who are united to take care of a specific issue in a set time allotment. The group can comprise of full-time and low maintenance colleagues with contrasting jobs and duties. When the undertaking is finished, the group is disbanded, opening up assets for different activities.

Virtual team:

The term frequently alludes to teleworking groups, or those gatherings of individuals who use media transmission advances to share data and co-work and team up with one another. Virtual group the board is the establishment for overseeing virtual/media transmission collaboration.

Usually there are two types of virtual teams either it will be a Global virtual team and Local virtual team. The combination of activities for assembling, building, organizing, controlling and supervising the virtual teamwork is virtual team management. It is the essential part of project team management.


Developing in fame, self-overseeing groups have no chief or hierarchal structure. Rather, the group make their very own standards and choose how to accomplish concurred objectives together. While some examination shows self-overseeing groups encounter larger amounts of commitment and employment fulfilment, there is no proof that they are progressively beneficial or successful.

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Multi- Generational Team:

A multi-generational team offers a diversified way of looking at a project or problem, the more thoughts you have, the greater the advantage you have to accomplish your objective. Most of the organization is following the multi-generational team. From the less experienced the team might get new way of resolving that issue and the experienced guy can guide him through the complicated way. Code refactoring is one of the best examples for the Multi-generational teams’ example.

Adding to this we found that some of the other teams are also common in the organizations such as Project Teams, Matrix Teams, Contract Teams, Leadership Teams, Informal Teams.

Internal Processes and Importance of managing both internal processes and external opportunities

Internal process refers to those endeavors and rules set up that set out a structure in which individuals from the group need to work so as to make progress. Compelling inward procedures will guarantee predictable quality, characterize responsibility and convey both course and target proportions of accomplishment. It is imperative to oversee both the inside procedures to guarantee that the group is as yet centered towards accomplishing the set-out objectives. The inward procedures will tell whether the individuals are having differences or not, such contradictions lead to clashes and afterward this undermines the nature of work. It is vital to deal with the inner procedures so as to keep all individuals from the group inspired and that they are concentrating on their most essential undertakings.

The job of organization authority is a basic inside factor process. The authority style and other administration style affect authoritative culture. Frequently, firms furnish a formal structure with its central goal and vision proclamations. Some social cultural implications which result from initiative methodologies are:

  • Value of employees
  • The positive or negative nature
  • Effectiveness of communication level of family-friendliness
  • The strength of employees
  • Organizational and operational
  • Strategic risks
  • Innovation
  • Financial
  • Employee risks
  • SWOT in Internal process.

And the external processes include multiple factors, the organization needs to maintain that because all organizations are completely depended on the external factors, Outside components that influence an association might be political, monetary, social or mechanical. The equivalent inside variables that lead to an association’s prosperity unavoidably describe that association’s relationship to the outside condition in these expansive territories.

Effective Strategies of Team Performance

  • Pay your people what they are worth. When you set your employees’ salaries, be sure that their pay is consistent with what other companies in your industry and geographic area are paying.
  • Provide them with a pleasant place to work. Everybody needs to work in an office domain that is perfect and invigorating, and that makes them feel great rather than awful.
  • Offer opportunities for self-development. The colleagues be progressively profitable to your association, and to themselves, when they have chances to adapt new abilities. Give your group the preparation they have to progress in their vocations and to end up learned about the most recent advances and industry news.
  • Foster collaboration within the team. The colleagues be progressively profitable to your association, and to themselves, when they have chances to adapt new abilities. Give your group the preparation they have to progress in their vocations and to end up learned about the most recent advances and industry news.
  • Encourage happiness
  • Empower the colleagues completely partake by welcoming their information and proposals on the best way to improve. Make inquiries, tune in to their answers, and, at whatever point conceivable, actualize their answers.
  • Don’t punish failure. Cheerful representatives are energetic and positive individuals from the group, and their mentality is irresistible. Watch out for regardless of whether your kin are content with their work, their manager, and you. On the off chance that they’re not, you can rely on this despondency to spread.
  • Set clear goals. The key is to take in important exercises from those missteps, so we don’t make them once more. At the point when colleagues’ innocent missteps, don’t rebuff them- – rather, urge them to attempt once more. As a pioneer, you must work with the colleagues set clear objectives. What’s more, when you do that, ensure everybody knows precisely what those objectives are, what their relative need is, and what the group’s job is in contacting them.
  • Don’t micromanage. Nobody loves a manager who is continually investigating her shoulder and second-speculating her each choice.
  • Avoid useless meetings

Gatherings can be a mind-boggling exercise in futility – the normal expert squanders 3.8 hours in inefficient gatherings every single week. Make a motivation for your gatherings and appropriate it ahead of time. Welcome just the general population who truly need to visit, begin the gathering on time, and afterward end it as fast as you can.

If the internal management can focus more on all these factors and have a continuous monitoring in very frequent time, they can achieve the increase in performance and the team got more motivated. Agile methodology is one of the best examples for the motivation as well as increasing the performance of the team.

In Current technology era, there is an increase in reliance upon the team and the advanced technologies to support them for better performance. In spite of, taking all measures there is unknown process loss within the team. One of the reason is “Social Loafing”. “Social Loafing is a circumstance where employees showcase a drop in individual performance when worked in a group compared to when they perform independently which directly or indirectly effects to team performance. This phenomenon can be majorly seen in Large teams as it is would be difficult to track down team members performance individually. I have personally experienced a social loafing scenario in one of the teams I have worked on. The larger the team the higher is the chance of social loafing. The team which is large in size would determine the performance of a team as in group but not individually. The other reasons for loafing existence is the team which I have observed is less recognition or less motivation for respective individual. When the team which has members more than 4 would focus less on each individual. Researches show that employees tend to minimize the output from them or efficiency when the productivity from them individually is not tracked down. To overcome this, we can introduce “Evaluation” concept into the team. “Evaluation” allows team members to assess the performance of a team member when compared with group team performance. Researches have shown that “Self – Evaluation” and “Evaluation” done by peers to the respective employee has reduced the occurrence of “Social Loafing” within the team when compared to employees with no self – evaluation or evaluation from peers within the team. The Evaluation does not completely remove social loafing but it improves the “Productivity” of a team. To any team, Focusing on each team member’s performance and motivating them to improve in their expertise would help the team members to grow as a team and individually which minimizes the effect of “Social Loafing” within a team.

Incentive Pay:

With the current race in development. Each company is trying to provide better products with highest quality. To achieve any success, team’s wellbeing plays an important role. A Manager applies various or actions to keep the team’s motivation high. One of the factor which has a great impact on team’s performance is “Incentive Pay”. This so called “Pay for Performance” is an action or gesture from management side as appreciation to the team for their hard work which act as a motivation factor. Managers provides incentives to employee in various forms like Individual bonus plans, stocks or profit sharing based on organization interests. The main aim of providing incentives to employees by organizations is to establish team goals which are directly proportional to organization’s financial performance. It is way to get higher individual targets which directly impacts to Organization’s finance state. In contrast to actual goal of incentive pays. There are Pros and cons of rewarding team members.


  • Employees doesn’t treat incentive pay as just money but a challenge to win when goals or targets are realistically set.
  • The Objectives of incentive plans are transparent and not biased which acts a mutual trust between organization and individual.
  • Incentive pay which is determined by employee’s performance in relation to companies performance has been resulted as the key motivating factor for an individual to work productively


  • Performance related pay has shown signs of leading work related stress on employees if goals are set really high and unrealistic target number.
  • Incentive pay may result in negative impact if a manager is not able to safeguard the balance between the work effort required from employee and appropriate rewards.


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