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Technology’s Role in Preventing Gun Violence

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Gun violence is one of America’s major situations that nowadays seems as a new normal occurring in society. Digital technology experts are trying to reduce the situation with the advancement of technology. Prevention of these incidents should be our main priority for our safety and our lives. Advanced technology such as Gun detection could help improve the prevention of shootings in a more accurate representation and help the public become safe again. “Digital technology specialists argue if they should use their expertise on trying to lower the gun violence rates or how advancing their technology could increase background checks and make the process of purchasing a firearm more extreme”. Also, looking at other countries such as Canada, where they have technological developed control against gun violence by Integrated Ballistic Identification System or IBIS linking bullet casing to the firearm influencing the United States to develop their own ‘smart-gun’ as an attempt on also preventing any further mass shootings from occurring.

It’s arguable that technology has had a great impact on society, but could experts actually use it’s advancement to reduce the increase of social issues like gun violence from happening. Research of an article ‘Technology Can Reduce Gun Violence’, which elaborates on technology’s role in preventing gun violence and establishes ways that the advancement can help reduce the amount of violence from firearms. A report from The New York Times discusses the increase of violent mass shootings that have happened recently. A man named Nicholas Kristof, a columnist who wrote an impassioned call for gun safety and gun control, included recounts of gun-related statistics estimating the amount of violence caused by guns. Silicon Valley has stated being the ‘Web 2.0 movement’ since 2015 and has been taking the matter of the situation very serious. They have begun on developing ‘smart guns’ to help save lives and support gun control with advanced technology on preventing gun violence. A company named SGTi offers technology to retrofit existing guns and only an authorized user can press their finger on a fingerprint scanner on the firearm, the scanner compares the print to its internal database, finds a match, and allows the user full access to use the firearm. This fingerprint scanner could be manipulated by hacking or having matched a false print of the user for access to the firearm, however these high tech systems would have follow up safety precautions and assure the system itself with further background checks to detect if the user is authorized to fire the gun. Technology can save lives and further reduce these massive death rates, as long as gun extremists and gun trade groups don’t take the technological advancement as a threat. Unfortunately, gun fundamentalists don’t see this technology as a safety precaution and want to kill the advancement before its favorable to use to save lives.

Reports from Fortune claim that their has been violent threats made from gun extremists towards two gun business dealers because they were selling a semiautomatic pistol called Armatix iPi, another addition to the development of the advanced smart gun, that uses radio-frequency identification or RFID which electromagnetic fields automatically identifies and track tags attached to firearms preventing anyone but the authorized user to fire it. Gun extremists and gun industries oppose the technology of smart guns because they fear that it is the first step towards making extreme gun control laws. Many of them stating that guns are already safe enough and don’t need to add anymore obstacles to be able to fire the gun. These obstacles would be a complication to unauthorized users trying to get access, as well become a process for licensed gun handlers from accessing their own guns. Although, with the correct paperwork the licensed authorized user would have no problem being granted a firearm rather than an unauthorized user trying to get possession of a gun. Parents seem to disagree with gun extremists on the fact that they wouldn’t want their children from accidentally firing the gun and there have been many cases of accidental firing incidents. However, this advanced technology is a useful obstacle in preventing accidents like those from ever happening again because a safety lock isn’t enough of a child prevention and being cautious of their safety.

Eventually everything will go digital and this trend continues in the modern world. Wiring electronics into firearms feels like the inevitable next step for the tech industry, which has succeeded in putting motherboards in vacuum cleaners, microwaves, and doorbells. Digital technology experts can use their technical expertise to reduce the frequency of casual mass shootings. More appliances and objects that were mechanical are now beginning to enter the new wave and becoming digital. In another source for this research it had revealed a claim on guns becoming digital and what would be the outcome of that. ‘Can Computer Professionals and Digital Technology Engineers Help Reduce Gun Violence’ is an article full of lingering questions that can help open the mind of the readers to the possibility and reality of guns becoming digital as technology continues advancing. Mainly agreeing to the idea of this new digital gun advancement, the question is could digital experts help ensure that the firearms would be more safe and less useful in committing crimes? Like many other appliances and devices that undergo digital transformation the behavior of society transform as well. The advancement of the cell phone has affected the population and our society in most parts positively, the same can be established for these biometrical bearer of arms. There has been talk of wishful advancements for preventing unauthorized users from any guns by possible logins for those assigned authority to the firearm making it harder for anybody to steal and cause harm. Also, using techniques experts have established onto other modern systems and mechanical engineering to track down objects as easy with a push of a button as most digital technology can be when lost or stolen. Focusing on the future, parents should also look into the development of gun safety from accidental shootings of their young ones.

