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Thailand’s Response to HIV/AIDS

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Let me have your attention on Thailand’s HIV epidemiology Thailand has effectively controlled this situation but let us travel around it’s shifting HIV profile. What do you think is the highest cause of death among the people who work in Thailand? It’s HIV/AIDS. This virus has lead to so many sufferings, financial costs. Thailand had one of the highest HIV occurrence in Asia. HIV frequency has been high in certain groups of people such as, Men who have sex with men, sex workers, transgender people and people who insert drugs.

How did the evolution of HIV/AIDS in Thailand start? Thailand’s first case was reported in 1984. This has given a warning sign that the HIV infection has made it’s appearance. It’s not the start of the outbreak, But as I have said it gave a sign. And ever since a sign was given, government officials were concerned. Which lead to various ways and attempts to evaluate the situation. A series of surveys was conducted on certain groups who were at high risk of acquiring HIV just like, prisoners, sex workers and more. The survey was conducted from 1986 to 1987. The MOPH conducted a monitoring organization of drug dependents in the treatment at the Thanyarak Hospital (1987). The Bangkok metropolitan authority launched a serial cross-sectional survey of the HIV infection. And because of these two independent monitoring systems, The hasty escalation of the occurrence of the HIV in 1988 was revealed.

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Certain groups was focused on when the MOPH once again launched a new system that monitors them. The high risk populations which was the first set were male and females CSW’s, IDU’s and male clients with STD’s. The second set was for the universal residents, pregnant women, blood donors. 14 of Thailand’s 74 provinces was in the first survey. Long way ahead. And of course in the next surveys Thailand’s numeral of provinces was stretched out in 1989 and June 1990.

Which groups were at high risk? In 2018, most of the new HIV cases came from people aged 14-24. Meaning young people are at risk. Blood donors, The number of blood donors ranged from 166,177 to 228,091. lookout surveillance initially discovered popularity in the central and northern regions higher than the other regions. Female sex workers, the occurrence in female CWS’s in all provincial regions decreased throughout the 1990’s. Male sex workers, the sentinel surveillance was stretched out to cover the males with CWS’s in four provinces that are known as one of the main tourist spots. The highest frequency in these provinces between 14% and 23%. There are so much more groups I can discuss but I’ll keep this short. And for a fact, Unprotected sexual activities are accounted for 90% of the new HIV infections.

In conclusion, what I have said today was part of Thailand’s HIV epidemic. What is usually the first sign of HIV? It is Fever. Often accompanied by other mild symptoms such as swollen lymph glands, sore throat, fatigue and at this point the virus is already affecting into the blood stream and replicating in larger numbers. What is the importance of HIV awareness? Programs like HIV/AIDS awareness will help people become alert of treatments, Both for people living with HIV and wanting to care for someone who has it. To prevent HIV infections which will result to people being more cautious.

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