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Disintegration: A Conversation on School Segregation in Texas

This paper will respond to and analyze the topics discussed by Diana Herrera, former student and teacher in the Edgewood Independent School District, Albert Kauffman, professor at St. Mary’s University, and Brian Sparks, who is the network principal in the San Antonio Independent School District. Main basis of the panel was to discuss how even long after the Brown v. Board of Education state leaders still have not really used racial integration as a tool. Racial integration is the first...
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Critical Essay on Gun Laws in Texas: Pros and Cons

Guns into the ClassroomsMass shootings represent only 1 percent of the overall gunfire incidents that happen in or around school property. However, they disproportionately account for the highest number of deaths and injuries. Gun laws, policies, and gun culture have an evident influence on incidents of mass shootings. In addition to mass shootings, other incidents of gun violence are also being evidenced in schools at a distressing frequency. These include unintentional discharges that result in death or injuries, homicides, assaults,...
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Assessing Texas Government in the Context of Maintaining the State's Socio-Economic Balance: An Essay

Texas being the second largest state of the United States of America in terms of area and population was once considered as a mediocre, agricultural state after it was granted freedom from Mexico. Fortunes changed for Texas in the 20th century, and a massive increase was recorded in the economy of the state. Firstly, there was a massive increase in the oil industry then and afterward by its broadening into petrochemicals, aerospace, computers, and many other industries. Thus, making it...
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The Impact of Hispanics on the Political Culture of Texas

Nowadays, the United States has grown rapidly throughout the years; however, one of the growths that have been shown is the one in Texas. The issue that now is showing is the fear that Hispanics would become the highest number of people populated in Texas. Whatsoever, this essay is going to talk about how the growth of Hispanics has impact Texas or how it will affect in the future. An analysis shows that the growth in Hispanics will impact Texas,...
1 Page 516 Words

The Individualistic Political Culture of Texas

“Honor the Texas flag. I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas. One state, under God. One and indivisible”. I was born and raised in Texas and chances are if you grew up here too these seventeen words are how you began your school day. Reciting this pledge was second nature to me, so much so that I never give much thought to the words or the meaning. Texas’s unique conservative political culture is the reason we recite a state pledge when...
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The Six Flags Over Texas and How They Shaped Texas Today

What type of history has happened in Texas? What countries have held Texas before Texas turned to a state? How long have they had Texas? In what order have these flags held Texas? Why is Texas molded into the way it is today? These questions are what I will be going to explain in this research paper. The research I will be conducting will be about the six flags over Texas. Also, how multiculturalism and revolution have molded Texas. Then...
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Limiting the Death Penalty for Mentally Ill Defendants in Texas

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, mental illnesses are described as “medical conditions that disrupt a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning”. This means that individuals suffering from mental illness are susceptible to be out of control or lose control of their actions because of their mental disabilities. There is currently no law that prohibits handing down the death penalty to an individual who is mentally ill but according to the US...
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Essay on the Exceptionalism of Texas and Its Potential to Become a Country of Its Own

Texans like to emphasize their exceptionalism by emphasizing that they are from Texas when they are in a foreign country. Texas has been independent much longer than any other state. Over time, it acquires its own uniqueness, becoming less and less like America and increasing the potential to become a country of its own. Texas has everything you need that a country has. There’s an ever-growing population, and many people choose to settle in Texas from other states or foreign...
2 Pages 858 Words

Essay on Abortion Laws in Texas

For many years, the topic of abortion has been a heated topic for debate. Though the topic of abortion is quite controversial in the United States, the ability to undergo the procedure to receive an abortion is legal. The United States has currently been addressing the heated topic by making access to at least one clinic in each state that will perform the procedure. Though the United States has declared abortion to be legal, the states have been able to...
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Essay on Constitutions of Texas

The evolution in the State of Texas began with the constitutions, though it never started with a strong impact like it is today. Seven constitutions made a real encounter with Texas. The first constitution was constructed in 1827. Texas was being joined with Coahuila as being only one state, while still being a part of the United Mexican States. Texas would persuade them later to have their own state while still being under the United Mexican States. Soon enough Texas...
3 Pages 1532 Words

Essay about Legislative Branch

One document that influenced the Texas constitution was the United States constitution. These two constitutions are very similar. As a matter of fact, both the United States and Texas constitutions have a bill of rights, a bicameral legislature, a system of checks and balances, and a separation of powers within the three branches of government; legislative, executive, and judicial branches. One major reason I believe the United States constitution influenced the Texas constitution is because of the separation of powers...
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