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Advancements in technology have excluded children from further usage from other dangers, but the gun industry seems not so cautious and seem careless of their safety. There has been cases were kids have shot themselves accidentally even with the safety lock applied before. ‘Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’ article by Lacretia Wimbly had recently this year reported an incident where ‘horseplaying’ with a gun inside an apartment building caused the life of a teenage girl. Research from Gifford Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence determine household guns are a major source of weapons used by young ones in violence against themselves or against others. Between 70 and 90% of guns used in youth suicides, unintentional shootings among children, and school shootings perpetrated by shooters under the age of 18 are acquired from the home or the homes of relatives or friends. Many critical-safety systems developed have the ability to abort situations in which the system calculates a malfunction and prevents accidents that could cause any damage. This type of technology is actually being used in the military today. The military has developed systems were they can prevent incidents occurring from false command or manipulation of the digital technology. Advancements in technology helps form the most potent military forces by making best use of our resources, both economic and human. It is essential for the United States to maintain superiority in those technologies of critical importance to our security and of their own. Having the ability to prevent the inanimate object from firing without command and detects its own errors is one of the many possible ways for dropping the numbers of mass shootings in our communities.

The debate on applying more smart guns are rising concerns for more technical support from experts to assure this advancement is the right direction to prevent further community threats and gun violence. President Obama advocated their potential as part of his emotional speech in the communities awakening of the San Bernardino mass shooting. The NRA (National Rifle Association) have claimed not being opposed to the idea of technology being used and applying the advancements to firearms as a way of prevention of violent deeds being committed constantly in our society. The smart guns have become a rising in America from Canada’s influential technology development in an attempt to control and limit the gun violence problem. Inventor Kai Kloepfer displays his fingerprint-activated smart gun during a gun safety technology expo in Milwaukee on January 16, 2019. Smart guns, also known as ‘personalized guns’, use technology like fingerprint readers or radio frequency identification (RFID) to let only authorized users unlock the gun and fire it. However, many gun owners aren’t buying the new technology development as many thought they would. The biggest concerns among gun owners were the added cost of the technology advancement and the slight chance that the smart gun could fail to unlock when needed in an emergency. The 22-caliber pistol was the first smart gun to come to the market in the United States in 2014, but retailers quickly abandoned their plans to sell it due to a major backlash from gun rights supporters and extremists. The 2002 Childproof Handgun Law of New Jersey, states that once smart gun technology is commercially available, all guns sold must be smart guns. However, the law began boycotts nationwide by those who believed it violates their Second Amendment rights. The advancement in technology provided one of the best range shooter ‘smart’ rifle that locks a laser on the target by pushing a small button by the trigger. It's like a video game with not all the cool features but we’re getting there. Here’s where it's different. You pull the trigger but the gun decides when to shoot. It fires only when the weapon has been pointed in exactly the right place, taking into account dozens of variables, including wind, shake and distance to the target.

Only 19% of gun owners said they would be extremely likely or somewhat likely to pay an additional $300 on top of a standard weapon’s retail price for ‘smart’ features. 70% said they were very or somewhat concerned about the weapons’ reliability. Researchers suggest rather than looking for new technologies that primarily appeal to gun owners who already take great care to prevent unauthorized use of their weapons by securing their firearms in locked safes, the public should focus more on creating more secure safes and other preventions than advancing the threat from reckless users. Moreover, gun owners who reported already having safe storage practices for their firearms were 50% more likely to purchase personalized guns, suggesting the products such as safes and safety locks may have only a limited impact on securing their households from threats in their community and unauthorized users.

In conclusion, technology as it progresses and eventually takes over most of our day to day lives, society could actually look into the importance of solving the tragedy from massive gun violence. Looking back at the many accomplishments technology has impacted on our lives with smartphones, smart houses, smart cars, so why not keep advancing to actually help prevent a threat from happening any further. The smart rifle is a great example of smart technology being able to shoot accurately at its target and prevent itself from blasting at any inappropriate time. Also, the gun allows the world to observe this advancement and its skill by uploading recorded videos of the rifle hitting the target and resistance from harming anyone or anything but the target on YouTube and the digital web for all to see the successful work of high tech digital engineering and technology. Although, technology development has been used in accomplishing many ways in improving the economy, it also is greatly appreciated in modern society to work for us and use to our benefit. But we can’t just rely on having guns become ‘smart’ to make ourselves feel safe in communities, the communities need to contribute as well in showing interest in wanting to solve the problem. Just because we can apply digital technology expertise to try solving the problem doesn’t mean that society shouldn’t apply as citizens to debate and take political action to prevent gun violence. Gun violence alone is this nations highly charged issue that must be addressed in many different ways, digital technology smart guns being the opening to brand new modern ideas for further prevention of these tragedies from happening continuously all over this country and the world.

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